Zelarayán applauds the arrival of Edu Vargas and Advíncula at Tigres

SAN NICOLÁS DE LOS GARZA | Friday, Februray 3, 2017.- The responsibility of the players who already formed part of Tigres since the last season, is to welcome the new players for the current Clausura 2017, and, therefore, Lucas Zelarayán, a midfielder with the universitarios, assures that they will be supporting Luis Advíncula and Eduado Vargas to make them feel at home, happy and able to play their best football as soon as possible.

“The two new arrivals (Luis and Edu) are without doubt top quality footballers. They both pay for their National Teams, which is an amazing achievement in itself.  Regarding Advíncula, I observed him all last year when he played with Newell´s, since I always watch matches from Argentina and I thought he was a fine player with great prowess, who can contribute a great deal to the team’s attack and defense.

“And, Eduardo, well we all know him. He’s a star worldwide who has played in several major clubs, was the top scorer in the last Copa América. We’ll try to take advantage of both of them, help them to adapt quickly to the team and hopefully they will soon be displaying their talent to benefit Tigres,” explained ‘Chino’ in the press conference.

They know they need to play like they did against América.

“We’re facing a match against a great team (Toluca), which has been playing very well, doing things properly and has formed a fine team. Personally, I know several of them because I’ve come up against them in Argentina and we have to be aware that they are coming here to try to earn three points, just like América did, and we have to try to play the same match as we did against América. It was a perfect match in which from minute zero we went all out to win; the team was in sync and tightly knit across the 90 minutes.”

The team was messy against Jaguares.

“With Jaguares, we were somewhat messy, the team was disconnected and the important factor for winning matches is decisiveness, something we achieved with América, while with Jaguares we had several clear opportunities that we were unable to no exploit. They scored a goal, though I don’t think they deserved it, then they closed ranks and we tried to break through. At times, we lacked precision and decisiveness and weren’t on the mark tactically, but hopefully we’ll improve against Toluca and correct all those negative details and play a good match.”

The team is made up to fight for the title.

“It’s not normal (the shaky start to the tournament); we don’t think so because this team is capable of being serious contenders in the tournament. We haven’t got off to a very good start, but we can do it. That’s football for you, you win and you lose, sometimes everything goes right, like in the match against América, and then there are games like the one against Jaguares, where the ball just won’t go in. Actually, we had several good moments, created many opportunities but didn’t score.

“People are saying that the team is too relaxed or that we didn’t have a preseason, but we know that we need to fight, improve and are the current champions, so we should reflect this in all the matches, try to play a season similar to the last one, and hopefully we can, and will be fighting right through to the final.”

Toluca is a well-organized team.

“I think it’s a well-formed team that has signed on several reinforcements and some of them who were already there have adapted fully to the team. They now have Rubens Sambueza, and we all know what a fine player he is. Toluca is a team that’s playing very well, that’s dynamic and I don’t think they’re coming here just to defend, they’re going to wait and see what we’re going to do. They’ll be well positioned and try to play their match waiting in the three-quarters area.”