We are the ones who set the bar high.- Pizarro

SAN NICOLÁS DE LOS GARZA, January 9th.- The people’s and the fans’ demands are understandable for Guido Pizarro, who points out that the team set the bar high by reaching so many finals over the past few years.

“It’s understandable, with the high bar we’ve set for ourselves, all those years as champions and we’ve always been on top, with a squad that deserves to be there. We’re aware of that and are trying to focus on working hard.

“The only thing we have faith in is work and trusting that the way we have been doing things over the past few years has produced positive results. It’s understandable that the fans want us to win every match, so do we, and that’s our objective,” reiterated the Argentinian footballer.

Room for improvement…

“The team is fully aware that we drew our first match as visitors against a side that played well, knowing that there’s room for improvement, but working hard, taking care of all the details that need to be perfected so as to improve day by day.”

Many people were surprised that you played with three defensive midfielders…

“You need to ask him (Tuca) that. He will know the answer, he’s got the expertise to know who the right players are for each game. Then, we  need to be ready, when it’s our turn, to do the best for the team, and with this attitude we’ll gradually improve so that we can all see the Tigres we want.”

Is that Tigres a long way away?

“Yes, it’s also a long way away from the level we want and must show. We’ve just had one fixture and we know we need to improve and this will easily be solved if we play well at the weekend. I’m sure there will be good things to talk about. We take things one day at a time, with our feet firmly on the ground, aware that there’s a great deal of room for improvement.”

The ways of becoming the protagonists…

“I think our goal is the same every season. We talk about the same things. You say that we get our act together in the last fixtures, but, actually, our goal, from one fixture to another, is to improve and achieve results. I think that this weekend, we need to try to play better, win, take it day by day, knowing that we have a great squad, and that we need to be up to standard and improve.”

Why do you find it hard to earn points in the first matches?

“I don’t know. I believe we’re focusing on results and I hope we can give people some victories as soon as possible, that’s our objective.”

Is this the most difficult time in the team’s Golden Age?

“No, I think we’re also generating something that makes my answer, no. Apart from the fact that we need to improve, I don’t think the situation’s that drastic. We played against a rival who had an interesting proposal.

“However, if we win and play better this weekend, you will say that the crisis is over. When we perform poorly, we can’t say the level is low, or when we win every game, that the level is high. I think we need to find a point in the middle, keeping in mind on the pitch that we must do better.”

Competition in the midfield…

“In football, there’s competition in every position. We need to be prepared to deliver and, above all, be ready and willing for the group, respect the coach’s decisions, regardless of whether he chooses one teammate or another, everyone with the same mindset and then we’re on the right track.”