We can’t be overconfident.- Jürgen Damm

SAN NICOLÁS DE LOS GARZA | Wednesday, August 3, 2016.- Tigres needs to keep calm and not be overconfident just because of their victory against América in the Azteca Stadium, assured the felines’ player, Jürgen Damm.

“Not being overconfident is crucial. We played a good match against América, but now we need to turn the page. We know that Tigres always has to go out to win, especially at home, even though the teams come here to box us in, which is what they’ve been doing for several seasons and at times it makes things difficult for us, but we have to be smart and have a variety of plays up our sleeves for when this happens.”

Beating Jaguares would be a catapult

“From now on, we have to keep on adding points three by three, reaching the top three or four places on the table, and I think that’s the dream of everyone in the club, qualifying for the playoffs properly, not at the last minute, but several fixtures before classification and seeking those top spots, obviously also playing well, playing the way the ‘Profe’ (Tigres’ manager) wants, making people happy, our fans who support us constantly and always come to the stadium.”

Maintaining zero goals conceded is very important

“Something that’s very important is that we have maintained zero goals conceded since the Champion of Champions against Pachuca. No one has scored against us, which is important, as is André and Sosa starting to score goals. We know the stature and class of these players; all they needed was to get their first goal.”

He hopes to regain his position

“There’s a lot of new competition in the team. The ‘Profe’ has so many players to choose from, so, obviously, we all need to work 100% in every single training session and in the minutes we play in the matches or where the ‘Profe’ needs us to make the most of them. Of course, it’s not easy. Every single member of the squad wants to play and needs to work very hard in order to regain a position in the starting eleven.”