We need to do better.- Tuca  

SAN NICOLÁS DE LOS GARZA, January 7th.- Without being over drastic, Ricardo Ferretti commented that they need to do better than their performance last Saturday, which is possible owing to the quality of the squad.

“We always show respect for the opponent, which is what they deserve at all times and, naturally, we need to prepare the team this week to improve on our performance against León, which I didn’t think was anything drastic, but there were details that need improving and I think we can achieve this given the quality of my players.”

Are there anymore new players coming?

“No”, he answered categorically.

How do you interpret these criticisms at the start of the tournament?


Juninho’s presence…

“Junior left, he’s very capable and of course he’s not part of my coaching team. He’s looking for the possibility in the future of perhaps being a manager. He’s asked for help, allowing him to observe and, of course, it is important for us to support him in this important process.”

Unconditional support for the new Mexico National Team manager…

“I would like to congratulate Yon (de Luisa) and Memo (Cantú) who obviously made an excellent choice. I think it’s spot on, since he is extremely well qualified to lead the National Team. I wish him every success and hope that we will all be supporting our National Team. I’m here for anything he might need. I think he’ll have a fine coaching staff that will lead the team where we all hope they will go. I wish him all the best and offer my unconditional support.”