We can’t take anything or anyone for granted.- ‘Tuca’ Ferretti

ZUAZUA | Monday, September 19, 2016.- Tigres is in first place in the 2016 Summer Tournament (Apertura), but Ricardo Ferretti prefers to keep a cool head and called for humility and to refrain from being overconfident.

“In this match (against Puebla), we ended up with a triumph, but we still have to continue to think about improving through hard work. There isn’t much opportunity this week (given the double fixtures), although I would like to appeal to the basis we’ve had for a long time and to be humble in every sense, and think that we can and must improve. This is our mindset and we can’t take anything or anyone for granted,” explained ‘Tuca’ minutes before departing to Guadalajara for Tuesday’s match.

We must try to be effective against Chivas.

“It’s going to be another difficult match, like the Puebla, Morelia or Veracruz ones. Every match has a shade of difficulty and we going to offset any damage they might want to cause us, and seek, based on our football, to do as much harm to the opponent as possible.

“The balance we enjoy in our matches is a good start to earning the three points (as well as) maintaining zero goals conceded and seeking to be effective against the opponent’s goal. This is what we should be focusing on.”

All opponents are equally important.

“For me, all the opponents are equally important, (all of them) deserve my respect. I can’t say a team is better than another. Of course, each team’s track record has to be considered, but for me they’re all equal. The fact that at one time I was with Chivas might make things a bit dissimilar, but I can’t see any difference between what we had against Puebla and what we’re going to have against Chivas. I can’t think like that because I would have to underestimate someone and I never do that. If you start putting labels on things, it’s easy to become overconfident.”

He’d like to win at the Omnilife.

“Hopefully (Tigres can win). We can break this statistic. We’ll be competing against them tomorrow and let’s see what happens after the over 90 minutes of play.”

We need to counteract Chivas’ possible impetus to attack.

“We must take this situation into consideration, that they at any moment might feel under an obligation to attack. We have to be ready to defend ourselves really well when they try to harm us, but we must also attack them.”