We need to work on a few details.- Tuca

SAN NICOLÁS DE LOS GARZA, January 29th.- Even though he rates the victory against Toluca as excellent, manager Ricardo Ferretti commented that they need to work on a few details so as not to suffer as much as last Sunday.

“The victory gives us peace of mind, especially as we haven’t had a positive result on that pitch for ages, because Toluca has a very good team, good players. I think that the win is excellent, although there are a few details we need to work on so as not to suffer as much, since it wasn’t an easy win, we defended with everything we have, like true tigers,” he explained.

Regarding the criticisms of the way the team played and earned the three points, the manager, four-times champion with Tigres, said that they have the right to this sort of victories, just as the teams that visit the Universitario Stadium do.

“I’m not concerned. I think we have the right to that sort of victory just like others who have at times defeated us; it certainly doesn’t mean that we always have to win 4-0, 5-0, 3-0.

“That’s how we had to win and that’s what we did. There were criticisms and I criticize too, always looking to improve, but I feel that that’s how the circumstances were and we knew how to deal with them, because the three points are excellent.”

All teams are difficult…

“All teams are difficult, the issues we face when playing in our own stadium, we know the strategies handled by teas when they play us in our stadium.

“We know they’re coming to counterattack well, to set-piece situations. I’ve nothing against that. Everyone implements the strategy they think is best. We have to take care that the same doesn’t happen as against Cruz Azul.”

Presence of Tata Martino…

“I think it’s good and necessary that he’s coming here to talk to all of us. I’ve always said that Mexico is the is the number one team and if at any point he’s considering supporting us or needs anything from all 18 of us, then we should be at his disposal.

“The players he considers should be called up to the National Team to be with him, that’s fine by me, for as long as he wants, as often as he wants, that’s fine by me. He’ll have all my unconditional support. Regarding the other side of the game, he has a coaching staff, he has a capacity proven at the global level, so there’s nothing I can tell him. I don’t think so. If at any time we can help, then we’re at his disposal.”

Isn’t it a step backwards for Mexicans to come back from Europe? …

“I think that both things are positive, the players have gone there and have performed, but I don’t think it’s a step backwards for them to return to Mexico.

“Our Liga isn’t just any Liga, and that’s a fact. On the other hand, we do need to continue to produce more players who can go. What happens when a footballer leaves Mexico, goes to Europe? Well, he grows and when he returns, he can teach the others who are here. So, I think it’s very positive, nothing out of this world. What happened with our French player? He left the French league, came to Mexico and what happens to the Liga?”

Is there any rivalry regarding signings?…

“Personally, I can’t see any rivalry. I see what my team needs. Rayados can sign whoever they want. If they sign Messi, that’s fantastic, but it doesn’t mean that because they sign Messi I’m going to go out and sign Cristiano Ronaldo, because I don’t need him.

“Our work is based on short-, medium- and long-term plans, but they haven’t got anything to do with our neighbor. We’re not going to sign anyone because the neighbor’s doing it. I think it’s quite clear that in three drafts we didn’t feel the need for anyone and now a new player has arrived (Carlos Salcedo) because we’re considering him in the long term.”