“We Haven’t Displayed our Best Level,” Tuca

SAN NICOLÁS DE LOS GARZA, May 20th.- Manager Ricardo Ferretti was honest with the media and acknowledged that the team hasn’t yet displayed its best level of play, but is confident that they will in the Final.

                “I don’t think the team’s potential has been displayed, to be honest, but, nevertheless, we’ve reached the Final, so I have high hopes that in these two matches we’ll play at our target level.

                “Every game is different. Pachuca and Monterrey, well, we expected nothing less, especially Monterrey with the squad they have, with all the investment they’ve made over the past few years, it would be illogical for me to think it was going to be easy.

“They were upset, but we got through to the Final and that means that we’re valuable too, because I can see and am aware that we didn’t play the football we hoped for, at that level, but even so we came out on top, because of the table, or for whatever reason, the fact is that we’re in the Final.”

                About León…

                “León is a team that’s had an amazing season. I admit that, of the 18 teams, it’s the one that has played the best football in the regular phase of the season. They’ve also got Nacho (Ambriz), a friend, a great coach and he has quality players.”

                How is the squad?

                “Fine. Playing in another final is a good reason to be happy, though not satisfied. We’ve still got room for improvement and we know what we have to correct. There’s not much time for training, but we’ll do something to be in the best possible form for this match.” 

                León is as it’s described…

“Yes, a very good team, it was the one that played the best football and impressed everyone. I don’t think León qualified last season and this season they’ve practically scooped everything, not from start to finish, because we drew with them in their first match there, stopping them from being tournament leaders from the first fixture to the last.”

                About André-Pierre Gignac and Carlos Salcedo…

“They are both in therapy, in the gym, they’ll be available tomorrow.”

                Does it concern you that your goalkeeper is the star of these Playoffs?

                “It always concerns me that our goalkeeper is saving us, but that’s his job. Right now, everyone is praising Nahuel, but remember when people criticized him all the time. That’s his job, that’s why we brought him here, an Argentina National Player and everything. I think a lot of people would like to have him in their team and luckily we’re the ones who have him.”

                Does your team’s experience in Playoffs offer an advantage?

“That’s just one factor of the many that are needed. The simple fact of having more experience in Playoffs doesn’t mean it will be enough. The things we’re seeking and are needed most are related to football.”

                Team play…

“Well, that’s what we have. First of all, team play with extraordinary individuals. Team play is what has got us ahead. If everyone improves their individual level together with the collective level, we shouldn’t have any trouble when we play against León.”

                Being the most successful active manager…

                “Not really. We work for the players; we work to make sure they do their job properly and we have to deliver. I’ve never thought about that. What I’ve achieved or what I’m yet to achieve isn’t something that’s about me, I think it’s a joint effort, all the things that have been accomplished that you are asking me about personally.

“All I have to do is to be grateful with the directors who have supported me and the players who have given me results, but that’s not for me, it’s for the institution, so the institution can reach its goal, for the fans to be happy, so if you go down that road, well, that’s fine.”