What’s Most Important Is the Next Match.- Chaka

SAN NICOLÁS DE LOS GARZA, April 16th.- Even though all anyone is talking about is the CONCACAF Champions League Local Derby Final, for Luis Rodríguez, right now what’s most important is the next match.

“We’re focused on the upcoming match, we’re not thinking about that (CONCACAF Final)… hoping the good streak will continue, although we still have room for improvement”.

Fulfilling goals…

“The first goal was to qualify /to the Playoffs), and we’ve done that, and now another goal is to fight for the top spot.”

Making amends…

“We were very unhappy with our work in past tournaments (for not having achieved anything in 2018), so this is a good opportunity to make amends.”


“At the moment, upset (knowing that I won’t be able to play the Local Derby Final), though on top form for the team, confident about our performance and that we’ll achieve a good result.”

No worries about the player who will substitute you?

“Everyone here can do it”.

Wouldn’t wish an injury on anyone…

“Sad about his injury (Julián Quiñones’), it’s something you wouldn’t wish on anyone.”

Is the CONCACAF Final a rematch?

“We view it as a Final, but right now we’re thinking about our next match (against Morelia).”