We have another opportunity to classify.- Guido Pizarro

SAN NICOLÁS DE LOS GARZA | Wednesday, May 4, 2016.- Hope is the last thing to die and Guido Pizarro, a Tigres midfielder, knows it. The Argentine believes that the felines have a good chance of reaching the Playoffs and hopes that this Saturday they will be able to step up and defeat Cruz Azul in the last fixture of the 2016 Winter Tournament (Clausura).

“There will always be pressure and I believe that we do have a chance, after what we have been doing hasn’t produced very good results, we have a chance to classify, which is what we want. They will undoubtedly be 90 very difficult minutes and we will have to play football well. Hopefully on Saturday we will have good day and we will classify to the Playoffs,” said the Argentine.

The ‘Conde’ doesn’t want to let his imagination run wild thinking about the Playoffs; he knows that they have to beat Cruz Azul in Mexico City first, displaying a similar type of football as in the match against Veracruz, reaching our opponent’s goal area, but realizing as many opportunities as possible.

“Undoubtedly, this is how it will be, we will be in control of the match, the protagonists, not letting them grow and indisputably endeavor to be decisive, generate goal opportunities with a difficult opponent, it will definitely be a dynamic match and we hope we can be decisive, so if we are in control and finish, we will have a chance,” the defensive midfielder emphasized.

The UANL player knows that Tigres has to go out onto the pitch at the Azul with a cool head, aware that they have 90 minutes to define the match, because the team they will be competing against has first-class players who can be dangerous in the counterattack.

“In recent times we have become used to being in the top positions, but we must have the capacity to understand that right now we are fighting for eighth place, knowing that we have to achieve a result on Saturday and I am aware that if we do achieve the result, the Playoffs are totally separate. There it’s hand to hand and, I think, we have a good chance, but to get there, we must do our best to win on Saturday,” he acknowledged after the training session at the Universitario Stadium.