We promise to improve.- ‘Tuca’ Ferretti

ZUAZUA | Monday, October 17, 2016.- Tigres are aware of their errors and what they didn’t do in the last three League matches, assured the manager Ricardo Ferretti, who also commented that during this Monday’s practice, the entire squad discussed and analyzed in depth what’s happened and to commit to improving their performance in the following matches.

“The excellent atmosphere (shown in the practice) doesn’t mean that we’re not aware of our situation. We talked beforehand, played a video and we all discussed this and committed, as always, to improve.

“It’s fantastic that the team is healthy, but it’s a professional team and it hurts when things aren’t going well, just as it hurts the fans, it hurts us as well in the same way and it hurts a lot when we don’t reciprocate all the support we’re given,” said ‘Tuca’ at the Zuazua, Nuevo León, facilities.

Fortunately, there’s no type of conflict.

“There are two points. The one you mention that there’s no type of conflict, but just because they’re laughing and participating in a kick around, it doesn’t mean that they’re not embarrassed. Of course, that’s what’s good about football – you get another chance straight away to improve on what you’ve just done, win, lose or draw, and in the next fixture, you have the chance to be better.”

Stability is very important is in the team.

“We never reach our best football moment, the fact that you’ve said a lot of things is what you want. During all the weeks we were undefeated, you’d say one thing and I’d say another. But I think that we weren’t that good then and we’re not that bad now. When you praised us, I said that we weren’t at the best level and I said to my players: ‘Don’t listen to them’. And now I’m also telling them not to listen. Stability is very important. After the match I told them that we shouldn’t feel better or worse, and now that we haven’t won, we shouldn’t feel better or worse, and that’s that. Continuing to work hard is the only thing that produces results.”

You can’t ask people not to pressure us.

“I can’t ask that of the fans; I can say to them, hey, actually your support is better for us and for everyone. We know that if things aren’t going right, it’s normal for them to be demanding, so I can’t say that if we’re not playing well on the pitch, well they’re not going to be celebrating, (…) so I can’t ask for something that isn’t fitting, but I would like to ask them to support us and assure them that, on the pitch, we’ll be trying to do our best so everyone will be happy, but asking them not to pressure us, well, I can’t do that.”

It’s up to Tigres to get back on track.

“Football is unfair and demanding, and a great institution with such a devoted, large fan base, it’s normal for people to feel like this (upset), and it’s up to us to solve this issue. How? By doing better the things we did in those matches. I don’t think we’ve done that badly; in some aspects we weren’t focused enough and that’s the reason for what happened in those three games, so we have to improve. How? By working, being aware and applying ourselves more in this match.”

People have a right to their opinion.

“This is what I, personally, don’t like (the fans’ demonstrations of disapproval), but we’re human, we feel our people’s support, their shouts, joy, victory; they shout out names and everything, but we have to accept that when we lose it’s going to be another story and we just have to accept it.”