We will make the most of the preseason to triumph in the League.- Guido Pizarro

ZUAZUA | Thursday, June 16, 2016.- The preseason in Cancun starts in a few days  and Tigres is already quite sure that if they want to reach the Playoffs and then fight for the League title, they must make the most of each and every training session on the beach and maintain regularity in all the matches  in order to fulfill their ultimate objective.

Guido Pizarro, a feline midfielder, commented that the team will have to take advantage 100% of the preseason, which takes place from June 19 through July 1 in Cancun, in order to facilitate their participation in the 2016 Summer Tournament (Apertura).

“In the preseason we have to generate a significant physical basis for the tournament, but I think that in the coming tournament we must be constant, consistent and give our all to the team.

“Last semester we learnt the lesson that if we don’t play as a team, it makes things very complicated or everything is the same. I hope that in the coming season we will all be in tune with each other and go back to doing what we all want,” expressed the ‘Count’ to the media at La Cueva de Zuazua, Nuevo León.

The Argentine also discussed the reinforcements who arrived at Tigres for this tournament and commented that each of them will increase the internal competition and keep the entire squad on their toes to fight hard for a starting position.

“I think it’s fine (the team), for me, if we look at the offense, there are many players who had already been reinforcements last season or the one before that and, now more people are joining us, the internal competition will be fierce, which enhances everyone’s performance, because nobody can sit back on their laurels and the one who does best is the one who will play, because since the level of quality will be higher, the coach will have the problem of deciding who is and isn’t going to play, and I’m quite sure that this will make the team grow,” he said.

He applauded the incorporation of his compatriot Ismael Sosa, who he assures is a top-ranking, highly talented midfielder who will consolidate the feline squad’s quality enormously.

Finally, he was delighted to have been considered for his country’s National Team and, even though at the last minute he didn’t travel to the Copa América, knowing that ‘Tata’ Martino has him in mind forces him to improve continuously in order to earn a place.

“We are all here to go the extra mile and, in my case, even more so knowing that there is a possibility of  being called up  to the Argentine National Team . Personally that is something I will be aiming for and undoubtedly I will have to improve even more in order to compete there,” said the midfielder.