Winning would build positive momentum.- Tuca

SAN NICOLÁS DE LOS GARZA, April 23.- Winning the Derby is a matter of pride, but would also build positive momentum, which could help the team as they compete in the Playoffs for the title, commented manager Ricardo Ferretti.
“I think it’s a good goal (winning the Derby); a good objective is to finish in the top four places so that we would at least have the home advantage in the first phase… Winning is always a highly important matter of pride and I think it would put us in a positive state of mind,” he added.
He acknowledges the poor performance in the last few matches…
“We want the team to be on the best possible form. Our performance hasn’t been great in the last three games, not for the lack of opportunity, but it’s something we didn’t achieve.
“On the other hand, they are better in this aspect, to the extent that they are above us on the table, but it’s a very small advantage for them, because both of us will be doing our best to win this match to reach the best possible position on the table and state of mind.”
Derby dates should be reviewed…
“I think more care should be taken with the Derbies. A Derby between us on the last match day, in my opinion, isn’t such a good idea, especially if we have both already qualified, since a Derby now and then again in the Playoffs would seem more like an intersquad game than a Derby. Hopefully, this point could be reviewed in the future.”
Since both sides have qualified, will there be a lack of interest in this Derby, will it change anything?
“I don’t think it will change anything at all. A Derby will be played the same and have the same ingredients as always. There won’t be any difference. You can play as many as you like every week and a Derby will always have something.”
About the possible player strike…
“Well, there have been comments (about a strike in the Liga), but I trust in people’s good sense. I don’t think it will happen because I believe the players will reach an agreement with the directors and the federation, so there won’t be any problem.
“They are asking for something that can’t be done, so they might set time limits, but I don’t think there will be any problem.”
What do you expect of your team in this Derby?
“What I can expect is the confidence that they will play well again. We had a more or less irregular streak at the beginning, then a good streak of playing well, earning points that gave us the possibility of finishing in third place and qualifying. So, first of all, I hope they will play excellent football on Saturday and if we play well and win, what could be better?”