We Mustn’t Anticipate Anything.- Meza

SAN NICOLÁS DE LOS GARZA, April 17th.- Francisco Meza was quite forthright with the Media, claiming that he doesn’t want to anticipate anything and that right now the team is focusing on the match against Morelia.

“Personally, I’m focusing on Saturday . If people are thinking about the Local Derby Final, well, they’re within their right, but the squad is thinking about Morelia,” commented the Colombian defender.

Possibility of playing…

“Unfortunately, Carlos won’t be able to play, so now, against Morelia, I could be picked, but I don’t want to anticipate anything . I’m concentrating on Morelia, and then I’ll think about the Final to give the very best to the team.”

Giving his best…

“The idea is to give my best for the team. At that time, I did and I still do. I’m always willing to do my job as well as possible and give my all to the team, that’s the attitude we need to have.”

Rallying around Julián…

“I think the whole squad has been consoling him, talking to him. They are things that happen in football,  but I’m sure all will be well. Perhaps some regrets, but if it happened, it means good things lie ahead.”

Before and after the Local Derby Final

“For me, that’s in the past, pleasant memories of the goal and the match, as well as of my teammates’ performance. I didn’t play much and I played in the Final. Now people comment on that match, marking a before and after, their recognition has been important, their trust and I’ve also tried to live up to that trust.”

Can it be seen as a rematch for the opponent?

“For us, it’s about winning, we have just one result and that’s win and win. I don’t want to get ahead and think about the Final as first it’s Morelia, but we have to be in the top positions, since this team has its history and we need to strengthen our performance day by day.”

VAR in Concacaf…

“It’s been used appropriately, with VAR or without VAR, there can be mistakes. That means we need to be on top form, because the referee can be wrong. You have to give 150 per cent.”.

Everyone is the team to beat…

“The teams that qualify all have the same possibilities. Anything can happen in the Playoffs. It happened to us last season, we were sent out by Pumas. The idea is to defeat whoever we play, as we want to enrich the history of our Club.”