We need to react right now.- Ferretti

SAN NICOLÁS DE LOS GARZA, August 14.- Manager Ricardo Ferretti clearly stated that they can’t give away any more advantages in this start to the Apertura 2017 tournament, and need to do something about it.
Ferretti said that this is what’s worrying him most right now and asked himself why they were giving away so many advantages at the start of the tournament.
“This is what worries me most, why are we giving so much of an advantage. Do we need a knife stuck in us to react? So, this is the topic we need to discuss, to address so that we don’t leave it until the end. Last season, with just six fixtures to go, we were out, so we need to react right now and not when there are just a few matches to go.  The points we’re missing out on could cost us our qualification to the playoffs, so we need to do something about it to get back on track.”
Tuca reiterated a point he mentioned on Saturday after the match, when he explained that he goes to sleep and wakes up worrying about the Team.
“I wake up worrying, I spend all day worrying, I go to bed worrying, I sleep worrying. I’ll use fancy words and say I don’t worry, I get on with things, which would be the fancy way of saying it and that’s not what I do. A coach is always worried about improving, always, and all human beings are always worried about improving.”

Keep a cool head…
“We’re going to keep a cool head, not overreact. Things aren’t turning out as we’d hoped, but there’s no need to exaggerate.
“We need to do more. We have a squad, a good squad, and there are certain matters we need to put into practice throughout the ninety-something minutes the match lasts, and not just on and off.”

Is another player expected to arrive this Tournament?
“No, there’s no possibility of anybody else coming at all. If anyone were to come, they’d have to adapt as fast as possible. Nowadays, football is played all over the world and I’d say things are about 80% similar in any country.
“We would need to provide support if anyone comes and, if they do, it would be as a starter.”

Have you got what you deserve, or has football been unfair?
“Of course we have the points we deserve. The points we would like to have is another matter. But, we’ve got what we achieved, what we did on the pitch and we deserve to have as much as we gave on the pitch. It’s that simple.
“Football is often very unfair, but I think that because of what’s happened, we are where we deserve to be.”

Are you confident the team can improve?
“I’m confident not only in my individual players’ capacity, because at this juncture I don’t think there’s any doubt about that. Perhaps there is some doubt about whether this individual capacity of so many good, willing players is what we are really interested in. We want a team that collectively puts all this quality at the disposal of the team.”

Will you be changing from a line of three to a line of four to improve?
“You always want to improve. If the formation were what’s important (in a team), then what would be the point in paying to hire a player.
“Which system, it doesn’t matter which system, what matters is the players’ adaptation to be able to perform within this system and I believe I do have the possibility with my players who do have the capacity for this adaptation.
“If you watch, any system in a match changes. If you send on a line of four, your right wing moves up, so what are you left with? Three. For me, the players come first and then the system.”

What’s your opinion of what’s happening to Rafael Márquez?
“I have the fortune of having known Rafa since he was a young player at Atlas. I remember very well that we were at Chivas and I said to, God rest his soul, Martínez Garza, hey, there’s a lad there at Atlas, let’s see if they sell him, and the very next week he was in the First Division, not quite so categorically as Ricardo Lavolpe was also there and he has always given reserve players opportunities.
“I don’t think we should judge anybody. I think Rafa is fully aware of the situation and I think his conscience must be clear because he is a great human being, a great son, a great father, a great husband, and I’m pleased to know I can count on him, talk to him. I’m sure this situation will soon be resolved and he will come out of it as the person he is – a virtuous person, an upright person and he’ll get through this and be fine.”