We are always under an obligation.- Dueñas

SAN NICOLÁS DE LOS GARZA, November 27.- People and the press speculate about Tigres being champions in December, which is what has happened in the past three Decembers, but the team isn’t under an obligation only in this tournament, affirmed Jesús Dueñas.

“I think the pressure is always on the team before the tournaments start, even in the summer. In the winter, people demand the title of us, since the titles we’ve won have been in December, which is why I think people say this.

“Many people have commented directly to me that we should be champions in this tournament, but we feel we are always under an obligation, given the squad we have, the payroll existing in this team, the fact that we demand so much of ourselves, the people, the directors and the coaching staff, as I always say, the team is structured to be on a par with all the others who are also fighting for the title, whoever they are,” he added.


As players, does it affect you knowing that in the last playoffs you have eliminated Pumas? 

“Personally, I don’t believe that any players think about everything that’s said before a match.

“We don’t go out with the idea that lately we’ve defeated or tied with Pumas. Every game is completely different. I think Pumas is coming here well organized, having also invested in this tournament with the same objective,  which is to fight for the title. I think it’s going to be a good game. Personally, I don’t say, ah, we’ve already beaten them and it’s easier to beat them now, or we’ve already lost to them so we’ll lose again. We put all that to one side and in the end it’s our emotions that lead us to make other decisions.”


Is this Pumas stronger than the previous ones?

“The team’s well put together, they made good contract choices. You need to be careful with their forwards, they have a very good team, a very dynamic team that complements the foreigners with the academy players.”


Would it be a mistake to be overconfident given everything that’s being said, that it’s December, that you have the better squad? 

“I believe so. In fact, starting with that mentality would go against you. I think you always need to respect the opponent, trying to overcome them, but with football, without talking, without saying anything because everything comes around. If we go out with that mentality, it’s more likely that we’ll lose. But, I know my teammates. We’ve never disrespected any team, whatever is being said. We never disrespect anyone, which is why I always think the team has kept going, for being a respectful team that doesn’t mess with other players or other fans. This is why the team fights for the title every six months.”


You were eliminated in the last tournaments and Tuca called the players bourgeois. What do you think now? 

“Yes, it was a bad experience (being eliminated by Santos). If I’m not mistaken, it was the worst game we had in the last tournament. Let’s hope that it doesn’t happen again. We never underestimated Santos, we never criticized them. Perhaps we were too confident among ourselves and thought we’ll get going soon, but we never underestimated our opponent.”

“It’s an experience we never wanted to have and especially in that phase. Let’s hope and pray that it doesn’t happen again. Pumas is a very intense team and will be coming here to go all out, so we have to do the same or surpass them and let our forwards’ individualities come to the forefront, which is where we want to make the greatest difference.”