We have to give our all in the League.- ‘Palmera’ Rivas

MONTERREY | Wednesday, June 15, 2016.- Tigres is set to give their all in the 2016 Summer Tournament (Apertura) and have a brilliant season, were the words of José Rivas, Tigres’ center back. .

“We want to win them all (the tournaments); the players, the directors and the technical staff want to win them all (…). We have to give our all in the League, with the new, world-class players we have, plus all those who are yet to arrive, and win that championship we long for.

“Of course we have to think like that (that we are going to give our all), be positive, though without getting overconfident or conceited, but we have to work hard and with the quality we have and being confident, I think we can succeed this season,” ‘Palmera’ explained to the media as he left the physical tests at the Universitario Hospital.

Rivas clearly explained that the arrival of the new players forces every member of the team to participate in a fierce internal, fair competition to earn a place in the first eleven, something that will make everyone try even harder in the training sessions.

“Competition is always good. Maybe no one will be sure of their place, which is what Ricardo (Ferretti) constantly says – that it’s good to have two or three players competing for each position, so it’s something we welcome.

“We are at his disposal; he’ll decide, together with the coaching staff, whether or not there will be rotation. There’s someone else who can take over your position, when you have opportunities, when you least think it they’ll be there. It can happen to all of us and the ones who make the most of it will be out on the field playing,” the defense commented.