While there’s life, there is hope.- Ricardo Ferretti

SAN NICOLÁS DE LOS GARZA | Monday, April 25, 2016.- While there’s life, there is hope, Ricardo Ferretti, Tigres’ manager, claimed today, referring to his team’s possibilities of classifying to the Playoffs and of turning the score around in the Champions League Final.

“All of this (the possibility of classifying  and of  being Concacaf champions) is the reason for having this attitude you mention, that should exist, because if we weren’t competing in a Final or we didn’t have any chance of classifying, I think that would be very sad, and then it would be extremely difficult to cheer people up. Nevertheless, we have to show our professionalism and there is hope, while there’s hope there is life, and while there is life, we have to do things properly, ” explained the Brazilian manager.

‘Tuca’ is fully confident that the team will do their very best in the two upcoming League matches and in the Champions League Final, because he knows he has quality players.

“We need to score at least two goals and receive zero (for the second leg of the Final against América) in order to aspire to the championship. This is nothing new – I know it and everyone knows it. With two goals, we tie and then we are capable of playing overtime and a penalty shootout, but we do need at least two goals and zero goals against,” he explained.

He also mentioned that after last Saturday’s match against Santos he had a feeling of impotence with the final score after everything his team did on the pitch. However, he commented that they did improve in several aspects.

“I was partially satisfied with the last game because the team recovered important things, but the result wasn’t in our favor, and this gives us a feeling of impotence. However, we have the basis for what we need to do against América, and, even though every game is different, we just have to work on a few more issues,” the manager said.

The Brazilian also commented that he has a group of professionals who he is sure will recover in the best possible way to face the following matches, even if they have to go to overtime or penalties against América.

“We are professionals and  last week I told them that football is so generous that it puts food on all our tables, and from one week to the next things can change, and, as professionals, we have to recover quickly to face our future commitments,” stated the feline’s helmsman