We know that all the teams want to defeat us.- Zelarayán

SAN NICOLÁS DE LOS GARZA | Wednesday, September 14, 2016. – Right now, Tigres is playing well, obtaining positive results in the 2016 Summer Tournament (Apertura) and remaining unbeaten, which makes them the current team to beat, stated Lucas Zelarayán, a midfielder for the felines.

The player, who comes from Argentina, reiterated that the team can’t afford to relax since their aim is to qualify to the Playoffs.

“We’re feeling great right now. Obviously winning builds confidence, gives peace of mind. We worked with less anxiety this week and I think that despite everything, we had a few minor errors that we’re working on. We pleased right now and know that we can’t afford to relax because the tournament is far from over, things can change instantly, and amazing teams are competing. However, our first goal is the Playoffs and I think we’re on the right track.

“(…) All the teams are good; we know that all the teams want to defeat us, so every match is difficult for us and we know that even though we’re unbeaten and however well we’re doing, we can’t afford to relax because each game is a final and that’s how we’re going to play them,”, expressed ‘Chino’ after the training session at the Universitario Stadium.

Puebla will be a difficult side this Saturday.

“We know that Puebla plays well, that their midfielders have excellent ball control, a fine technique. Of course, I don’t know whether their strategy will be to attack, but I’m sure they won’t be playing too far back. This team might be out to attack, but we’ll try to cut off all their lines of play and then advance with our attack, with mobility and finishing as the decisive moves, since this is what we lacked at home against Atlas or Veracruz. We’ll be concentrating on finishing plays.”

Generating rather than scoring goals is their objective.

“I feel fine, I’m doing well and I’m not sure that the actual goal is that important for me (…). I’ve always played in a position in which I prefer to assist, but if I carry on playing well, I think the goals will just happen, so there’s no need to get impatient. My aim is to continue to perform well for the team, for us to keep winning, so it doesn’t really matter who scores.”

The Mexican League (Liga MX) is highly competitive.

“It’s a highly competitive League in which all the teams play as peers, some more than others, but some of them have great pitches. It’s a difficult League, which is why insist that even though we haven’t tasted defeat in eight games, we can’t afford to relax, because we’re facing difficult matches and all the teams want to defeat Tigres. We need to be very aware of that and play each match as though it were a final.”

We need to finish the goals that are generated.

“We need to work on finishing plays as the local side. I think that’s been difficult for us, when the opponents defend with several players, we’re finding it hard to break through and need more mobility and decisiveness. That’s something we need to correct, because it’s been happening a lot at home, so we’re focusing on improving in that aspect.”