We want to show we’re made for great things in the América match

SAN NICOLÁS DE LOS GARZA | Wednesday, July 27, 2016.- The match against the América Águilas will offer the ideal opportunity for Tigres to show in the 2016 Summer Tournament (Apertura) that they are out to win the League title and have one of the best squads in Mexico, affirmed the feline player, Jürgen Damm.

“There’ll be no excuse this Saturday. We have to play well in this match. It’s at a good time, a good field, a fine scenario and an opponent who will most certainly will fight hard. We know that América always puts the pressure on, always attacks and that it will be a good match, in which we have to prove that we have the wherewithal to be champions and one of the best squads in Mexico,” the Tigres midfielder commented.

Damm praised the Águilas’ squad and performance, and ranked them as a first-rate team. However, he explained that such a fantastic rival always offers a benchmark for any team to see how they are doing.

“I think that playing against teams like América is always important. We’ll be taking this match very seriously, knowing that we need the three points, to score goals and the team has to start to play well in order to reach the top spots in the table. We have the capacity to be a major team, which is one of the goals we set at the start of the tournament, to be ranked in the top three places and fight for the championship,” affirmed the player of German descent.

Jürgen played again last weekend with the felines’ Under-20 team against Atlas for 70 minutes, after a long recovery period. He is ready to play if the manager, Ricardo Ferretti, needs him for the match against América.

The midfielder asked people to be patient with the André-Pierre Gignac-Ismael Sosa duo, because they only played the first few minutes together and he assured that once they have got used to each other, the goals will come.

“It was the first match with Sosa and Gignac up front. They just need to understand each other a bit better, but sooner or later the goals will arrive. I have a feeling it will be a fantastic match there (in the Azteca Stadium) and we’ll be bringing back three points, which we obviously need to lift the team’s spirits, add on three more points to our total and move up to the top spots in the table,” he stated.