Zelarayán says that Tigres is confident about advancing to the Final

ESCOBEDO | Monday, April 4, 2016.- Tigres is confident that things will improve for the second leg of the Champions League against Querétaro, that they will be triumphant and hold in their hands the ticket to play in the Final, affirmed Lucas Zelarayán, midfielder for the felines, who also clarified that the team will not be abandoning the style of play that led them to with their last League championship a few months ago.

“I think we are in good spirits (for this match) even though we didn’t obtain the result we had hoped for on Saturday. I think we played a good game, we were better than our rival, and we are confident, we trust our team and each one of our teammates, and I hope the match will be in our favor and we will earn a place in the Final.

“These defining matches have to be won because they lead to a very important cup, which would be a historic win for the team. But we don’t want to give up the style of play that has given this team the championship and, even though recently things aren’t going as we would like, we have faith in the idea we have and in what we play. Let’s hope things start going our way, with goals and victories,” the Argentine explained.

‘Chino’ knows that there are still things that need to be corrected in the team’s game, especially since they have been denied a win in the last six games, although, he emphasized, they haven’t lost either.

“We know that there are quite a few things that need to be corrected, since we are not achieving the right results, though we haven’t lost either, so it’s not that bad.  I think we need to improve several aspects, such as finishing properly, which is what we need to do, and, of course, concentrate more when we are defending. I think that if we correct these details, we will be able to make a comeback and begin to win,” said Zelarayán.

The team trained at the UANL Sports Center located in Escobedo, Nuevo León, and Zelarayán mentioned to the media that the team is gradually beginning to feel the effect of playing so many matches, even though there was no pre-season.

The forward clarified that Querétaro will not play as offensively as in the first leg, and will most likely not be willing to risk much and play a tight game to force us to go to extra time and penalties at the Universitario.

“We know them, we have played against them twice, both times as the visiting team, and I think that this is going to change the rival team’s game somewhat, and here they are going to wait and see what we are going to do. I hope they don’t play so far back, because it’s a top-level team with excellent players and they will do their best to keep the ball as far away as possible from their goal and hold us back. We have to be aware of this, handle the ball well, produce a lot of forward movement in the middle of the pitch and generate goal opportunities,” he commented.