We have to remain humble until the end.-Pizarro

ZUAZUA  Tuesday, September 13, 2016.- Just because Tigres are achieving good results in this tournament doesn’t mean that they will lose sight of the team’s true objective – to qualify to the Playoffs as soon as possible and to pursue the League title indicated the Argentine, Guido Pizarro, who is firm in his resolve to keep moving upwards in the 2016 Summer Tournament (Apertura), while remaining humble.

They mustn’t let the good results confuse them.

“It’s very easy when things start going well to get confused. We have to take it step by step and there’s still a long way to go. We should aim to do our best to qualify as quickly as possible, correcting any mistakes that might arise. Let’s hope we can take it step by step, then match by match achieve our goals.

They always try to maintain the same line of play.

“We try to maintain an identity at home and away, and although our opponents’ strategies change somewhat when tey come here or play as the local team, we always endeavor to continue with the same idea and always be the protagonist. This team is in a position to think this way.”

Delighted to have scored a fantastic goal.

“It really was a fantastic goal (against Morelia). I’m delighted and think this speaks well of our offense and of us, even though we are always farther behind, we can take advantage of this. I’m happy because the team played well in the first half and celebrated a victory on a difficult pitch.”