We want to make the most of our last chance on Saturday.- Pepe Rivas

SAN NICOLÁS DE LOS GARZA | Thursday, May 5, 2016.- The match against Cruz Azul is the last chance to classify to the Playoffs and Tigres doesn’t want to waste it. José Rivas, a defender for the felines, guarantees that they will go out onto the Azul Stadium pitch prepared to give their all, focused so as not to make mistakes in the defense and determined to finish against the opponent’s goal when they have the opportunity to score.

“(On Saturday we should) try to put what happened (in the tournament) behind us. I know people will say, ‘How can that be possible?’, but what we overlooked is behind us now, we have our last chance against Cruz Azul and we need to put our heart and soul into the match, the defenders concentrating on their job and as forwards finishing all the opportunities. It’s our last chance and we have to give our all,” expressed ‘La Palmera’ at the press conference in the Universitario Stadium.

Pepe acknowledged that all week long they have been analyzing in depth the strengths of this weekend’s opponent, and says that when playing against ‘the Machine’ (Cruz Azul) they need to do so very intelligently, aware of this team’s capacity and that they can’t give them any leeway at all since the consequences would be fatal.

“(We have to play) very intelligently, because this match is decisive. Wanting to win can throw both teams into confusion and then the other team can take advantage of this. I imagine they have already studied us too, watched videos like us and will come out onto the pitch with the same mentality as us. The opponent counts too and they, like us, also want to reach the Playoffs.

“We also prepared throughout the week for that (to defeat them), they also need to worry about defending, because we have the mindset and have talked about this a lot, we are all focused and fully aware of what this game means,” said the felines’ center back.

Rivas clarified that right now they are concentrating on the match against Cruz Azul and not on the team they could be facing in the Playoffs, and then confessed what it was that happened throughout the tournament that has put them in the position of fighting for a place in the final phase at the very last moment.

“They are very specific errors, we lacked balance, as defenders we failed to do things or were careless at times and that cost us matches, and when we allowed zero goals, perhaps the attackers could have been more decisive. It’s a balance, a loss for all eleven players, not the forwards or the defenders, like in the other tournament when we combined everything, we would allow zero goals or just one and they (the attackers) would score two or three, and now it is the other way round, ” he commented.