We need to go all out for the result.- Damián

SAN NICOLÁS DE LOS GARZA, November 20.- Tigres doesn’t need to worry about what Pachuca or any other team do in the final fixture of the tournament’s regular phase, since what they really need to do is go to Guadalajara and get a positive result.

“The truth is that we always work hard, we’re our best opponent, we’re not worried about what Pachuca does, since what we really need to do is get a good result, to win or at least draw, which would keep us in the Playoffs, so Pachuca takes second place,” the reserve explained.

If Tigres lose to Guadalajara, the Tuzos could knock them out of the Playoff zone, as long as win by a big goal difference in their last match of the regular phase of the season.

Answering the question about how he has seen the team in this Fifa calendar period, when they played against Santos and Pumas in friendly games, winning both 2-0, Damián was quite clear that the group is strong and consolidated, and that they are going to the Chivas stadium with that mindset.

“I think the team is highly consolidated, very strong. It’s the last fixture and we know we need to be more confident because the Playoffs are just ahead and, as you say the math tells us that our spot isn’t assured yet, and we need to go with a positive mindset.”

What do you think about the fact that since that stadium opened, the team has only won there once?

“We’re aware that the statistics aren’t on our side, but it’s a match and anything can happen. We’re going there with the determination to win the game and qualify to the Playoffs, which is where every single team wants to be.”

The midfielder demolished the belief of some of the media about the slacking off that might occur owing to manager Ricardo Ferretti’s absence, explaining that the coaching staff that stayed in Monterrey are just as demanding.

“None of the team members are slacking off, the work is the same, the intensity and whatever Tuca asks of us, the coaching staff who stayed here demands the same every single day,” he emphasized.