We’ve just been unlucky in front of goal.- Fernando Fernández

Fernando Fernández feels that Tigres has just needed more luck to achieve positive results and for the ball to go into the opponent’s goal.

The Paraguayan forward pointed out that the team is reassured that they are creating opportunities, so finishing is just a matter of time.

“I think we’ve been unlucky, because we were scoring so many goals and now we have a goal drought.

“We know that we haven’t scored in the last three matches, though not for want of trying. But we are also aware that we have only received one goal in the same three games and I think that this break will do us good, giving us time to work and the injured players to recover,” the striker explained.

Fernández commented that since his arrival at Tigres, he feels he has learnt a lot from the way Ricardo Ferretti works, and does his best every day to earn a place on the first team.

“I’m working hard for more minutes and to be able to prove what I’m capable of doing and why I am here, but that’s up to the Prof (‘Tuca’), I always pay attention to what’s going to happen.

“In fact, I’m learning at deal here with him, he’s teaching me many things, he’s a manager who talks to us, so I am learning a lot from him,” he said.

Finally, he mentioned that he was very pleased with the idea that so many Tigres fans will be travelling to Puebla to support their team, because they are going out to win and prove that the team is mentally prepared to achieve great things.

“We want to win each and every one of our away games, and this one is no exception. We are going out onto the pitch with our characteristic winning mentality, and it will give us extra inspiration to have such a large crowd supporting us and lifting our spirits up, which is such a great experience for me,” he commented.