We want to win the Champion of Champions.- Jesús Rivas

RIVIERA MAYA | Wednesday, June, 22 2016.- Tigres is making the most of the preseason in Cancun so they will have reached their maximum fitness potential and peak playing conditions to compete in the Champion of Champions match on July 10 in Los Angeles, and add yet another trophy to their showcases, José Rivas, the felines’ defense, commented today.

The UANL team will play against Pachuca for the first trophy of the second half of 2016, and ‘Palmera’ couldn’t hide how eager he is to win it, and even highlighted that right now they are taking on the appropriate workload.

“This is the first tournament and trophy we’re playing and I want to win it.  We’re in the Final we all competed in last season to reach this Champion of Champions. I want to win and I believe we all want to win. We’ve got plenty of time to prepare properly; the workload management is setting us up to achieve an excellent playing rhythm in time for this match.

“Playing finals is always a risk. The other team counts as well. Everyone wants to win. But the fact that we are competing means that we are doing things right, and we’re enjoying ‘getting into the habit’ of reaching finals, and that’s the primordial goal of this tournament, to reach the Final and put up a good show in this tournament, not having to speculate in the last few days like we did last season, but win the points we need to qualify,” said the center back.

Pepe Rivas reiterated that the new players who have joined the team for the 2016 season, in which they will not only be competing in the Champion of Champions, but also the Mexican League (Liga MX) and the Champions League, will provide the advantage of more diversity in the offense and will also foment a fierce competition for the starting positions.

In addition, he explained that at Tigres they will be supporting Ismael Sosa and all the other new players as much as possible, so they will quickly settle in with the squad and contribute the quality each one of them has to offer.

“(Ismael contributes) dynamism along the sidelines, a lot of crosses, sometimes we weren’t up to standard in crossing, but now we have more variety, Sosa and Luis (Quiñones), a great deal of variety on the sides. The competition for the position in that aspect will be fantastic and that’s going to help us to enhance our level in this tournament,” commented Rivas.