We want to close the tournament on a positive note, in the top spots.- ‘Tuca’

SAN NICOLÁS DE LOS GARZA | Monday, October 31, 2016.-  With their playoff qualification practically in the bag, Tigres’ objective for the last two matches of the regular tournament is to improve their position in the General Table, where they are currently in third place, assured Ricardo Ferretti, the universitarios’ manager, who also commented that they aim to finalize the 2016 Summer Tournament (Apertura) consolidating their home.

“It’s positive because throughout all these past fixtures, we sought and achieved the points needed so that our qualification would be practically guaranteed at this point, but we mustn’t forget that we could fall from third to seventh place, so for us the last two games are just as important as the first 15.

“It’s what we want (to close well at home), first to finish the tournament well, as we’re saying, to be among the top four places. Then, in the Playoffs, well, things are different there. The games are much closer, and I hope that from the start, although we’ve still got another home match after the FIFA calendar, that we’ll be able to please our people and ourselves,” expressed ‘Tuca’ at the Zuazua, Nuevo Léon, facilities.

He recongizes their next opponent’s performance.

“We’re aware of the Tijuana team’s situation, they’re the Super Leader, a team that’s doing very well. At one point, we were competing with them for the top spot, they took off and I think it’s going to be a difficult match. They’ve already assured their spot in the Playoffs, while we’re still trying to qualify in a better position. I think that of the six points still in play, we need as many as possible to qualify in the best possible place.”

It will be an engaging match against Tijuana.

“In their own stadium or any team in their stadium, it’s a different approach. But, we should be aware that it’s a team that’s found a positive balance, they don’t rush into attacking. I think it will be a pleasant game in the offensive aspect, but I don’t think either side is going to be in a hurry at the start to attack offensively.”

Qualifying to five consecutive Playoffs is a joint achievement.

“The participation of every single person is highly positive, of Miguel (Mejía Barón), Hugo (Hernández), Memo (Orta), the support of our chairman (Alejandro Rodríguez), of Miguel Garza, we’re all working, this is teamwork, and this is what’s made it possible (reaching five Playoffs in a row). Here, nobody has achieved anything on their own, we’re a group of people willing to work hard, committed to implementing the goals and objectives set at the beginning of the tournament.

“An institution like ours, that supports so much, invests so much, our fans who give us so much, I think the least we should do is to always aim to qualify and, once we’re in the Playoffs, like everyone else, seek the championship.”

‘Tuca’ reiterates that he’s a perfectionist and always likes to demand more.

“They’ll never reach the level I want, never, because I’ve got a major flaw, I’m a perfectionist. When I talk about an error, it doesn’t mean that they’re playing badly. Whenever we face a team I think we’re in good shape, then we can draw our conclusions during the match. I have a group of players who are extremely capable individually and what I always ask is for that capacity to converge so that we can see a great team out on the pitch. Then, on the one hand, I’m pleased with them, but, on the other, I’m never satisfied otherwise we wouldn’t progress, and they have that mentality as well, to improve every single day.”

André-Pierre Gignac has his full support.

“André is confident, there’s no doubt in my mind about that. I insist, I want André to play well and by playing well he’ll have more opportunities to score the goals he wants and we want, (…) André doesn’t have to prove anything to anybody, just to himself, not to me, not to you, not to anybody, just himself and he has to focus on playing football well, just like everyone else, (…) here, nobody doubts any of the players and especially not André. He’s fine and I think he’ll find that goal and if it’s not in this match, then it’ll be in the next and he’ll keep on trying; he has our full support.”