We Have Proved our Ambition and Hunger.- Nahuel

SAN NICOLÁS DE LOS GARZA, February 15th.- Nahuel Guzmán, in a press conference, said that he is pleased with the team because they have found the way to prove their ambition and hunger for victory.

“Personally, I’m pleased we have recovered our ambition, our hunger, not because it’s been lacking in previous games or tournaments, but because we found the way to prove and express it on the field.

“I think all the players are keen to fight for important things again. I think we all want to make up for having been far from the top in previous tournaments and we’re trying to turn that page over in this championship.

“If everything goes as we want and with the way we are preparing, let’s hope we can aspire to qualifying in the top four places. There’s a way to go yet, but I think we’ve retrieved many things from previous successful tournaments, perhaps with a line of four or five, the intention to play and control the ball and to make as few mistakes as possible.”

Having two players per position…

“That’s the institution’s objective from the very beginning, to have a team with the idea of two players per position, or in the event of any issues, the aim of competing in both competitions on an equal footing.

“We’re on good form, there are always things that can be improved, but regarding the match against Veracruz, a difficult, tight game, where we constantly put the pressure on throughout the almost 95 minutes it lasted and found the result we wanted in the last five minutes. That’s the hunger we’re recovering, to go out and win on every pitch.”

Football that undergoes variations…

“I think they are variations that the manager is trying out. We’ve done it and trained beforehand. This is the football that undergoes tactical variations or incorporates variations all the time. A lot of teams readapt plans according to the opponent and the possibility of playing with one line, or at times it might be three or five, sometimes depends on the opponent’s formation and, in particular, that team’s center-forwards.

“More specifically, very often when the opponent has two strikers up front, the line of four leaves the midfielders hand in hand with the forwards, and a line of five, leaves one that can take those two.

“We’ve had to face teams with two forwards up front and we’ve adapted well. I think we need to continue to improve with this formation the intention of playing out from the back, of carrying on trusting in the manager in order to play out from the back, and I think we have the players who can do this, as shown the other day with two goals by Paco. We’ve proved that wingers can also be forwards. We practiced it and luckily it worked.”

Consistency in our football…

“This is something we have to prove game by game. We prepare to be consistent in our football, which is something we lacked in the last tournament. We’re aiming for consistency, to recover our traditional Tigres style of play, of controlling the ball, having possession and dominating the match, and everything that happens in the game should be our responsibility. We’re on the right track, the performance ideal is a weekly challenge that we have to show on every pitch against opponents who are just waiting for us to make a mistake.”

Achieving a good point base…

“That would be ideal. No one can guarantee that we’ll successfully reach the final objective or the championship, because we’ve been in first place and won the championship, and other times we’ve only just qualified and gone a long way.

I think the close of the championship is very important, but achieving a good point base, a good reserve of points as well, gives you the chance to work calmly and the possibility of incorporating other youngsters and not having to reach the end of the championship with just enough points, which doesn’t mean that you do well and first and then take it easy at the end. Let’s hope we can be consistent throughout the whole of the championship and not have to grit our teeth at the end of the tournament.”

Necaxa’s goal scorer…

“He’s a player (Brian Fernández) who has already proved himself in Argentina, and is gradually earning the trust of the Liga. In this championship he has the opportunity to exploit and show a bit of what he has to offer. He’s one of the players we need to take into consideration, since the ones who often unbalance a tight match are the players who make a difference. We have that type of players as well. We’ll try to play card by card and see collectively who will work best.”

Winning Concacaf isn’t all that’s left to do…

“Saying that all that’s left for us to do is to be champions in the next Concacaf Champions League, and after basking in the sun at home, would be exaggerated. I think the idea that it’s all that’s left is somewhat exaggerated and closed. I understand your question about the team’s and the group’s hopes of achieving what we were denied in two finals, it’s not something pending at all. It’s a hard journey, each tournament is different. We prepare in different ways. First it’s Necaxa and then the first Concacaf Champions League match, looking for that new aspiration, that new objective.

“I understand that all the teams that participate have the same objective. We need to aim for it in every game, to be able to come closer to our objective. I think this team has so much more to offer nationally and internationally, so let’s not believe that the Concacaf Champions League is all that’s left for Tigres to win. Let’s hope we’ll carry on accomplishing important things for this institution.”