We want the three points from the Derby to remain at home.- Torres Nilo

SAN NICOLÁS DE LOS GARZA | Wednesday, October 26, 2016.- Tigres is thinking about winning the Derby because they know what it means for the club’s history, for the fans and for the players themselves, which is why they are working as hard as possible this week, to ensure that the three points remain at home, commented Jorge Torres Nilo, a feline defender.

“There are no favorites. We know that’s how the Derby is and your condition, your position on the table, your objectives, none of that matters. If you ask them and you ask us what it is we want, right now the League comes to a standstill for both of us and the answer would be, to win the Derby.

“I know that they have an idea about the points (that they need to qualify) and so do we, but, in reality, what’s most important for our squad is to win. We’re working 100% and we want those three points to remain here at home. We’re confident in the work we’ve accomplished and know that we’ll do well,” explained ‘Pechu’.

The Derby generates an enormous amount of passion.

“Every Derby (national or Monterrey) has important aspects, but all of us are very passionate about the Monterrey Derby, the city is highly involved. I think that it’s very exciting for us and it generates many things in the city, such as an enormous amount of passion.”

There are no reprisals for the Playoffs elimination.

“That’s over and done with. Of course, we wished we’d gone through to the next round back then, but that’s in the past, right now it’s a new Derby and, naturally, we want to go all out to win. That’s the mentality we’ll be playing with and I think that by doing what we know how to do, we’ll have a very good chance of earning the three points.”

They respect the opponent, but are confident in what they have.

“It’s a good team, the players in all the lines are top quality. We respect them, but we’re very confident in the work we’ve been carrying out as well. It’s not going to be easy, but we’re positive that by doing what we know how to do, victory will be ours.”

He always plays full out.

“I’m a footballer who always plays full out, I don’t hold anything back. I always try to play intelligently, things have happened now and again, but I try to do the best I can for the group. I’m a footballer who always plays on a razor’s edge and I’m aware of that, and it’s not just in the Derbies, but I’ve been shown yellow cards in other matches too.”

Happy that Gignac is back.

“Yes, he’s an important player who currently contributes enormously to the team’s performance, giving us confidence and always playing decisively up front. We’ll be trying to generate goal opportunities so that he’ll have a greater probability of scoring.”