Third Win for Tigres Women: 2-0!

CRUZ AZUL HIDALGO, August 22nd– Tigres Women remain unbeaten after their third win in the Women’s Liga MX Apertura 2019 tournament, having defeated the Cruz Azul Máquina Celeste. This keeps them in the Playoffs qualification zone.

                The result, with goals by Jaqueline Ovalle and Belén Cruz, means our team has three wins and three draws, and are ready for the local Derby against Rayadas this coming Monday.


                FIRST HALF

                The game got off to a fierce start, with our payers confident that they would be able to control the ball, to the extent that, with just five minutes on the clock, Katty Martínez came close with a header in the box, but the defense intervened.

                Then, at 16’, in a swift counterattack, Belén Cruz generated an opportunity in the box and, just as she was about to finish, a defender toe poked the ball over the byline. 

                Tigres Women maintained their intense pace, so, at 25’, Greta Espinoza had a chance following a corner, but the ball went wide to the right.

                Later, at minute 28, Liliana Mercado attempted a mid-range shot that went over the bar, clearly showing that Roberto Medina’s players were putting the pressure on their opponent.

                This approach was reflected at 35’, when Mercado, in a free kick, sent a short pass to Jaqueline Ovalle, who fired off a shot into the upper right corner, bringing the score to 1-0 and easing the anxiety on the pitch.

                From then on, Tigres Women would create one opportunity after another, and, at minute 40, Ovalle crossed from the left to Katty Martínez, whose somewhat unsteady header was too high. 

                Then, at 44’, Belén Cruz had a good look at the second, but took too long to shoot in the box, allowing the goalkeeper to deny her the chance. And, a minute later, Greta Espinoza attempted a left-footed shot face-to-face with the keeper, but the ball went over the net.



Our side continued with the same strategy after the break, seeking possession and attacking the opponent’s net, while Cruz Azul tried to react with a shot that went wide to the left at minute 48.

However, at 56’, Katty Martínez reacted with a weak header inside the six-yard box that went straight into the keeper’s hands.

Tigres Women regained possession and began to rotate the ball, allowing Ovalle, at minute 72, to break away along the left and cross to Belén Cruz, who anticipated the play and pushed the ball in, making it 2-0 and putting our team on the path to victory.

Our side continued to dominate the match and attack, and, at 76’, Carolina Jaramillo, who had just come onto the field of play, sent a long pass looking for Ovalle, but the ball slipped away from her, putting an end to this opportunity.

Belén Cruz came close again at 85’, but her shot missed to the right. Soon after, Liliana Mercado had a chance, but the ball was wide yet again.

Cruz Azul tried to come back with a header into the goal, but the referee signaled offside beforehand.



CRUZ AZUL WOMEN: 1 Gabriela Herrera; 4 Jessica Tenorio, 5 María Sainz, 6 Itzel Cruz, 7 Brenda León, 10 Martha Enciso (16 Fatima Alonso 64’), 11 Wendy Jiménez (15 Scarlet Andonaegui 85’), 13 Daniela Monroy, 17 Brenda García, 19 Paola González and 24 Alejandra Curiel (21 Abigail de Jesús 36’).


TIGRES: 20 Ofelia Solís; 4 Greta Espinoza, 6 Nancy Antonio, 7 Liliana Mercado, 10 Katty Martínez (5 María Fernanda Elizondo 80’), 13 Karen Luna, 14 Lizbeth Ovalle, 15 Cristina Ferral, 18 Belén Cruz, 22 Selene Cortes (26 Vanessa Flores 67’) and 27 Perla Navarrete (Carolina Jaramillo 64’).

                MGR.: ROBERTO MEDINA



0-1 (35’) Jaqueline Ovalle puts a free kick into the upper right corner of the net.

0-2 (72’) Cross from the left by Jaqueline Ovalle that Belén Cruz pushes in to score.



CRUZ AZUL: Fatima Alonso (75’) and Jessica Tenorio (84’)

TIGRES: Selene Cortes (62’)


                RED CARDS



                REFEREE: Lizzet García

                ASSISTANT REFEREE No. 1: Jessica Morales

                ASSISTANT REFEREE No. 2: Rafael León

                FOURTH OFFICIAL: David Gutiérrez



It’s a Different Match.- Dueñas

SAN NICOLÁS DE LOS GARZA, August 22nd.- Homegrown Jesús Dueñas, a key element in manager Ricardo Ferretti’s strategy, clearly stated today that the match against América this Saturday will be completely different from last Tuesday’s in Houston.

                Nevertheless, he acknowledged that it will be just as complicated, given the opponent’s reputation on the pitch.

                “It will be a different, complicated and hard-fought match, against a very dynamic team, but we hope to perform well and earn three points at home,” Dueñas commented during a press conference.

                Some members of the media and a sector of the fans would like to call Tigres vs. América a Derby match, but Dueñas said that for him the Derby is Rayados.

                “I have respect for every Derby and I think that they would consider Chivas as their Derby rival and for us it’s Rayados. I don’t know if I would call this game a Derby, but over the past few years it has been a very hard-fought, evenly-matched game. We were champions in the last tournament as they were in the one before that.”

                We can pose a threat to them…

                “It’s a very complicated match against a team that plays and lets you play, that attacks and gives you space. We saw this on Tuesday and in the Champion of Champions. However, we have a very dynamic team as well and I think we can pose a threat to them.

                “We’re a team that has grown a lot. Thanks to the championships, the team has grown and earned people’s respect.”

                Is the team satisfied with the form they have shown so far?

                “We know we can give more, but, as Tuca says, the opponent matters as well. This could be seen in the games against Morelia and Necaxa, where we scored three goals in quick succession, but then they change their tactics or their positioning and that has an impact. We’re not happy with what happened against San Luis because we’re aware that they are three points that we needed to win, come what may. But the team’s aware of this and humbly acknowledges it.”


We’re in Another Final: 5-3 on penalties!

HOUSTON, August 20.- Yet again in a shootout resulting from a last-minute goal, in a replay of the Apertura 2016 Final, the UANL Tigres defeated América after drawing 2-2 in regulation time.

                Two own goals, the second in the very last play of the match, gave our side the possibility of looking at another Final in a penalty shootout, which they won 5-3, bringing them closer to another title, this time the Leagues Cup.


                FIRST HALF

                The start of the match was dominated by América, but as the minutes went by, the blue-and-yellow Tigres gradually began to control the ball, putting the pressure on América’s goalkeeper from both sides.

                At minute seven, team captain, Guido Pizarro, had a chance outside the box, but just as he was about to fire off a shot, the defense intervened.

                Then, at 14’, Jürgen Damm posed a threat along the right flank, sending a cross that the keeper failed to save and then Paul Aguilar deflected towards his own goal, trying to prevent Enner Valencia from scoring. It was a clear own goal.

                Now that our team was ahead, they slowed their pace somewhat, while América had to attack to get back into the match.

                As a result out players created several opportunities, such as at 21’, when Damm broke away yet again and crossed inside the box, but this time the defense had no trouble in denying him his goal.

                Then, at 24’, Damm tried again, but his powerful shot missed to the right.

                And, at 31’, Damm looked as though he would create another opportunity, breaking into the area ahead of his mark and coming face to face with the keeper, but he decided to center, missing the chance when América’s keeper intervened.

                Just when it could have been 2-0, three minutes later, América was given the chance to equalize when they were awarded a penalty with the support of VAR. Andrés Ibargüen converted to make it 1-1.

                The goal changed our players’ attitude, since, at minute 38, Damm broke away again and passed to Javier Aquino, whose header was saved by Oscar Jiménez.



               Tigres was in control at the start of the second half, with ball possession and overlap runs, but lacked effectiveness, while the opponent had decided to play by counterattacking.

                At  57’, Vargas had a good look at goal with a midrange shot that was intercepted by the defense and ended up in the keeper’s hands.

                Then, at 60’, Luis Quiñones, who had come on to replace Damm, sent a cross to Valencia, but the Ecuadorian’s shot went over the crossbar.

                Three minutes later, Valencia came close yet again, with a header following a cross by Chaka Rodríguez, straight into the goalkeeper’s hands.

                Afterwards, Luis Quiñones broke into the box as far as the goal line, but the defense intercepted his cross, conceding a corner. 

                At this point, our team was dominating the opponent, giving the sensation that they might score at any moment.

                At 75’, América put the pressure on Patón’s net, with a shot from the left that went past the right post.

                The opponent found a goal in their next counterattack through a mid-range shot by  Ibargüen that Nahuel deflected, but not enough to avoid the 2-1 that looked to put us out of the running.

                Later, América ended up one man down, when Roger Martínez, was sent off with just five minutes remaining on the clock, allowing Tigres to attack the opponent’s goal.

                At 95’, Chaka Rodríguez threw in from the right, putting the ball in the box, where Bruno Valdez tried to head the ball clear, but sent it into his own net.

                The rest were from penalties, with 100% effectiveness from Tigres players Gignac, Valencia, Quiñones, Chaka and Carlos Salcedo, who scored the winning goal after Nahuel saved Leonel López’s shot.

                In this way, Tigres will be playing their second final in three months, this time in the Leagues Cup, in Las Vegas, against Cruz Azul.


                AMÉRICA: 27 Oscar Jiménez; 3 Jorge Sánchez, 5 Guido Rodríguez, 9 Roger Martínez, 11 Andrés Ibargüen, 17 Francisco Cordova (187 Israel García 76’), 18 Bruno Valdez, 22 Paul Aguilar, 23 Antonio López (2 Carlos Vargas 40’), 25 Fernando González and 30 Alex Ibarra (206 Arturo Sánchez 85’).

                MGR.: MIGUEL HERRERA   

TIGRES: 1 Nahuel Guzmán; 3 Carlos Salcedo, 4 Hugo Ayala, 6 Jorge Torres Nilo, 9 Eduardo Vargas (10 André-Pierre Gignac 61’) 13 Enner Valencia, 19 Guido Pizarro, 20 Javier Aquino, 25 Jürgen Damm (23 Luis Quiñones 58’), 28 Luis Rodríguez and Jesús Dueñas (5 Rafael de Souza 46’).

                MGR.: RICARDO FERRETTI



  1. (14’) Own goal by Paul Aguilar.

1-1 (36’) Penalty converted by Andrés Ibargüen.

2-1 (83’) Andrés Ibargüen mid-range shot that Nahuel was unable to deflect. 

2-2 (95’) Own goal by Bruno Valdez with a header in the box when trying to clear.



AMÉRICA: Antonio López (12’)

TIGRES: Eduardo Vargas (24’) and André-Pierre Gignac (89’)


                RED CARDS

                AMÉRICA: Roger Martínez (89’)

                TIGRES: None


Tigres Women’s Goal Fest in the Uni

SAN NICOLÁS DE LOS GARZA | Monday, August 19, 2019.- Tigres Women got back on track to victory and did so with a decisive 4-0 win over Puebla Women. The team led by Roberto Medina performed better than in their three previous matches, with greater order, assertiveness and, above all, accuracy.


The manager’s initial strategy showed a few changes in comparison with the last game, with Selene Cortés absent from the field of play and Paulina Solís taking her place, while Natalia Gómez Junco was back as a starter to accompany Katty Martínez up front.


As soon as the referee had blown the whistle to start the match, Tigres Women pushed forward and, just two minutes in, found their first opportunity in front of Puebla’s goal through a more solid, daring and accurate Nancy Antonio.


However, the eighth minute saw the first of the evening after a precise cross by Paulina Solís from the left to Belén Cruz, who opened the scoring by simply pushing the ball in after a save by the keeper. This was just a presage of what was yet to come.


The felines were in full control of the match, attacking along both flanks, although, on the left, Jacqueline Ovalle was very closely marked at first by the opponent, although, despite the difficulty, she managed to break away at times.


The first half ended for our side with a 1-0 lead, which could have been greater if it hadn’t been for Puebla’s good defensive work and a bit of luck.


The second half started along with a goal fest for the hosts, who regaled the 12,846 fans in the stadium with a victory that had been absent so far in the tournament. 


Finally, at minute 60, after several attempts by the felines, the magical Jacquie Ovalle appeared with a perfectly executed cutback that put the ball into the back of the net, for the second goal of the game.


It was just a matter of time before the goal fest continued and, five minutes later, a foul on Katty Martínez allowed her to convert a perfect penalty, marking Puebla’s collapse with their hosts’ third goal of the evening.


At this point and with Tigres dominating the match, the manager decided to send on Perla Navarrete, who had joined the team this tournament and in her début executed a perfect overlap run on the right followed by a precise pass to Ovalle, who toe poked the ball into the net at 70’, scoring the fourth and final goal. It was a night of celebrations for the felines.


Even though Tigres Women persisted and could have widened the difference, the score remained the same and the fans were able to go home happy with the return of goals to the Universitario.


This brings the felines to 9 points and puts them in sixth place on the General Table and on track to start the upward climb.





4 TIGRES WOMEN (Belén Cruz 8’, Lizbeth Ovalle 60’ and 70’; Katty Martínez -penalty- 65’)



Date (time): Monday, August 19, 2019 (20:00)

Stadium: Universitario

Referee: Héctor Abraham Pineda Flores

Assistant referees: Yudilia Carolina Briones Covarrubias (1) and Fernando Ashram López Cortez (2)

Fourth official: Mario Alberto Loredo Bocardo



TIGRES WOMEN: Vania Villalobos, Karen Luna, Cristina Ferral, Greta Espinoza, Paulina Solís (Vanessa Flores 72’), Nancy Antonio (Nayeli Rangel 77’), Liliana Mercado, Belén Cruz, Lizbeth Ovalle, Natalia Gómez Junco (Perla Navarrete 67’) and Katty Martínez.


Substitutes: Ofelia Solís (P), Fernanda Elizondo, Carolina Jaramillo, Evelyn González, Nayeli Rangel, Vanessa Flores and Perla Navarrete.


MANAGER: Roberto Medina



PUEBLA WOMEN: Brissa Rangel, María Ramírez, Dulce Martínez, Diana Anguiano, María José López, Alexandra Godínez, Andrea Ortega (Keyla Zárate 73’), Mariam Castro (Ximena Cabanillas 36’), Ivonne Najar, Mirelle Arciniega and Emily González (Jaqueline García 68’).


Substitutes: Rocío Torres (P), Keyla Zárate, Ximena Cabanillas, Ibeth López, Danna Aranda, Jaqueline García and Mariela López.


MANAGER: Jorge Isaac Gómez




TIGRES WOMEN (1): Natalia Gómez Junco (40’)

PUEBLA WOMEN (1): Dulce Martínez (37’)




Victory Slips Away in San Luis

SAN LUIS POTOSI, August 17th.- The UANL Tigres let victory slip away at the Alfonso Lastras Stadium in that city, drawing 1-1 with Atlético de San Luis.

An own goal at 77’, provoked by Hugo Ayala with a header inside the box,  put our side in the lead, taking advantage of the opponent being a man down, but a mistake three minutes later denied them a win.   


There were two facets to the first half, with a slow start for our side, who were having trouble settling in on the pitch and controlling the ball, against an evenly matched opponent.

The hosts had their first opportunity at minute eight, but Nicolás Ibáñez’s shot missed Nahuel Guzmán’s net.

At 14’, Francisco Venegas, who was playing for the first time in the tournament after the Pan American Games, pushed forward along the left, but his cross slipped over the penalty area.

At the 20th minute, Nahuel Guzmán cut off a shot following a corner and later, at 23’, Eduardo Vargas sent a corner kick into the goal area, forcing the local keeper to stretch to the limit to make the save.

Our team gradually regained control of the match and, between 30’ y 34’, found several opportunities, though were unable to find the net.

At 30’, Enner Valencia surged ahead into the box, but the keeper sent his cross shot out for a corner.

Afterwards, at 33’, Luis Quiñones came in from the right, sent a cross to André-Pierre Gignac that came close, but the goalkeeper one-handedly deflected the ball’s trajectory.

Gignac controlled the ball and broke away at 38’, marked by just one defender, but fumbled and missed his chance, although the referee had already signaled offside for the French player.


The opponent  started the second half with greater determination and, at minute 46, Nahuel Guzmán made a spectacular save to prevent the fall of his goal.

Afterwards, at 52’, Gignac got a good look at goal, diving to find a header, but the defense intervened, denying the European top scorer his opportunity.

Manager Ricardo Ferretti decided to make two substitutions, replacing Vargas and Venegas with Lucas Zelarayán and Jorge Torres Nilo, seeking to strengthen the left-hand side.

The afternoon seemed to be improving for our side, since, at 75’, assisted by VAR, the referee sent Camilo Mayada off for a foul on Luis Quiñones and, in the next play, Laso tried to clear a header by Hugo Ayala, but ended up putting the ball into his own net.

The road ahead seemed clear with an advantage on the scoreboard, but, three minutes later, Tigres lost a ball in the midfield, which led to a counterattack and the resulting equalizer by Germán Berterama.

Tigres dominated the last few minutes of the game, looking for the second. In fact, Enner Valencia came close with a cross that missed to the left.

ATLÉTICO DE SAN LUIS: 1 Carlos Rodríguez; 4 Matías Catalán, 5 Pedro Álvarez, 6 Noé Maya, 9 Nicolás Ibañez, 15 Jorge Sánchez, 16 Luis Reyes (10 Ricardo Centurión 83’), 18 Camilo Mayada, 22 Ian González (7 Germán Berterame 61’), 25 Joaquín Laso and 28 Dionicio Escalante.


TIGRES: 1 Nahuel Guzmán; 3 Carlos Salcedo, 4 Hugo Ayala, 5 Rafael de Souza, 9 Eduardo Vargas (8 Lucas Zelarayán 63’), 10 André-Pierre Gignac, 13 Enner Valencia, 15 Francisco Venegas (6 Jorge Torres Nilo 63’), 19 Guido Pizarro, 23 Luis Quiñones (25 Jürgen Damm 87’) and 29 Jesús Dueñas.




0-1 (77’) Own goal by Joaquín Laso.

1-1 (80’) Germán Berterame shoots from the center of the box and scores.



ATLÉTICO DE SAN LUIS: Noé Maya (22’), Germán Berterame (81’)



                RED CARDS

                ATLÉTICO DE SAN LUIS: Camilo Mayada (75’)

                TIGRES: None


                Referee: Erick Miranda

                Assistant referee No. 1: Mario López

                Assistant referee No. 2: José de Jesús Baños

                Fourth official: Aldo Cano

Capitalize on our Strengths.- Quiñones

SAN NICOLÁS DE LOS GARZA, August 15th.- If there’s one way of achieving success in the match against San Luis, it’s to capitalize on Tigres’ strengths, stated Luis Quiñones, who has been an outstanding starter this season.

                “The team is fine, happy with the result at home. We know we’ll be facing a great opponent who wants to stay on the First Division, with their stadium, their people. We’ll be focusing on our game throughout the 90 minutes and aim to capitalize on our strengths.”

                Regarding his performance as a starter, the Colombian forward is pleased ad determined to continue in the same way.

                “Pleased about what I’ve shown and been doing, maintaining the same level match after match. I hope to continue to show, by playing well, why I’m in the starting eleven and that I have consolidated my position in the team.”

                About the climate in San Luis…

“You have to get used to playing in all types of climates. They’ll want to show that the heat doesn’t affect them, so the game will be evenly matched for both sides.” 

               Gignac’s record…

“We are delighted that he’s enjoying this fantastic moment and hope for the same for the other forwards. Having this strength fills us all with confidence, which is very important for the rest of the season.”

                Obligation to win…

“We are always aware of our obligation, whoever the opponent is. Our commitment is to do things well. It’s a difficult match. The players who are there want to make a difference and we have to try to offset that.”

                A good moment…

“I think we’re doing well, that’s what we work for. I believe the trust placed in me by my teammates and coaches is very important. We all try to improve in every match for the good of the team, whether we score goals or defend, showing that we are united and anyone can make a difference.”


“We know we’re facing difficult matches, such as against América. Physical preparation is extremely important. The team is well prepared, at the best level of fitness and ready to face this sort of games.”

                “Right now, football is even. All the teams have their strengths and are able to reach the finals. Every league deserves respect and, regardless of team, we have to give our all in every match.”

                The team is ready to give their all…

“The team is in third place on the table and in a strong position. Whether or not we need reinforcements is a matter for the Club. They are putting this forward and we’re more than willing to give our all.”

                Incorporation of Salcedo and Venegas…

“Salcedo has become a great center-back, a cornerstone for the defense, and Paco has just enjoyed a good tournament with the National Team, which is extremely gratifying for us.”


Tigres Come Back for One Point: 3-3!

MORELIA, August 12th.- Tigres Women had to come back to save a lost match, drawing 3-3 with Morelia Monarcas on the fifth matchday of the Women’s Liga MX Apertura 2019.

Even though our side remains unbeaten, this is their third draw in four games, meaning that they are, for now, outside the qualification zone with six points.


The first 45 minutes were filled with contrasts, since our side got off to a good start, with possession and passing pitch-wide, while goalkeeper Vania Villalobos gave a solid performance at the back.

Tigres Women opened the scoring quickly, when, at minute six, Lizbeth Ovalle broke away along the left into the goal area, but her shot was saved by the keeper, rebounding to Katty Martínez who scored.

From then on, the opponent began to grow in confidence and put keeper Villalobos to the test, forcing her to save her net three times, intercepting and holding onto the ball twice.

The team managed by Roberto Medina, true to their style, endeavored to maintain possession with long passes across the entire field of play. Nevertheless, at 18’, Dalia Molina, got off a shot inside the box that Villalobos rejected, but Karla Jiménez refused to give up and equalized in the counterattack.

Later at the 24th minute, Dalia Molina sped ahead of her mark, Cristina Ferral, who was unable to catch up, and fired off a shot at Villalobos to take the lead.

It wasn’t an easy evening for our players, who were trying to gain possession, but were having a hard time in their overlapping.

Just when it seemed things couldn’t get any worse, a defensive error on the left enabled María Cruzaley, who crossed, inside the box, to the near post, where Karla Jiménez pushed the ball in, making it an unimaginable 3-1.

Before the break, Tigres Women came close, with a shot by Liliana Mercado, but Diana García came forward to deny prevent the goal.




In the second half, the blue and yellows set the pace, with our players putting the pressure on the opponent’s net over and over again, particularly as of minute 53, when Natalia Gómez Junco came on to replace Cristina Ferral.

At minute 54, Blanca Solís was in a position to finish, but the Michoacán defense denied her the opportunity and, at the other end, Gómez Junco para was forced to dig deep to prevent Monarcas’ goal.

At 58’, Tigres Women had their best opportunity, when Katty passed to Belén Cruz, who broke away unmarked, and before entering the box, crossed to Lizbeth Ovalle, who cut back only for her shot to be intercepted by the keeper.

Two minutes later, Alejandra Calderón broke into the box, but her cross went just wide of the left post.

Afterwards, at 62’, Katty Martínez had a chance in the goal area to score the second, but missed to the right.

But Tigres persisted and, at minute 66, off a corner on the right,  Greta Espinoza scored with a header to put our players back in the game. The 3-2 score gave our side the chance  to hope for more.

Two minutes later, Vania Villalobos got a good look at goal, even though she appeared to have been defeated.

Belén Cruz came close again at the 75th minute, with a mid-range shot that the goalkeeper easily blocked.

Then, at minute 84, a foul on Ovalle allowed the referee to award a penalty without hesitation, so, at 85’, Katty Martínez converted to equalize 3-3.

In stoppage time, Vania Villalobos made a spectacular save, conceding a corner just when it seemed as though the ball would go in.



MORELIA: 1 Diana García; 3 MaryPaz Barboza, 5 María Cruzaley, 6 Tania Cortez (14 Michel Guerrero 69’), 9 Dalia Molina, 11 Karla Jiménez, 13 María Sandoval, 15 Alejandra Calderón, 18 María Ruiz, 19 Andrea Torres and 27 Sahiry Cruz.


TIGRES: 33 Vania Villalobos; 4 Greta Espinoza, 6 Nancy Antonio, 7 Liliana Mercado (5 Fernanda Elizondo 74’), 10 Katty Martínez, 13 Karen Luna, 14 Lizbeth Ovalle, 15 Cristina Ferral (21 Natalia Gómez Junco 53’), 18 Belén Cruz, 19 Blanca Solís (9 Evelyn González 61’) and 22 Selene Cortés.



0-1 (6’) Katty Martínez header off the rebound from the goalkeeper inside the six-yard box.

1-1 (18’) Karla Jiménez scores off the rebound from the keeper in the box.

2-1 (24’) Dalia Molina breaks away, defeats her mark, Selene Cortez, enters the goal area and scores.

3-1 (41’) María Cruzaley overlaps on the left and crosses to the left where Karla Jiménez pushes the ball in.

3-2 (66’) Greta Espinoza header to the far post following a corner.

3-3 (85’) Katty Martínez converts a penalty to the left post and scores.








REFEREE: Francia González


ASSISTANT REFEREE No. 2: Jesús Lagunes


Frenchman’s Evening and Triumph for Tigres: 3-1!

SAN NICOLÁS DE LOS GARZA,  August 10th.- In an evening made for French player André-Pierre Gignac, who scored a hat-trick, UANL Tigres de la UANL defeated Necaxa Rayos 3-1, reaching nine points and remaining unbeaten at home.

                Gignac, who, before the match, was honored by the club and celebrated by the fans for reaching a record-breaking 105 goals last week, owned the game and in the space of just 22 minutes scored three goals to put the team on track for their third triumph in the Apertura 2019 tournament.


                FIRST HALF

                The match got to a fierce start for our Tigres, since with just four minutes on the clock Luis Quiñones recovered a ball cleared by the defense on the left, crossed to the near post where André-Pierre Gignac headed the ball in.

                Madness reigned in the stands, as though continuing the Frenchman’s pre-match celebration, this time for his 106th goal wearing our team’s shirt.

                Then, at 11’, an attempt by Gignac was off target, missing to the left, a play replicated later on by Enner Valencia, when the Ecuadorian came close.

                But, the evening continued to be Gignac’s, with a goal at 17’, making it 2-0, in an individual play inside the box where he created space to fire off a powerful shot that Hugo González had no chance of stopping to score his 107th goal.

                Five minute later, the French striker drove the stadium into a frenzy yet again, when he received in the box, the ball hit the left post and ended up in the back of the net. The 3-0 lead took the pressure off our side for the evening.

                However, as their confidence grew, our team’s pace lessened, particularly in overlapping runs.

                At minute 26, Guido Pizarro appeared in the box to save Nahuel Guzmán’s goal, when the Rayos were just about to defeat Patón.

                This showed that the opponent was beginning to gain confidence and play better and made their point at minute 42, when Ventura Alvarado brought the score to 3-1 with a header from inside the goal area, putting his side back into the game.



                In the second half, with nothing much to lose, the opponent put the pressure on in their attack and defense. Nevertheless, at 48’, Valencia’s header skimmed over Hugo González’s crossbar.

                Barely a minute later, Luis Quiñones passed to Gignac, but the Frenchman’s header  skewed to the right, putting an end to this opportunity.

                Later, to offset the opponent’s pressure, Tuca made his first substitution, taking off Vargas, who had had a quiet night, and replacing him with Jesús Dueñas, reinforcing the midfield, where Tigres was beginning to lose the ball.

                At 69’, Valencia and Gignac partnered to create a play inside the box, but were unable to finish.

                Forty-nine seconds later, Luis Quiñones was in a position to score from his left-hand side, but a defender only just managed to intervene.

                From then on, the match was played from end to end, with the opponent taking the initiative, since they needed another goal in order to have a chance. Tigres tried to attack with short passes, but was struggling.

                As a result, Jürgen Damm came onto the pitch, at 88’, substituting Quiñones, in order to speed up any long passes.

                In stoppage time, Brian Mercado came in from the left and Nahuel just managed to intercept his cross, so the ghost of the second goal disappeared.


TIGRES: 1 Nahuel Guzmán; 4 Hugo Ayala, 5 Rafael de Souza, 6 Jorge Torres Nilo, 9 Eduardo Vargas (29 Jesús Dueñas 57’), 10 André-Pierre Gignac, 13 Enner Valencia, 19 Guido Pizarro, 23 Luis Quiñones (25 Jürgen Damm 88’), 27 Jair Díaz and 28 Luis Rodríguez.

                MGR.: RICARDO FERRETTI

                NECAXA: 1 Hugo González; 5 Fernando Meza (11 Kevin Mercado 64’), 7 Daniel Álvarez (4 Alexis Peña 30’), 9 Mauro Quiroga (17 Juan Delgado 57’), 10 Maximiliano Salas, 16 Jairo González, 20 Ángulo Jesús, 22 Ricardo Chávez, 23 Claudio Baeza, 31 Ventura Alvarado and 188 José Plascencia.

                MGR.: GUILLERMO VÁZQUEZ



  1. (4’) Luis Quiñones crosses from the left, where André-Pierre Gignac heads the ball in.

2-0 (17’) André-Pierre Gignac creates space on the edge of the box and fires off a powerful shot.

3-0 (22’) André-Pierre Gignac receives in the box, the ball hits the left post and goes into the net.

3-1 (42’) Ventura Alvarado sores with a header in the box.



TIGRES: Luis Quiñones (59’).

             NECAXA: Claudio Baeza (26’), Alexis Peña (76’) and Maximiliano Salas (89’)


                RED CARDS



                Referee: Oscar Mejía

                Assistant referee No. 1: Alberto Morín

                Assistant referee No. 2: Karen Díaz

                Fourth official: Mario Vargas


Superior or not, you have to prove it

SAN NICOLÁS DE LOS GARZA, August 8th.- Whether or not Tigres is superior to Necaxa has to be demonstrated on Saturday, affirmed team captain Guido Pizarro, who commented that at home they have to be the protagonists.

                “Whether or not we’re superior is something we’ll have to prove on Saturday. Necaxa are coming from a well-played match, so their forwards must be feeling confident, but at home we have to be the protagonists.

 “The squad is fine. Work has gone well this week after an important win. We hope to improve on Saturday and get the result we all want.”

                About the opponent…

“They achieved a great result and have been extremely decisive. Since the offensive players will undoubtedly be feeling confident (they defeated Veracruz 7-0), we first need to take control of the match so their forwards won’t have a chance to score. Let’s hope we’ll see some good football and that we’ll win, which is what’s important.”

                Good state of mind…

“We achieved a positive result last weekend, on a difficult pitch, which has favored our state of mind, but we know that every fixture is different, on our pitch, with our people.”

                A great squad…

“We have a great squad which is something we’ve been showing for some time now. We have to give weight to the first fixtures because afterwards, at the end, the points earned at the beginning make a difference. We need three points in every match, so let’s carry on in the same way with the team on the same wavelength. We’re on the right track.”

                There is room for improvement…

“There’s room for improvement in several aspects; let’s hope we can improve as the season advances.”

                Opinion on what an Argentinian journalist said…

                “The guys showed it to me today, but it’s true that national journalism in Argentina places a lot more value on what happens there than here. Boca is the most important in America and Tigres isn’t far behind, I think.

“It’s also because they want Gignac and haven’t really been able to persuade him or reach an agreement, but it’s also to some extent to do with journalists placing more value on what happens there.”


Playing Due to Sports Merits.- Jair

SAN NICOLÁS DE LOS GARZA, August 7th.- Playing and fighting for a position as a result of sports merit, rather than a rule, is what motivates defender Jair Díaz, who commented that they expect the best version of Necaxa this Saturday.

Jair has participated in three matches in the Apertura 2019, and his presence contributes minutes to the team’s compliance with the Youth Rule.

“I work hard to earn a place, not to play because of a rule. I’ve felt fine, I keep doing my best to earn the position,” said the defender in today’s press conference at the Universitario Stadium.

Their next opponent, Necaxa Rayos, is highly motivated after having just defeated Veracruz 7-0, so Tigres is expecting to see the best of Necaxa.

               “We’ll do our best, but we’re expecting the best version of Necaxa. We’ll be playing on our terms at home, though without underestimating anybody, because the opponent counts too,” he said.

He’s felt comfortable…

                “The team has been working well, I’ve felt comfortable and I really think it’s going to be a good game against Necaxa.”

                How to play against Necaxa…

“How we should play is the key factor. They’ll be very confident because they’ve just won by such a wide margin, but we’ll be focused on what we’re doing on the pitch.”

                Dynamic team…

                “Necaxa is a dynamic team that likes to attack and we need to know how to handle the game so what happened in the last match isn’t repeated, when they really harried us. We need to handle the game better.”

                Play defensively…

“We discussed it, but not much came of it in the last match. We’ve agreed on it and already trained in that area.”

                Maintaining playing styles…

                “We were the visiting side (in the last match) and tried to follow our style, but the opponent counts too. We should have realized beforehand what we needed to do and take more risks.”

                Everyone’s responsibility…

“What happened against Pumas is everyone’s responsibility, not just a single player’s. We should have communicated better, that’s all, I don’t think it’s anything more than that.”

                Playing in Mexico City…

“To start with the Universitario Stadium pitch is difficult. It’s tough playing there. We did what we could despite the pitch and weather conditions. It’s different here and we’ll be playing on our terms.”

Below Standard

SAN NICOLÁS DE LOS GARZA, August 6th.- Luis Rodríguez, who participated in making history with an assist for André-Pierre Gignac’s 105th goal, was self-critical and acknowledged that he’s below his best level.

                Is the team far from being on top form? This was the question Chaka was asked in the press conference held at La Cueva, in Zuazua.          

“I believe so,” he answered emphatically.

“There is still plenty of room for improvement, there are a lot of things we’re not doing, but the good thing is we’re professionals and know what this is costing us. However, there’s still time to get back on track,” he added.

The defender, Copa Oro champion with the Mexican National Team, mentioned that one of the reasons why they are below standard is that the tournament is only just getting started.

“It’s more to do with time. Most of the teams find it difficult at first, I think that’s what it is,” he explained.

                Nevertheless, the team is fine…

                “(The team is) fine. We had physical training today and since we know we’re facing a difficult game, we’re working hard. We know they’re hoping to achieve a good result, so we need to be on our toes.”

                About Gignac’s 105th goal…

“At that moment, we all felt good about the win and were very happy for him (Gignac). It’s easier said than done, it’s an amazing feat, so we’re very happy for him. 

                “Right now, we’re enjoying the moment. There are fine players in the squad and he’s one of the best, so we’re celebrating his achievement.”

                What did Gignac say to you about your assist?

“He thanked me, but it’s part of the job, someone has to assist and someone has to score.”

                About the game against Necaxa, who have just defeated Veracruz 7-0…

                “We’ll need to keep on our toes in this match. They’re very explosive players, very dynamic, so we’ll have to watch that.”

                In what way can Tigres improve?

“Just improve in the details that we’re struggling with so we can attack up front. They’re only small details.” 

The idea is to improve more and more…

                “Carry on winning points and carry on improving. We’ll do better in each match, correcting the things we’re lacking, improving in this way so the team will perform better.”

                Regarding a future called Tricolor (Mexican National Team)…

                “Every time there’s a call-up, I think I have to be here and stand out here, do things well with the team, otherwise I won’t be taken into consideration. First you have to win a place and then being there is another matter,”

                Any player’s goal…

“Yes, it’s the goal (to be called up). For any football player it’s the highest honor in this profession. It’s our goal. I can’t take my place for granted, that’s up to the manager. He’ll choose whoever is at their best moment and we all need to prepare for that.”

Tigres Women Make Do With a Draw: 0-0!

SAN NICOLÁS DE LOS GARZA, August 5.- Tigres Women continually had the initiative and options, but were unable to break through the UNAM Pumas defensive block and ended the fourth matchday of the Women’s Liga MX Apertura 2019 in a goalless draw.

                With this result, our team reaches five points, to remain inside the Playoff qualification zone, though in eighth place.

                Miah Zuazua made her début today, as a substitute, almost at the end of the game, and came very close to glory when she nearly scored in injury time, but her shot was blocked by the defense.


                FIRST HALF

                Although four of our top scorers were absent from the game, Tigres Women were in control of the initiative for the first 45 minutes, enjoying possession and short passes.

                The opponent did everything possible to ward off any attempts by manager Roberto Medina’s players, such as at minute two, when Carolina Jaramillo broke away and crossed towards Fernanda Elizondo, but the defense intervened.

                The same play was repeated at the eighth minute, but this time by Selene Cortez, who broke away along her left, crossed, but keeper Melany Villeda froze this opportunity.

                Then, at 18’, Carolina Jaramillo took a direct free kick, looking for the upper left corner, but the ball went wide of the post.

                Pumas, who were having difficulty controlling the ball, tried to react at 24’, when a defensive error gave Daniela García a chance, but her shot was blocked by Ofelia Solís with a fine save.

                Tigres continued with their attacking strategy and, at 33’, achieved their best goal opportunity, when Jaramillo crossed inside the box to Belén Cruz, who sent a short pass to Natalia Gómez Junco, and the attempt left the keeper without a chance, but Gabriela Álvarez denied Tigres their goal on the line.

                Pumas reacted at 35’, with a header from inside the box by Daniela García that missed to the right.



In the second half, Tigres came out determined to increase the pressure, which was reflected at minute 48, when a long-range shot only just went over the visitors’ crossbar.

Afterwards, at 50’, Gómez Junco sent a long pass into the box looking for Karen Luna, but the goalkeeper grabbed the ball. Tigres Women were beginning to put the pressure on their opponent’s goal. 

Gómez Junco generated yet another opportunity, 54’, seeking to take the keeper by surprise with a long-range shot, but the ball went over the bar.

Tigres began with their substitutions, since at 67’ Evelyn González replaced Carolina Jaramillo, and barely a minute later got a good look at goal with a header that the keeper pushed away on the line into the post.

A few minutes later, at 74, Belén Cruz broke into the box in an individual play, but the keeper blocked the shot with her chest. The opponent was saved from conceding the first goal of the match.

Belén Cruz yet again broke into the box from the left, cut back diagonally, but the defense blocked the opportunity at the 84th minute.

In stoppage time, Belén Cruz broke away down the left flank, defeated her mark, but was knocked down outside the box just when it looked as though she would generate an opportunity.

Barely seconds later, Miah Zuazua, making her début, as a substitute, came close to scoring in the box, but took too long and the defense intercepted her shot.



TIGRES: 20 Ofelia Solís; 4 Greta Espinoza, 5 María Fernanda Elizondo (30 Miah Zuazua 83’), 8 Carolina Jaramillo (9 Evelyn González 67’), 13 Karen Luna, 15 Cristina Ferral, 16 Sonia Vázquez, 18 Belén Cruz, 21 Natalia Gómez Junco (19 Blanca Solís 63’), 22 Selene Cortés and 26 Vanessa Flores.

                MGR.: ROBERTO MEDINA

UNAM: 12 Melany Villeda, 2 Dirce Delgado, 4 Deneva Cagigas, 10 Daniela García, 13 Paola Chavero, 14 Bibiana Quintos, 17 Diana Gómez, 18 Liliana Rodríguez (7 Hilary García 54’), 19 Edna Santamaría, 20 Jaqueline García and 29 Gabriela Álvarez (26 Alexandra Martínez 69’).

                MGR.: ILEANA DÁVILA






TIGRES: Belén Cruz (65’)

UNAM: Daniela García (39’), Bibiana Quintos (91’)


                RED CARDS



                REFEREE: Diana Pérez

                ASSISTANT REFEREE No. 1: Betsua Cortez

                ASSISTANT REFEREE No. 2: Alma Martínez

                FOURTH OFFICIAL: Julián Duarte


Goal Number 105 for Gignac and Victory

MEXICO CITY, August 4th.- The happiness was multiple, the changing room was filled with the same level of joy as when they won the title on that very pitch four years ago: André-Pierre Gignac reached historic status by scoring his 105th goal and leading Tigres to a 1-0 victory over Pumas.

             It wasn’t the best of afternoons for the French striker, but at minute 89, he leapt inside the box, seeking a cross from Luis Rodríguez on the right, to score with a header.

Gignac surpassed another historic figure, Tomás Boy, to reach 105 goals with Tigres de México, as we are called in Marseilles.


                FIRST TIME

                The first 45 minutes didn’t go particularly well for our team, who were having a hard time settling in on the Olímpico Universitario pitch, where, as a matter of fact, Tigres have won two of their seven titles.

                Nevertheless, at the fifth minute, Enner Valencia managed to break away along the right, but the defense intervened, withstanding the attack.

                The opponent gradually began to put the pressure on Nahuel Guzmán, who, at 15’, endangered his goal when he mistakenly came off his line, but was ultimately supported by his defense to dissipate the risk generated.

                Afterwards, at 18’, Carlos González hit the woodwork, bringing the fans to their feet and then, at 22’, González came close yet again with a header that missed to the left.

                Eduardo Vargas made Tigres react with a mid-distance shot over the bar.

                At that point, the opponent began to slow their pace, allowing our side to get better organized and even attack, resulting in Luis Rodríguez, at 42’, sending a through ball to Luis Quiñones, but the Colombian arrived too late and was intercepted.



In the second half, Tigres’ performance began to improve, with control and overlaps, to the extent that, at 47’, a header by Chilean player Vargas inside the box hit the left post.

Later, Luis Quiñones cut back inside the box, but lost the ball and the opportunity.

At minute 50, Valencia crossed into the box, looking for Gignac, but the goalkeeper intercepted the ball.

Even though the opponent seemed to be running out of steam, they managed to come close at minute 65, when Cabrera’s shot went over Nahuel Guzmán’s crossbar.

Minutes later, things began to look up for Tigres, when Jaison Angulo received a second yellow card, leaving his team one man down and enabling our side to capitalize on the situation to increase their possession. 

                Ricardo Ferretti, on seeing the numerical advantage, took Jair Díaz off and replaced him with Jürgen Damm, placing Guido Pizarro in the center and Torres Nilo on the side, strengthening the flanks.

                Nevertheless, Nahuel was forced into action at minute 78, blocking a powerful, dangerous-looking shot from inside the goal area.

                Enner Valencia tried to respond with a header in the box looking for the right post, but the ball went wide just outside the net.

                Tigres’ control of the match was reflected in the score at the 89th minute, when Luis Rodríguez received from the right, crossing into the box, where Gignac headed the ball into the corner of the net for the winning goal (1-0).



                UNAM: 1 Alfredo Saldívar; 4 Luis Quintana, 7 David Cabrera (6 Kevin Escamilla 76’), 8 Pablo Barrera (11 Juan Iturbe 67’), 10 Andrés Iniestra, 12 Víctor Malcorra, 18 Nicolás Freire, 20 Idekel Domínguez, 22 Juan Vigón, 23 Jaison Angulo and 32 Carlos González.

                MGR.: JOSÉ GONZÁLEZ

TIGRES: 1 Nahuel Guzmán; 4 Hugo Ayala, 5 Rafael de Souza, 6 Jorge Torres Nilo, 9 Eduardo Vargas (8 Lucas Zelarayán 85’), 10 André-Pierre Gignac, 13 Enner Valencia, 19 Guido Pizarro, 23 Luis Quiñones, 27 Jair Díaz (25 Jürgen Damm 74’) and 28 Luis Rodríguez.

                MGR.: RICARDO FERRETTI



1-0   (89’) Luis Rodríguez crosses from the right and André-Pierre Gignac heads the ball in.



UNAM: Nicolás Freire (31’), Jeison Angulo (45’) and Juan Vigón (90’)

TIGRES:  Eduardo Vargas (38’), Guido Pizarro (55’) and Jair Díaz (66’)


                RED CARDS

                UNAM: Jeison Angulo (71’)

                TIGRES: None


Sufficient Squad Members to Recover.- Zelarayán

SAN NICOLÁS DE LOS GARZA, July 30th.- Even though injuries have been Tigres’ main rival at the start of the Apertura 2019 tournament, Lucas Zelarayán made it quite clear that there are sufficient squad members to respond to and recover from the number of unavailable players.

The Argentine midfielder recalled that there were injured players last season as well. In fact, even though he and André-Pierre Gignac missed several matches, the team lifted the trophy at the end of the competition.

“We have an extraordinary and large squad. Right now we’re going through a bad patch regarding injuries. Last season, I was injured along with several teammates, including André, but even so we lifted the trophy in the end.

“I don’t think it’s anything to worry about. It’s unpleasant and doesn’t look good when several players are unavailable, but we have sufficient squad members to fight and do our best. I’m trying to recover and hopefully the others will be ready quickly to be at the disposal of our manager,” claimed the famous Chino.

During the pre-season phase, Francisco Meza and Julián Quiñones both had surgery, with a prognosis of eight months until they can play again. After the first matchday, Lucas Zelarayán and Jesús Dueñas, as well as Eduardo Tercero and Javier Aquino were all injured.

For the game against Pumas, the attacking midfielder hopes to be at the manager’s disposal, and for now he is joining in the group physical exercises, but not football practice. 

“(I’m doing) well. Luckily, I was able to work with Memo (the coach) today, with some lighter exercises. My muscles responded well and tomorrow I’ll increase the intensity, looking to being 100% by the weekend.”

A shame about his injury…

“It is a shame, I’d been feeling so well physically, fine in the pre-season. It was bad luck, knocks and sprains happen all the time, they’re part of football, but it wasn’t very serious, so I’m hoping to be ready for Sunday.”

Hopes to play against Pumas…

“It’s a shame, a bad patch with several injured players. It’s always good to have availability and for all the team members to be fit. I’m just getting over this injury and hope to play against Pumas, which will be a difficult game and I’d like to be there.” 

Support for Salcedo after being sent off…

“It was an unfortunate play that ended in Carlos (Salcedo) being sent off. It’s a shame, especially added on to the series of injured players, starting with Meza. The ones of us who are left will give our all as always and let’s hope the other players will have recovered to support the team and be ready for the manager. We all support Carlos and each other.”

Has the Salcedo issue, about which there has been some criticism, affected the team?

“It hasn’t had an effect on the group; we’re aware that these plays happen. Players are sometimes sent off in football and Carlos is our teammate. We’re happy with him and support him as we would with anyone else. We try not to let these things affect this championship-winning group.”

A difficult pitch at Pumas…

“It can be difficult, with the time and altitude. It’s tough for us, but we’ve been training for it and had a great pre-season, so we’ll try not to let it affect us. We’ll be going there with the objective of winning.

“Maintaining possession is always best, so the ball moves around instead of us, so we don’t feel the altitude and midday heat so much. Let’s hope we’ll be fine, have the ball and control the game, which is the basis for a good result.”

Rumor that Argentina wants Gignac …

“Well, you will have to ask André about that. I’ve never had anything to do with Boca (Juniors), so I can’t say how it affects us. We all know that André is very important. He’s an icon and we’d like to have him as a teammate forever. Whatever is going to happen will be a matter between the clubs and the directors.

“He’s here and it’s something only he can decide. For everyone around him, the fans, the players, he’s very important, but I really can’t say what will happen tomorrow.”

Tigres Women Tie in Torreón

TORREÓN | Monday, July 29, 2019.- Tigres Women came close to victory in the Comarca Lagunera, but destiny had other plans for the players managed by Roberto Medina, with a 31-minute uphill struggle playing shorthanded.

In a lapse of just two minutes, Nayeli Rangel was shown two yellow cards, resulting in referee Karen Hernández taking out the red at minute 59, just when Tigres was ahead on the scoreboard.

Despite Naye’s absence in the midfield, Tigres Women displayed their determination, but the local side gradually gained confidence to snatch away the two points the felines almost had in the bag.

The felines went ahead very early on in the match when, in the 17th second, Natalia Gómez Junco made her début in the Women’s Liga MX and as a goal scorer, with a shot from outside the box into the back of the net.

It looked as though it would be an easy ride towards their second win of the tournament, which has just completed its third matchday, but Cinthya Peraza, from Santos Laguna, had other plans.

The Comarca Lagunera player headed home a corner kick to equalize just four minutes before the end of the first half and when the visitors were dominating the match at will, but had missed goal opportunities.

Nevertheless, Fernanda Elizondo wasn’t willing to leave things as they were and, at minute 45, just before the referee’s end-of-first-half whistle, she lobbed the ball over the local keeper to make it 1-2 in favor of Medina’s players.

It looked as though the second half would be fairly straightforward, with the felines continuing to dominate on the field of play, but little by little Santos adjusted in the defensive zone and  sought to put the pressure on in the midfield. At that moment, first Elizondo received a yellow card and, minutes later, Nayeli, who was sent off with another 31 minutes still on the clock.

Three minutes later, Santos Laguna scored the equalizer, again through Peraza, who was a nightmare for our side, smashing another two balls into the crossbar, within the few opportunities the feline keeper, Ofelia Solís, was given to display her skills.

Tigres generated more opportunities, thanks to Carolina Jaramillo, Fer Elizondo and Belén Cruz, but the ball refused to go in.

Our side remains in eighth place on the General Table, with four points, and will be hosting UNAM Pumas next Monday. This will be the first time these two teams have competed against each other in the Women’s Liga MX.






Santos Women 2-2 Tigres Women

(Cinthya Peraza 40’ and 62’) and (Natalia Gómez Junco 17 seconds and Fernanda Elizondo 44’)

Date (time): Monday, July 29, 2019 (21:00)

Stadium: TSM

Referee: Karen Hernández Andrade

Assistant Referees: Miguel Ángel Durón Martínez (1) and Joel De la Cruz Gaytán (2)

Fourth Official: Noé Guadalupe López Gómez


SANTOS WOMEN: Wendy Toledo, Karla Martínez, Arlett Tovar, Brenda López, Katia Estrada, Alexxandra Ramírez, Daniela Delgado, Olga Trasviña (Leticia Vázquez 70’), Cinthya Peraza, Ashly Martínez (Marianne Martínez 83’) and Michelle Vargas (Isela Ojeda 46’).


Substitutes: Diana Sánchez (G), Estela Gómez, Nancy Quiñones, Isela Ojeda, Marianne Martínez, Mayela Reyes and Leticia Vázquez.


MANAGER: Jorge Macías


TIGRES WOMEN: Ofelia Solís, Karen Luna, Greta Espinoza, Cristina Ferral, Selene Cortés, Fernanda Elizondo (Blanca Solís 65’), Natalia Villarreal (Sonia Vázquez 65’), Nayeli Rangel, Belén Cruz, Carolina Jaramillo (Evelyn González 83’) and Natalia Gómez Junco.  


Substitutes: Vania Villalobos (G), Evelyn González, Sonia Vázquez, Blanca Solís, Paulina Solís, Perla Navarrete and Natalia Miramontes.


MANAGER: Roberto Medina




SANTOS WOMEN (2): Daniela Delgado (68’) and Brenda López (72’)

TIGRES WOMEN (2): Fernanda Elizondo (50’) and Nayeli Rangel (57’)




A Loss and a Red Card in Guadalajara

GUADALAJARA, July 28th.- UANL Tigres was forced to play shorthanded as of the 23rd minute and suffered their first loss in the Apertura 2019 Tournament, falling 2-0 to Guadalajara. 

                André-Pierre Gignac came close to scoring several times, but his record-breaking 105 goals will have to wait another week. 


                FIRST HALF

                It wasn’t the best of evenings for our side, since at minute nine, they were already down by a goal when Antonio Briseño scored, and afterwards at 21’, Carlos Salcedo was given a straight red card, leaving Tigres with just ten players.

                From then on, Ricardo Ferretti’s men tried to get reorganized, as Tuca had to replace Eduardo Vargas with Jorge Torres Nilo to strengthen the area at the back where Salcedo had been. 

                Once they were organized in the back, Tigres began to put pressure on the opponent’s net, reflected, at minute 28, when André-Pierre Gignac broke away unmarked, penetrated the box, got off a shot that the goalkeeper deflected and, in the counterattack, the ball hit the post, although the referee had already signaled offside for the French player.

                At 32’, Nahuel Guzmán spectacularly intercepted a powerful attempt and then, in stoppage time, Gignac’s shot off a half-turn went wide of the right post.



In the second half, Tigres were better positioned, with Nahuel playing at times as a third center-back, though he managed to get into place to block a shot at minute 48.

At 50’, Luis Rodríguez powered into the box but lost the ball which found Luis Quiñones, only for his shot to be saved by the keeper.

From then on, Tigres dominated the game, and, at minute 58, goalkeeper José Antonio Rodríguez intercepted a goal by Gignac, whose header was sent out for a corner by the Chivas keeper with a one-handed save.

Soon after, at 71’, Gignac took a direct free kick that looked as though it would surely go in, but the keeper yet again made a good save to deny Tigres the equalizer and the French player his 105th goal.

Tigres began to take control of the match, recovering rapidly against a team that focused on defending and sought to counterattack.

In this way, the opponent found the second goal when they were awarded a penalty, which Alan Pulido converted with 95 minutes on the clock.



                GUADALAJARA: 4 José A. Rodríguez; 2 Josecarlos Van Ranking, 3 Oswaldo Alanís, 9 Alan Pulido, 10 Javier López (31 Alan Cervantes 82’), 11 Isaac Brizuela, 14 Antonio Briseño, 16 Miguel Ponce, 20 Jesús Molina (Dieter Villalpando 74’), 24 Oribe Peralta (7 Alexis Vega 78’) and 25 Michael Pérez.

                MGR.: TOMÁS BOY

TIGRES: 1 Nahuel Guzmán; 3 Carlos Salcedo, 4 Hugo Ayala, 5 Rafael de Souza, 9 Eduardo Vargas (Jorge Torres Nilo 28’), 10 André-Pierre Gignac, 19 Guido Pizarro, 23 Luis Quiñones, 25 Jürgen Damm (13 Enner Valencia 66’), 27 Jair Díaz and 28 Luis Rodríguez.

                MGR.: RICARDO FERRETTI



  1. (9’) Antonio Briseño header to the center of the goal following a corner.
  2. (95’) Penalty converted by Alan Pulido.



GUADALAJARA: Jesús Molina (45’), Michel Pérez (82’)

TIGRES:  Eduardo Vargas (24’), Luis Quiñones (24’), André-Pierre Gignac (64’)


                RED CARDS

                GUADALAJARA: Tomás Boy MGR. (64’)

                TIGRES: Carlos Salcedo (23’)


                Referee: Oscar Macías Romo

                Assistant referee No. 1: Christian Espinoza

                Assistant referee No. 2: César Cerritos

                Fourth official: Guillermo Pacheco


It’s a Strong Squad.- Dueñas

SAN NICOLÁS DE LOS GARZA, July 26th.- Even though injuries have attacked the UANL Tigres squad at the start of the Apertura 2019 season, Jesús Dueñas considers that the team is strong and has enough variants to offset any absences. 

                “It’s a shame (about the injuries). Players are hoping for an opportunity and it does affect the whole squad, though it’s normal. We’re a strong team, both physically and mentally, and we know there are players waiting for an opportunity who will do a fine job,”  commented the midfielder.

                Owing to an injured left calf, Dueñas won’t be travelling to Guadalajara, but is waiting for the results of a test to define what type of injury it is.

                “I’m on my way to the test now, at 2 p.m., so let’s hope it’s not serious,” Dueñas managed to say at the press conference.

                Confident it’s not serious…                             

                “I’m lucky to have just had two or three torn muscles, an ankle injury, a sprain a week ago, which I was told would take ten days to heal, but I was able to play against América. Let’s hope it’s just an inflammation,” he said. 

More injured players…

“Six key players. It’s part of football and the result of a high level of competition. No one wants to be injured. It’s a shame, but it’s part of football.”

Even though you won’t be playing, what do you expect of Chivas?

“It’s a dynamic team, hungry for a rematch since they didn’t qualify in the last tournament, we’ve seen it, they’ll give everything they’ve got,” Dueñas said.

Possibility of Gignac scoring his 105th goal…

“Let’s hope he can score two or three goals that will give us a victory and the three points. We give our all in every single match.”

How does your teammate André-Pierre Gignac seem regarding the possibility of breaking the record?

“He seems fine, calm, committed, not to scoring his goal, but to placing his talents at the service of the team,” he explained.

                There’d been talk of your leaving…

“I’m sad about the injury, but motivated after so much time. Remaining in this team isn’t easy. I’ve competed with them for ten years, winning titles, so I’m focused on Tigres.”

                Regarding being called up to the National Team…

                “While there’s life and the opportunity to win a spot here, there could be an opportunity there. Right now, my priority is to recover from this injury.”


Tigres Make it to the Leagues Cup Semifinal

SALT LAKE CITY, July 24th.- UANL Tigres advanced to the Leagues Cup Semifinal tonight with a 1-0 win over Real Salt Lake.

       Eduardo Vargas scored the only goal of the match at the 57th minute, assisted somewhat by a defender who deflected the ball’s trajectory towards his own keeper.

        FIRST HALF

        It wasn’t an easy game for our players, since the opponent, seeking to capitalize on its home advantage, enjoyed rapid overlapping on both flanks.

          In fact, with just four minutes on the clock, Nahuel Guzmán was forced to intercept a goal opportunity, blocking the U.S. striker’s shot.

          Enner Valencia got a look at goal at minute eight, when Jorge Torres Nilo crossed to the center of the box, but the Ecuadorian was stopped by the defense. 

           At 13’, Valencia leapt inside the box to meet a pass from Luis Rodríguez on the right, but his header went high.

           Tigres was beginning to wake up, but, at 17’, they had to make their first substitution to replace an injured Jesús Dueñas with Rafael de Souza.

            This changed the strategy slightly, though not the team’s insistence on looking for a goal.

             At minute 24, the Incomparable Fans watched as Nahuel caught the ball outside his goal area, a possible foul that could have earned him a red card. However, VAR pronounced offside for the hosts.

             Our team came very close at 26’, when, in an individual play, Javier Aquino outsmarted the defense to break into the box, but the goalkeeper saved the shot on the line.


            SECOND HALF

            The home side started the second half with even more determination to attack Nahuel’s goal and even put the ball into the net at 50’, but the referee signaled offside for Kreilach, annulling the play.

           After that, Ricardo Ferretti’s men sought possession and played across the whole of the pitch. 

           However, RSL persisted and, at minute 55, smashed the ball into the left post, to the relief of the Tigre nation .

           Our goal came just two minutes later, when the Chilean Turboman took control of the ball in the final third of the field and fired off a shot that deflected off a defender to leave the U.S. keeper without a chance.

           Now that our team was ahead, they began to pass more, facing a side that was persistent though ineffective in Nahuel’s box.

            At 72’, Tuca decided to make the second substitution, replacing Jurguen Damm with Luis Quiñones, whose adeptness livened up the right flank.

          Two minutes afterwards, Valencia had a chance when he broke into the box with a through ball, but the Ecuadorian was unable to finish.

           In the third substitution, Valencia was replaced by André-Pierre Gignac, who, by his 12th minute on the pitch had managed to create, though not finish, a couple of opportunities.

          Towards the end, at 83’, Brooks Lennon was sent off, denying his team the chance to equalize.

          The win means that Tigres will be facing AMÉRICA in the Semifinal on August 20th, in Houston, Texas.

The First Osvaldo Batocletti International Academies Tournament Underway

SAN NICOLÁS DE LOS GARZA | Wednesday, July 24, 2019.- The First Osvaldo Batocletti International Academies Tournament is underway, with the participation of 49 schools and 2,600 boys and girls.


The teams started their participation this Wednesday on the fields of the UANL General Sports Office, at the Sports Center in Escobedo and in Zuazua, competing in ten different categories.


As of this occasion, the tournament adopted the name of the Tigres legend, Osvaldo Batocletti, as a tribute to the achievements of this great player, identified as the creator of the authentic Tigres profile, a captain and a man of true dedication.


The tournament will take place from this Wednesday through Sunday 28th, which is when the finals of all the categories will be played, and where boys and girls participate to display the values of Tigres based on healthy competition, collaboration and a passion for this sport.


The participating academies are divided into 22 on the national level (Veracruz, Xochimilco, Ciudad de México, Mante, México Norte, Tezontepec, San José del Cabo, Tampico, Monclova, Tultepec, Surval, Aguascalientes, Tigres T.T., Coahuila Cemex, San Jerónimo, Reynosa, Hermosillo, Piedras Negras, Durango, Salina Cruz, Mérida and Río Bravo); three from the United States (California; Garland, Texas and Houston, Texas); and 24 from Monterrey and its metropolitan area (Universidad, Tigres del Sur, Escobedo, García, Cedereg, San Nicolás, Santa María, Premier, San Rafael, Polideportivo, Girasoles, La Fe, Zuazua, Apodaca Centro, Linares, Azul y Oro, Inde, Cadereyta, San Bernabé, Poniente, Huasteca, Apodaca Norte, Clínica 6 and San Pedro).

Tuca Calm Before the Binational Tournament

SAN NICOLÁS DE LOS GARZA, July 22nd.- Manager Ricardo Ferretti commented that he’s calm, owing to the first half played against Morelia last Saturday, and that he will be using the whole squad for the start of the Leagues Cup.

               “I’m calm, after that first half. Morelia’s reaction was the result of an error on our part. Just 30 seconds went by and we made a mistake, which encouraged the opponents. Morelia improved and the team spread out too much, which is why our performance wasn’t the same as in the first half. Luis’ (Quiñones) injury affected us because he was playing such a good game,” he said.

                With the whole squad…

“I’ll be travelling for Wednesday’s match with the whole squad and hope to have defined the starting 11 before the game. I’ll be taking 20 players and am confident they will play in the way they know and train, which will produce a good result.”

                Triumph affects players’ mood…

“Well, of course every triumph will put you in the right mood for the next fixture and since we have matches on Wednesday and Sunday, we need to keep calm. That’s the schedule, Chivas, then Pumas.

“For me, they are situations that are programmed and we have to face them as well as we can. I’m not worried. We just hope there aren’t any injured players, but their recovery is fine and I don’t think it’s a problem that they’re playing Saturday, Wednesday and Sunday.”

                Leagues Cup…

                “All the matches for this Cup will be in the U.S.A. We know perfectly well why and the only situation that’s different is that we are starting our tournament. It’s the same for them when we start the Concacaf, they are starting their tournament and now it’s the other way round.

“They have already played lots of games in their tournament and we’re just getting started. Everything else is the same, because their league is doing well, gaining importance. Their teams have made a great deal of progress and it will be a difficult game, but we’re confident we’ll achieve a good result and continue in the Cup.”

                Experience is valuable…

                “Is it wrong to have experienced players? Both Monterrey and Tigres have experienced players who we trust because they have given us so much, since the ones who are now 30 or 32 years old, have given the institution these five titles, among others.”

                We take every tournament seriously…

                “We take every tournament in which we compete seriously, looking to win them all. Now there are international tournaments; we always wanted to participate in the Libertadores when we could. When Mexico had the opportunity to be in the  Libertadores and Copa América, it made significant progress.” 

                Were you surprised by the four goals on Saturday?

                “I don’t know why you’re surprised. A friend of mine and yours sent me the statistics for the last six tournaments, regarding the teams’ offense, which is great. In six tournaments, we’ve been the most defensive team.

“So, why shouldn’t we score four goals, Chaka’s was amazing, Aquino’s from an individual play, and another two with a more collective play… no one likes two goals against, but you’re also facing a capable team. We always hope to score as many goals as possible and concede as few as possible. That’s what any coach wants and sometimes we have to make do with 1-0, but you don’t seem to like it.”

Season Starts with a Stunner: 4-2!

SAN NICOLÁS DE LOS GARZA, July 20th.- With a practically perfect first half, UANL Tigres started the Liga MX Apertura 2019 tournament with a 4-2 win over Morelia Monarcas.

                Nahuel Guzmán reached 100 consecutive Liga/Playoff matches with Tigres, while André-Pierre Gignac kept his goal tally at 104, leaving the chance to break the record for another match, perhaps in Salt Lake City.

                Javier Aquino, with two, Rafael de Souza and Luis Rodríguez scored the goals, in an evening in which Luis Quiñones gave an extraordinary performance before an injury forced him off the pitch.


                FIRST HALF

                The match got off to a somewhat slow start, but our team gradually began to take control with rapid overlapping on the right, particularly by Luis Quiñones who surged forwards as often as he liked.

                Nevertheless, at minute 14, Rafael de Souza generated the first chance with a shot that missed to the right.

                Two minutes afterwards, André-Pierre Gignac came very close to breaking Tomás Boy’s record, but the French player, in front of an empty net, sent the ball high and the opportunity was lost.

                However, Tigres started to put the pressure on up front and, at minute 19, Luis Rodríguez, in a sensational play, eluded two opponents to fire off a left-footed shot into the upper left corner of the net. This superb goal made it 1-0.

                Soon after, at the 28th minute, Luis Quiñones’ control of the right-hand side began to be reflected in the score, when he powered into the box and crossed to Rafael de Souza, who put the ball into the bottom of the net past the left post. Tigres were ahead 2-0.

                The incomparable fans were ecstatic in the stands, while, on the pitch, our team continued to dominate in possession, scoring the third at 34’ when Quiñones yet again broke away down the right and crossed to the near post, where Javier Aquino headed the ball in.

                The stadium-wide frenzy grew even more when, in stoppage time, the referee reviewed a play that appeared to give Tigres a penalty kick, but the decision went against them.



In the second half, Morelia was determined not to concede any more goals and to attack, which was reflected at 46’, when Luis Mendoza, who had only just come on as a substitute, scored to make it 3-1.

Three minutes later, Lucas Zelarayán had a shot with an individual play, but was obstructed  by a foul just outside the box. Then, at 50’, an attempt by the opponent missed to the right of the net defended by Nahuel.

At 57’, Chaka Rodríguez passed to Gignac, whose shot went into the goalkeeper’s hands. Just four minutes afterwards, Nahuel heroically saved an attempt by Sansores, defeating him one-on-one and denying him a goal.

Gignac came close again at 67’, with a header inside the box that the Michoacán keeper managed to intercept.

Later, our team’s persistence led Enner Valencia to break into the center of the box, but just as he was about to shoot the referee adjudicated offside, denying him this opportunity.

 Gignac had the same chance at 75’, penetrating the box unmarked and losing the one-on-one, though just after the referee had signaled offside.

Morelia wasn’t ready to surrender and, at 88’, narrowed the gap to 3-2, after Mendoza capitalized on a loose ball in the midfield, advanced and crossed into the box, where Gastón Lezcano scored with a header.

But Tigres had even more to give. Just as the opponent seemed to be gaining steam, Javier Aquino appeared at 94’ to score a superb goal, bringing the final score to 4-2.



TIGRES: 1 Nahuel Guzmán; 3 Carlos Salcedo, 4 Hugo Ayala, 5 Rafael de Souza, 8 Lucas Zelarayán (6 Jorge Torres Nilo 91), 10 André-Pierre Gignac, 19 Guido Pizarro, 20 Javier Aquino, 23 Luis Quiñones (13 Enner Valencia 36’), 27 Jair Díaz (29 Jesús Dueñas 67’) and 28 Luis Rodríguez.

                MGR.: RICARDO FERRETTI

MORELIA: 13 Carlos Sosa; 2 Efraín Velarde, 6 Sebastián Vegas, 8 Mario Osuna, 10 Edison Flores (15 Cándido Ramírez 72’), 20 Rodrigo Millar (9 Fernando Aristeguieta 46’), 23 José Martínez, 24 Gabriel Achiller, 26 Aldo Rocha, 27 Miguel Sansores (21 Luis Mendoza 46’) and 31 Gastón Lezcano.

                MGR.: JAVIER TORRENTE



1-0   (19’) Luis Rodríguez creates the space and scores with a left-footed shot into the upper left corner.

2-0 (28’) Luis Quiñones breaks in from the right and passes to Rafael de Souza, who puts the ball in the net.

3-0 (34’) Luis Quiñones crosses to Javier Aquino who heads the ball into the back of the net.

3-1 (46’) Luis Mendoza finishes in the center of the box, defeating Nahuel Guzmán.

3-2 (88’) Gastón Lezcano with a header inside the box with Nahuel off the line.

4-2 (94’) Javier Aquino finds a space and scores with a shot from left side of the box.



TIGRES: Luis Rodríguez (66’)



                RED CARDS



                REFEREE: Roberto García Orozco

                ASSISTANT REFEREE No. 1: José Alfredo López

                ASSISTANT REFEREE No. 2: José de Jesús Baños

                FOURTH OFFICIAL: Juan Andrés Esquivel

The Historic Nahuel Guzmán

SAN NICOLÁS DE LOS GARZA | Friday, July 19, 2019.- The Clausura 2019 tournament was spectacular for Nahuel Guzmán, who was fundamental to the regular phase of the tournament and pivotal in the Playoffs. In addition, ‘Patón’, as he is nicknamed, could reach, in the opening match of the Apertura 2019 tournament, 100 consecutive matches as a starter and playing the full 90 minutes.


Guzmán currently enjoys a privileged position in the felines’ Short Tournament history, as the player with the highest number of full games played uninterruptedly, surpassing his teammate in the defense, Hugo Ayala, who reached 90 matches.


In the Liga, the Argentine is just behind his fellow countryman from América, Agustín Marchesín, who has a total of 114 Liga and Playoff matches.


‘Patón’ has also just surpassed 200 Liga and Playoff matches wearing the Tigres shirt, for a total of 202 so far, which makes him a true iron man.


Nahuel’s 99 games



Clausura 2017

9 (*)

Playoffs Clausura 2017


Apertura 2017


Playoffs Apertura 2017


Clausura 2018


Playoffs Clausura 2018


Apertura 2018


Playoffs Apertura 2018


Clausura 2019


Playoffs Clausura 2019




(*) The streak began as of matchday # 9.




– Nahuel Guzmán is the Tigres player who has participated in the highest number of consecutive Liga-Playoffs matches, having played every minute in Short Tournaments (a total of 99 before the start of Apertura 2019).


– Guzmán surpassed Hugo Ayala, who between Matchday 1 of Apertura 2010 and 10 of Apertura 2012 accumulated 90 consecutive matches as an “Iron Man”.


– Nahuel’s streak is currently the second longest in consecutive Liga-Playoffs matches, playing every minute in the Liga MX, just behind Agustín Marchesín (América), who has 114.


  The “Top 3” in the longest present-day Liga-Playoff match streaks: Agustín Marchesín, América (114), Nahuel Guzmán, Tigres (99), and Alfredo Saldívar, Pumas (83). All three are goalkeepers. 

Title Defense Starts with a Win

SAN NICOLÁS DE LOS GARZA, July 15th.- Tigres Women started their title defense with a win, defeating the Guadalajara Chivas 2-1 in the very first fixture of the Women’s Liga MX Apertura 2019 Tournament.

                Katty Martínez and Belén Cruz, the latter with a superb goal, were the game’s scorers and, even though the last few minutes of the match were nerve-wracking, our side held onto their lead to earn their first three points of the tournament. 


                FIRST HALF

                The match was fairly even at first, with Tigres Women seeking possession and Chivas rapid overlapping to penetrate their host’s goal area as soon as possible.

                However, our side gradually began to take control, since, at minute four, Lizbeth Ovalle gave Chivas their first warning through a mid-distance free kick that goalkeeper Rebaño saved in her box.

                Just a few minutes later, at 7’, Belén Cruz was able to break away, but Tigres’ first good look at goal was intercepted.

                The opponent reacted at minute 14, with a shot by María Sánchez that went over the goal defended by Ofelia Solís. Seconds afterwards, the same play was repeated, showing that Guadalajara were waking up.

                However, soon after, María Fernanda Elizondo won a long ball, broke away unmarked and accompanied by Katty Martínez, who received the ball and pushed it into the open net, making it 1-0 and firing up the almost 15 thousand Incomparable Fans.

                Fer Elizondo advanced at minute 32, cut back inside the box, but the defense blocked her ensuing shot. At that point, Tigres Women were dominating the match and looking for their second, which would, in fact, arrive just two minutes later.

                Belén Cruz received from her right, defeated the opponent with a step over and shook off her mark to fire off such a powerful shot that it hit the bar and ended up in the back of the net. Our player’s superb goal put Tigres ahead 2-0.

                At minute 39, Guadalajara came close with a very good opportunity, but Ofelia Solís stretched to the limit to concede a corner.



The pace was much the same at the start of the second half, although Guadalajara redoubled their attack on our box.

However, it was Tigres Women who created an opportunity for their third, when María Fernanda’s soft, mid-height shot was intercepted and headed out by a defender on the line.

Two minutes later, Jaqueline Ovalle broke away along her left and tried to cut back to Katty Martínez, but the ball was too far away to fix the play and the opportunity was lost.

We came very close to a third goal at minute 67, when Katty Martínez counterattacked, passed to the left to Jacqueline Ovalle, who broke into the box, drew the keeper off her line, but the defense intercepted her cross, sending the ball out for a corner.

At minute 90, Guadalajara narrowed the gap, when Miriam Castillo’s header inside the box took Ofelia Solís by surprise, making it 2-1 with the possibility of coming back in stoppage time.

Then, Evelyn González, who had just come on, came very close to the third in front of an open net, but the goalkeeper managed to intercept the shot and avoid conceding another goal.

 In the very last play, our side was saved when Joseline Montoya came face-to-face with the net, but, unbelievably, her shot missed to the left, denying the visitors a 2-2 draw.



TIGRES: 20 Ofelia Solís; 4 Greta Espinoza, 5 María Fernanda Elizondo (8 Carolina Jaramillo 70’), 6 Nancy Antonio, 7 Liliana Mercado, 10 Katty Martínez (9 Evelyn González 89’), 13 Karen Luna, 14 Lizbeth Ovalle, 15 Cristina Ferral, 18 Belén Cruz (11 Nayelli Rangel 83’) and 22 Selene Cortés.

                MGR.: ROBERTO MEDINA

CHIVAS: 12 Blanca María Félix; 2 Diana Rodríguez, 4 Janelly Farías, 5 Melissa Sosa, 6 Miriam Castillo, 8 Dania Pérez, 10 Tania Morales (30 Samara Alcalá 69’), 14 María Sánchez (35 Damaris Godinez 77’), 15 Kristal Soto, 17 Joseline Montoya and 22 Brenda Viramontes (29 Gabriela Huerta 62’).

                MGR.: RAMÓN VILLA ZEBALLOS



1-0   (22’) María Fernanda receives a through ball and passes to incoming Katty Martínez, who puts the ball into an empty net.

2-0 (34’) Belén Cruz receives from the right, shrugs off an opponent to score with a mid-range shot.

2-1 (90’) Miriam Castillo lobs a header from inside the box over the goalkeeper.






                RED CARDS



               REFEREE: Oscar Eduardo Peña

                ASSISTANT REFEREE No. 1: Jonathan Morales

                ASSISTANT REFEREE No. 2: Edgar De Lira

                FOURTH OFFICIAL: Héctor Abraham Pineda

Tigres Denied Their Fourth Champion of Champions Title

CARSON, California, July 14th.- The UANL Tigres’ winning streak came to a halt this evening after losing in a penalty shootout to América, after the game’s regulation time had ended 0-0.

                At the end of the 95 minutes of regulation time, Rafael de Souza, Hugo Ayala, Guido Pizarro and Javier Aquino missed their spot-kicks, while Nahuel Guzmán saved shots by Paul Aguilar and Francisco Córdova. Bruno Valdez’s earlier attempt went high.


                FIRST HALF

                The first 45 minutes of the match started with the opponent taking charge, creating opportunities very early on. Nevertheless, Argentine keeper, Nahuel Guzmán, blocked a shot in the fifth minute and Tigres gradually began to regain ground.

                 At 12’, Aquino broke away along the left flank, shook off a defender and crossed towards Lucas Zelarayán, but the defense intervened.

                Four minutes later, Renato Ibarra had a chance from outside the box, but the ball went off course, under goalkeeper Patón’s watchful eye.

                Then, it was Argentinian Zelarayán’s turn, when he tried to break into the box, but a defender intercepted to cut off this promising-looking chance.

                At 35’, Mateus Uribe created the most dangerous play so far in the match, but his header went high over the bar.

                Later, at 43’, Carioca sent a long pass to Zelarayán, who lowered the ball with his chest, but was unable to control properly and the shot went too high.


                SECOND HALF

                In the second half, Tigres’ determination to attack was reflected at 47’ when Luis Quiñones penetrated the box, but the defense intervened to concede a corner. In the very next play, the ball smashed into Marchesin’s right-hand goal post and América breathed a sigh of relief.

                At 50’, Uribe’s header inside the area was blocked by Hugo Ayala, and, at 53’, André-Pierre Gignac, who was beginning to play a leading role in the game, crossed a header that missed to the left of Águilas’ net.

                It looked as though the man of the evening would be Patón, who spectacularly saved a 57th-minute header by Henry Martí from inside the box.

                Substitutions began at that point, when Tuca decided to replace Zelarayán with Chilean Eduardo Vargas, clearly seeking to consolidate our team’s attack.

                América’s Nicolás Castillo, who had only just come on, gave Nahuel the chance to shine again, this time with a one-handed save at 74’.

                Gignac tried again at 81’, showing that Tigres hoped to avoid a penalty shootout, but the defense sent his shot out for a corner.

                Towards the end of the match, Nahuel Guzmán was able to flaunt his skills yet again, saving his net in two moves.

The penalty shootout ended in a sudden-death round, which América won with a goal converted by their goalkeeper, Marchesín, denying Tigres their fourth Champion of Champions title.



                AMÉRICA: Agustín Marchesín; Jorge Sánchez, Mateus Uribe, Andrés Ibargüen (Roger Martínez 69’), Sebastián Córdova, Bruno Valdez, Emanuel Aguilera, Henry Martín (Nicolás Castillo 63’), Paul Aguilar, Fernando González and Renato Ibarra.

                MGR.: MIGUEL HERRERA

                TIGRES: Nahuel Guzmán; Jesús Dueñas, Hugo Ayala, Jorge Torres Nilo, Luis Rodríguez, Rafael de Souza, Guido Pizarro, Javier Aquino, Lucas Zelarayán (Eduardo Vargas 58’), Luis Quiñones (Jürgen Damm 76’) and André-Pierre Gignac.

                MGR.: RICARDO FERRETTI

Preseason on the Beach Has Brought Good Luck

RIVIERA MAYA, June 26.- Coming to this part of the Mexican Caribbean isn’t just for fun, but has a meaning and even good vibes for the UANL Tigres team, who travel here for the preseason.

Ricardo Ferretti recently celebrated the ninth anniversary of his return to the team and has held the summer preseasons for each of these years in Cancún and the Riviera Maya.

Since then, he has led nine summer preseasons and in only two tournaments after beach training has the team failed to qualify to the Playoffs. They reached the Final in five of the other seven and were crowned champions in four of these tournaments.

In fact, the last six summer preseasons have helped them to qualify continuously, reaching the Final four times and the Quarter Finals twice.

Tigres is the current champion of Mexican football, having won the Clausura 2019 tournament. This was their first summer title in 39 years, after winning most of their championships in December, just after the preseason on the Riviera Maya.

When the team was there last year, bad weather forced them to suspend the preseason and continue in Monterrey. They reached sixth place overall that season, but were eliminated in the Quarter Finals.

This time, in their tenth consecutive summer preseason in Quintana Roo, the team is looking to become back-to-back champions. To start off, on July 14th, Tigres will be competing against América in the Champion of Champions.

If they defeat Águilas, Tuca’s players will be defending the title in the Champions Cup, this time against Atlanta United.

Our summer preseasons:

Year                 Overall Place                Result

2010                      9th                                         Did not qualify

2011                      3rd                                         Champion

2012                      12th                                       Did not qualify

2013                      8th                                         Quarter Final

2014                      2nd                                         Runner-up

2015                      5th                                         Champion

2016                      3rd                                         Champion

2017                      2nd                                         Champion

2018                      6th                                         Quarter Final

2019                      ?                                          ?

Maximum Effort in the Preseason

RIVIERA MAYA, June 25th.- Sweat, exertion, physical exercise and ball control have been the sum total of the UANL Tigres team’s visit to this part of the Mexican Caribbean, in preparation for the Apertura 2019 Tournament.

The squad met on Sunday afternoon at the Mariano Escobedo airport, to take a direct flight to Cancún, and, from there, travel by road to the Barceló on the Riviera Maya, where, as of Monday, they have been working on the beach, pitch and golf course.

So far, there have been double training sessions, with one hundred percent physical exercise in the mornings directed by Guillermo Orta, and, in the afternoons with a focus on football strategy, under the guidance of Ricardo Ferretti.

The 26 players, including six footballers from the U-20 category, have more than worked up a sweat. 

This is tenth consecutive summer that the preseason has taken place in the Mexican Caribbean, seeking to get away from the city environment of Monterrey and integrate the new players, such as Uruguayan Leonardo Fernández, into the group.

The morning training scenario will be changing according to the team’s agenda, but every afternoon from now until July 3rd will be devoted to working on the pitch, which is where Tuca, together with Hugo Hernández and Miguel Mejía Barón, enter the picture.

Tigres is returning to Monterrey on July 4th to train on Friday the fifth at La Cueva, in Zuazua, and play a friendly match on Saturday against Veracruz, time and place to be confirmed.

Soon after, Tigres will be getting down to business, since on July 14 they are playing against América in the Champion of Champions, in Los Angeles, followed by their first Liga MX match on the 20th against Morelia, and then, on July 24, they will be facing Salt Lake City in the Binational Tournament.

Tigres Women Define Friendly Matches

SAN NICOLÁS DE LOS GARZA | Thursday, June 6, 2019.- Tigres Women restarted their training sessions after winning their second Liga MX title, and have already planned three preseason matches to be in the best shape physically and tactically for the start of the Apertura 2019 tournament.

Preseason games start on June 25, at 6:00 p.m. in the new Tecnológico de Monterrey stadium, where they will be competing against the Arizona State Sun Devils.

Afterwards, on June 29, the team will be travelling to Torreón to pit their skills against Santos Laguna Women in the TSM, at 4:00 p.m. The last warm-up match will take place on July 5 or 6, with the opponent and venue to be defined.

Tigres Women is in the last stages of building the team that will be competing in Apertura 2019 and, for now, the only new member is Perla Navarrete, who comes from León.


SAN NICOLÁS DE LOS GARZA | Friday, May 31, 2019.- We are pleased to announce that Roberto Medina Arellano has reached an agreement to join Tigres Women as the team’s manager as of the Apertura 2019 tournament.

Medina will be in charge of the Women’s Liga MX top winning team after acting as head coach of both the Women’s U-20 and Adult National Teams, so we are certain that his experience and accomplishments during that period with the Tricolor (Mexico team) will be key factors in continuing to achieve Tigres Women’s goals.

Medina Arellano was a professional player in Mexico from 1988 until his retirement in 2002, with a career in clubs such as Pumas, Pachuca, Tecos, Monterrey, León, Puebla, Atlante and Veracruz.

Tigres Women will resume training on June 5th, after being crowned champions for the second time in their history, marking the start of a new era for the team with Medina. 

We wish you every success, Roberto!

The Seventh for Tigres

SAN NICOLÁS DE LOS GARZA | Wednesday, May 29, 2019.- Tigres reached to the sky once more to win their seventh Liga MX championship and climb to fifth place of the teams with the most titles in the history of Mexican football.


With this Clausura 2019 title, the Universitarios put an end to the 37-year summer-tournament drought, since the 1981-82 season, which marked just the second title for the institution.


Tigres now have seven Liga trophies, five since Apertura 2011 to date, and four since French footballer André-Pierre Gignac joined the team, accompanied by Javier Aquino and Jürgen Damm.


The Frenchman has already equaled Tomás Boy’s 104-goal record as the team’s highest scorer, leaving the record-breaking goal for next season.


Ricardo Ferretti also matched legendary Ignacio Trelles’ record of seven Liga titles, five of which the Brazilian won with Tigres and the other two with Chivas and Pumas.


Beyond the definitions of greatness or otherwise, the team continues on its journey of winning titles and increasing the institution’s achievements.

Another Legend Emerges to Give Us the Advantage in the Final: 1-0!

SAN NICOLÁS DE LOS GARZA, May 23rd.- As the Mexican proverb says, ‘he who strikes first, strikes twice’, and tonight the UANL Tigres and André-Pierre Gignac will be taking a 1-0 advantage to the second leg of the Clausura 2019 Final.

                The Frenchman scored at the 21st minute to equal the record of legendary Tomás Boy, reaching 104 goals with Tigres, while, from the heavens, Carlos Miloc, Osvaldo Batocletti and Don Roberto Hernández Junior supported the Tigre Nation.


                FIRST HALF

                 Our side came out seeking ball possession and to make the most of their home advantage, with ball control, overlap runs and penetrating the opponent’s box, while the visitors prioritized counterattacks.

                Eduardo Vargas had the first chance of the match, with a shot in the eighth minute that went wide of the right post.

                Later, at 18’, Luis Quiñones broke in from the right and crossed, but no one was there to receive. Nevertheless, Tigres was displaying their idea and objective of opening the scoring as soon as possible.

                And this is exactly what they did at minute 21, when Quiñones crossed to the center of the box, where French footballer André-Pierre Gignac finished, driving the Universitario Stadium into a frenzy and, at the same time, drawing level with Tomás Boy as the top goal scorer in the history of  Tigres, with 104 goals.

                Hopes for the seventh were building up, while, from the heavens, Osvaldo Batocletti, Carlos Miloc and even Don Roberto Hernández Junior looked down upon the 41,618 spectators in our packed Stadium that brightly gleamed with the color yellow.

                It was a Final so, of course, Nahuel Guzmán soon made an appearance, at 26’, when he anticipated an opponent, intervened and blocked what could have been the equalizer. Then again, at 32’, he intercepted a shot to keep a clean sheet for his net.

                Luck was on our side, as could be seen at 42’, when Fernando Navarro tried to clear a ball in the box and nearly put it in the net, but the left post saved León from being down by two.



Immediately after the break, one team played the leading role, as Tigres pressed forward and attacked, persistently seeking Rodolfo Cotta’s goal.

At 50’, Quiñones crossed again from the right, finding Gignac, whose header was too high.

Afterwards, Patón checked the opponent’s counterattack and Vargas responded from outside the penalty area with a shot that was blocked by the defense.

At that point, Tuca decided to make a substitution, replacing Chilean Vargas with Enner Valencia, who has been called up to Ecuador’s national team, and in his first two interventions, he came close, but didn’t rattle the opponent too much.

Soon after, Gignac tried to capitalize on a mistake by the defense, breaking into the box closely marked and attempting to cut back, but his shot slammed into a defender, silencing the celebrations in the stands.

 Then, because of an injury, Tuca had to send Jürgen Damm on to replace Javier Aquino, who had received a hard blow to his right leg.

Tigres persevered with overlap runs along the flanks, but the opponent was beginning to position themselves better and close spaces, making it difficult for our side to get in for the second.

Ángel Mena posed a threat to Nahuel’s goal with a powerful shot that Patón cleared out for a corner. Chino Zelarayán then replaced Quiñones, seeking to recover our midfield, which we no longer controlled.

Even towards the end of the match, Valencia had a chance with a pass in the box from Zelarayán and then it was Gignac who came very close.



TIGRES: 1 Nahuel Guzmán;  4 Hugo Ayala, 5 Rafael de Souza, 6 Jorge Torres Nilo, 9 Eduardo Vargas (13 Enner Valencia 59’), 10 André-Pierre Gignac, 19 Guido Pizarro, 20 Javier Aquino, 21 Francisco Meza, 26 Luis Quiñones and 28 Luis Rodríguez.

                MGR.: RICARDO FERRETTI

                LEÓN: 30 Rodolfo Cota; 4 Felipe Mosquera, 5 Fernando Navarro, 6 William Tesillo, 8 Joel Campbell, 10 Luis Montes, 12 José Rodríguez, 13 Ángel Mena, 16 David Meneses (11 Yairo Moreno 77’), 23 Ramiro González and 33 César Angulo.

                MGR.: IGNACIO AMBRIZ



0-1   (21’) Luis Quiñones breaks in from the right, crosses and André-Pierre Gignac finishes.



TIGRES: Francisco Meza (70’), Luis Quiñones (83’), Guido Pizarro (92’)

                LEÓN: William Tesillo (24’), Joel Campbell (87’), Fernando Navarro (90’)


                RED CARDS



                REFEREE: Marco A. Ortiz

                ASSISTANT REFEREE No. 1: Alberto Morín

                ASSISTANT REFEREE No. 2: Enrique I. Bustos

                FOURTH OFFICIAL: Jorge A. Pérez


SAN NICOLÁS DE LOS GARZA | Thursday, May 23, 2019.- A constant concern for our beloved Bato was that children and young people should have the opportunity to receive a better education and to practice the sport they love.

And today, in his absence, he will continue to contribute to this cause thanks to the creation of the Osvaldo Batocletti Chair, announced today by Universidad Autónoma de Nuevo León (UANL), to honor, academically and permanently, the career of the eternal Tigres captain. 

The Rector of UANL, Rogelio Garza Rivera, made the announcement during the swearing-in ceremony of the Director of the Faculty of Sports Organization, the area of the university entrusted with organizing series of conferences with sport experts. 

The aim is to launch this Chair officially in the August-December 2019 semester, with the main beneficiaries being the students, since it will bring them into direct contact with diverse specialists and researchers in sport science and professionals in this field.

Batocletti, who passed away on May 17th, had ties with the UANL football representative teams. Bato, as he was known, was a champion coach in the 2009 National University Games, when he replaced Roberto Gadea, who was unable to attend this sports competition for health reasons.


Apertura 2019 Starts on July 19th

SAN NICOLÁS DE LOS GARZA | Monday, May 20, 2019.- The Liga MX formally announced the next Apertura 2019 tournament, with the participation of 19 teams, after San Luis was promoted to the First Division, where Veracruz will remain.

The agreements:

  1. Atlético San Luis is joining the Liga MX after earning their promotion, so there will be 19 teams in the First Division, requiring each team to rest for one fixture.
  2. The Apertura 2019 tournament starts on July 19th and ends on December 15th.
  3. There will be only one Copa MX tournament in the football year, with the group stage starting on July 30th and the final stage on January 21st, while the Grand Final will take place on April 14th or 15th.
  4. The Champions Weekend will be held on July 13th and 14th in  Los Angeles, California, comprising the Golden Ball award, as well as the matches Champion of Champions (between América and the winner of the Final between Tigres and León) and Súper Copa MX (between Cruz Azul and Necaxa).
  5. The Champions Cup will take place in September in Atlanta, Georgia, between the winner of the Champion of Champions and Atlanta United.
  6. There will be a new Binational tournament between Mexico and the United States, with details to be announced shortly.

“We Haven’t Displayed our Best Level,” Tuca

SAN NICOLÁS DE LOS GARZA, May 20th.- Manager Ricardo Ferretti was honest with the media and acknowledged that the team hasn’t yet displayed its best level of play, but is confident that they will in the Final.

                “I don’t think the team’s potential has been displayed, to be honest, but, nevertheless, we’ve reached the Final, so I have high hopes that in these two matches we’ll play at our target level.

                “Every game is different. Pachuca and Monterrey, well, we expected nothing less, especially Monterrey with the squad they have, with all the investment they’ve made over the past few years, it would be illogical for me to think it was going to be easy.

“They were upset, but we got through to the Final and that means that we’re valuable too, because I can see and am aware that we didn’t play the football we hoped for, at that level, but even so we came out on top, because of the table, or for whatever reason, the fact is that we’re in the Final.”

                About León…

                “León is a team that’s had an amazing season. I admit that, of the 18 teams, it’s the one that has played the best football in the regular phase of the season. They’ve also got Nacho (Ambriz), a friend, a great coach and he has quality players.”

                How is the squad?

                “Fine. Playing in another final is a good reason to be happy, though not satisfied. We’ve still got room for improvement and we know what we have to correct. There’s not much time for training, but we’ll do something to be in the best possible form for this match.” 

                León is as it’s described…

“Yes, a very good team, it was the one that played the best football and impressed everyone. I don’t think León qualified last season and this season they’ve practically scooped everything, not from start to finish, because we drew with them in their first match there, stopping them from being tournament leaders from the first fixture to the last.”

                About André-Pierre Gignac and Carlos Salcedo…

“They are both in therapy, in the gym, they’ll be available tomorrow.”

                Does it concern you that your goalkeeper is the star of these Playoffs?

                “It always concerns me that our goalkeeper is saving us, but that’s his job. Right now, everyone is praising Nahuel, but remember when people criticized him all the time. That’s his job, that’s why we brought him here, an Argentina National Player and everything. I think a lot of people would like to have him in their team and luckily we’re the ones who have him.”

                Does your team’s experience in Playoffs offer an advantage?

“That’s just one factor of the many that are needed. The simple fact of having more experience in Playoffs doesn’t mean it will be enough. The things we’re seeking and are needed most are related to football.”

                Team play…

“Well, that’s what we have. First of all, team play with extraordinary individuals. Team play is what has got us ahead. If everyone improves their individual level together with the collective level, we shouldn’t have any trouble when we play against León.”

                Being the most successful active manager…

                “Not really. We work for the players; we work to make sure they do their job properly and we have to deliver. I’ve never thought about that. What I’ve achieved or what I’m yet to achieve isn’t something that’s about me, I think it’s a joint effort, all the things that have been accomplished that you are asking me about personally.

“All I have to do is to be grateful with the directors who have supported me and the players who have given me results, but that’s not for me, it’s for the institution, so the institution can reach its goal, for the fans to be happy, so if you go down that road, well, that’s fine.”

Quota for Older Players Increased in the Women’s Liga MX

SAN NICOLÁS DE LOS GARZA | Monday, May 20th, 2019.- The Women’s Liga MX is evolving for next season, seeking to make it more spectacular. Therefore the quota for older players has been increased from four to six and, in addition, Mexican-American footballers will be eligible to play for the first time ever.

At present, the Women’s Liga MX teams can have four registered players aged 26 and over, with two being allowed to play at the same time. However, this number has now been increased to six registered players, all of whom will be eligible to play at the same time, if so required.

All of these measures were announced in the Ordinary Assembly of the Mexican Football Federation.  

The agreements:

  1. The number of older registered players per team has been increased from four to six. There are no more restrictions and all six can play at the same time.
  2. Each team can now have six Mexican-American footballers, all of whom can play at the same time.
  3. The format will no longer be by groups. Teams will compete in a tournament with a General Table and the top eight teams will qualify to the Playoffs.
  4. Atlético San Luis will be joining the league, meaning that there will be 19 teams, including Veracruz, which will remain in the First Division.
  5. The rule for minors remains at 1,000 minutes for players born in or after 2001.
  6. The cap for players is extended from U-24 to U-25, to consolidate the development of football.


Press releasse

Tigres UANL joins Dugout to expand its presence in Mexico and Internationally

Tigres UANL joins the world’s top clubs, national football federations and leagues as part of Dugout’s global community to deliver exciting football content direct to fans.

London, UK – 21st January 2020: Leading Mexican Liga MX football club Tigres UANL has become the 97th club to announce a partnership with global media platform Dugout.

Through Dugout’s global network of premium publishers, Tigres UANL will increase online engagement with their fans – recognised as some of the Mexico’s most  loyal, passionate, and committed. The club will also look to increase its fan base size within and outside of Mexico as it now sits in a platform with the worlds football’s biggest, clubs, leagues and federations via

Tigres UANL, based in San Nicolás de los Garza, Nuevo León, has competed in Mexico’s top tier of football for nearly six decades. Tigres has reached the championships seven times, the last being the 2019 Tornero Clausura.


Dugout, the only media company owned by the world’s top football clubs, and whose founding members include Barcelona, Real Madrid, Paris Saint-Germain, A.C. Milan, Liverpool, Manchester City, Arsenal, Chelsea, Bayern Munich and Juventus, will create and host high-quality, original and exclusive football content delivered directly to fans worldwide.

Dugout Co-Founder and Chairman, Elliot Richardson, said:

“Tigres UANL is one of Mexico’s most well-supported clubs, we are delighted to have signed them with Dugout. This partnership will ensure fans across the world have direct access to Tigres UANL’s content, both on and off the pitch. Within Mexico, Tigres’ fans are known as some of the most loyal and passionate, and we’re sure that by working together, we will be developing the club’s online fan engagement and increasing the reach of its content globally.

“Through Tigres UANL’s partnership with the Dugout family we are expanding our presence within Mexico. North and South America offer great potential for growth in fan engagement and are two regions of  focus for development  Dugout is proud to have 97 clubs, federations and leagues along with over 75 certified publishers delivering 60 million monthly users. Via a library of over 50,000 videos and 311 million monthly video views we remain on track to become one of the largest football content providers in the world.”

Tigres UANL Commercial Director, Carlos Valenzuela, said:

“We are thrilled be able to partner with Dugout to bring our hugely passionate fan-base more engaging content. With Dugout’s platform being used by football loving fans across the world, this partnership marks an important stage in the Club’s digital growth and adds to our strategy to develop our international presence.”



Notes to Editors

About Dugout

Dugout is the first and only time the world’s biggest football clubs have joined forces to support a new business. Since launching with Barcelona, A.C. Milan, Real Madrid, Paris Saint-Germain, Liverpool, Manchester City, Arsenal, Chelsea, Bayern Munich and Juventus, there are now over 97 clubs, National Football Federations and Leagues in partnership with Dugout.

Dugout offers exclusive football video content from its member clubs through a central library of more than 50,000 videos direct to fans on and via its Embed network of certified publishers. Each member club and player have a dedicated Dugout profile to upload content and interact with fans creating a personalised experience based on the clubs and players they follow.

Dugout’s Embed network of leading publishers from around the world, are supported by Dugout to strengthen their ability to drive deeply engaging content, user experience and provide the highest level of service to their audiences with not only static images but dynamic, relevant video content. Dugout produces over 5,000 videos a month across three key content streams – Newsworthy, Stand Alone and Evergreen; all of Dugout’s content is available to certified publishers through its embeddable media platform.

Similarly, Dugout works with media agencies, creative agencies and brands to deliver content-rich opportunities for activation campaigns, product launches, experiential marketing and events. launched in November 2016, followed by the app in March 2017. Dugout’s quality content is also available on Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, as well as via certified global publisher partners.

Visit and (corporate site) for more information and download the app here:

Engage with Dugout on social: [content] [corporate]

For media enquiries or more information contact:


Sujit Jasani

Vero Communications

Ph. +44 (0) 7940 375282

About Tigres

The Tigres Club started March 7, 1960 as a part of the Autonomous University of Nuevo León, and since 1996 has been adminstered by CEMEX via Sinergia Deportiva.

Our mission is to provide the community with a fun and satisfying enviornment through a family oriented and quality sports spectacle, in the search for winning results, like promoting the sports skills within our youth divisions within a socially responsible framework.

The Tigres vision is aimed at being the best Mexican Club, a leader regionally and internationally that is distinguished by having an effective complete training model, by having an efficient adiminstration, and by having a strong social commitment that generates values among its fans, sponsors, and community at large.

The Tigres Club has seven league titles, has been the Copa Libertadores de América runner-up, has been the CONCACAF Champions League runner-up three times, and has become the most winning team of the decade.

Tigres’ social media:

Twitter: @TigresOficial

Facebook: @tigresoficial

Instagram: @clubtigresoficial

Linkedin: ClubTigresSinergiaDeportiva

YouTube: TigresOficial


We’re in the Final… the Bato way!

SAN NICOLÁS DE LOS GARZA, May 18th.- Tonight, the UANL Tigres played the Bato way, the Tigre way, tapping into their pride to eliminate the Monterrey Rayados and reach another Mexican football Final.

Guido Pizarro was taken to hospital for a head injury sustained precisely when he scored our side’s winning goal at the 42nd minute of the match.

Cries of “Tigres, Tigres” invaded San Nicolás and the Universitario Stadium from its very foundations and the spirit of Osvaldo Batocletti worked its magic from heaven, where he no doubt watched the local derby and drove us to win.

Pizarro’s sought-after goal allowed us to aspire to another Final, making amends for what happened in the CONCACAF, where we lost 2-1 on aggregate.

Prior to this, Javier Aquino created the first opportunity, with a mid-distance shot that Marcelo Barovero one-handedly palmed out of play, conceding a corner. Tigres knew what was at stake and persisted in their attack.

Meanwhile, Monterrey was playing cautiously, relying on their one-goal advantage and thinking that it would just be a matter of time before they scored, which would have forced Ricardo Ferretti’s men to secure three goals.

At minute 7’, we had a chance when Rodolfo Pizarro touched the ball with his hand inside the box, but referee Marco Antonio Ortiz refused to acknowledge it, even after checking with VAR.

Tigres continued to press forward, while Rayados’ goalkeeper, Marcelo Barovero, focused on saving his squad. It wasn’t until the 42nd minute of action that Eduardo Vargas came forward, crossed into the box, where Guido Pizarro won in the air and headed the ball into the net.

The captain, who refused to be defeated by a blow to his head, was taken to hospital to be checked, but after all it was just a bang, so he went back to the Stadium to celebrate with his team and fans. Meanwhile, Francisco Meza had taken his place on the pitch.

Tuca’s players continued to attack, though first lost some ground to the visitors, who in the first minutes posed a threat to the net so heroically defended by Nahuel Guzmán.

At 50’, there was yet another foul inside the penalty area when Stefan Medina trod on Javier Aquino. Even though the referee watched the replay, he didn’t award a penalty.

Nevertheless, this did not dampen the spirits of the home side, who pressed forward with their attack and ball possession, but without any shots at goal. At that point, Monterrey began to attack more fiercely and, at 66’, Pizarro hit the woodwork, to the relief of his hosts.

Soon after, at 70’, Nahuel blocked a shot by Pizarro; five minutes later, Rogelio Funes came so close, but his shot went high; then, at 77’, our hearts missed a beat when Rayados put the ball in the net, but their goal was annulled.

A second goal wasn’t of much use to us, since one by the opponent would force us to score three, so our priority was to defend. However, in the last minutes we had three goal opportunities.

At 87’, Eduardo Vargas came face to face with Barovero’s substitute, Luis Cárdenas, who blocked the shot.

Then Jürgen Damm, who had also come on as a substitute, broke away twice. First he crossed to Gignac, who couldn’t get off a good shot, crossed again, though the Frenchman was unable to finish, and, finally, he made his way into the box, but his attempt went high.

Tigres is in the Final, and they did it the Bato way… the Tigre way.

Farewell Bato, You’re Already a Legend

SAN NICOLÁS DE LOS GARZA | Saturday, May 18th, 2019.- Osvaldo Agustín Batocletti Ronco departed this life on the evening of Friday, May 17th, at the age of 69 years, three months and 26 days, but his legacy to Mexican football and, above all, Tigres, will forever be immeasurable and indelible.

He was known as ‘The most Tigre Tigre of all’ owing to his representation and defense of the institution for which he worked until his very last breath. He is also credited with being the inspiration for the authentic Tigre profile, which defines a footballer with character, dedication and, above all, who plays with a passion for the colors he or she represents.

He was born in San Nicolás de los Arroyos, Argentina in 1950, and, when he was 20 years old, embarked on his football career, playing for clubs such as Racing Club, Lanús and Unión de Santa Fe. It took only four years for a Mexican team to decide to bring him to our country to play football and discover the land he loved so much until the end of his days.

León was the club that brought him to Mexico and where he caught the eye of several local teams, given his fierce playing style, capacity to anticipate and physical presence. In 1977, he was about to sign with  C.F. Monterrey together with his Uruguayan teammate from La Fiera, Walter Daniel Mantegazza, but, as luck would have it, the transaction never went through and Tigres appeared, where, from the very beginning, it was love at first sight.

He and Mantegazza arrived to lead the renovation the Universitario team had in mind at that time, and, side by side with Gerónimo Barbadillo, Tomás Boy and many others, joined the famous and also deceased, Carlos ‘Tanque’ Miloc.

Together, they initiated Tigres’ first Golden Age, being crowned champions in 1977-1978 and 1981-1982, defeating in the Final teams such as Pumas and Atlante.

Bato was a cornerstone of the team and, as captain, commanded a side that respected him in every aspect, not only for his physical presence, quality performance on the field and indomitable spirit, but also his extraordinary people skills.

As the years went by, his love for the yellow and blue colors grew. From being born in San Nicolás de los Arroyos, he came to live in San Nicolás de los Garza until the last days of his life, when he would only leave his house to be treated for the terrible disease that had afflicted him for the past eighteen months.

He retired in 1984 as a football idol to begin his career as a coach, on a long journey that took him to Tigres, Tigrillos, Irapuato, Correcaminos and many others, accompanying his colleague and friend, Tomás Boy.

He will always be remembered as the man who led the historic comeback against América, in the so-called Aztecazoof the Apertura 2005 Quarter Finals. Tigres had lost the first leg in the Universitario Stadium 3-1, but in the second leg, at the ‘Colossus of Saint Ursula’ (Azteca Stadium), the character Bato imposed on the team gave them the strength to come back in an extraordinary manner to win  4-1 and advance to the Semifinals.

Batocletti’s career was constantly linked to the felines. When his era as a coach seemed to be coming to an end, he joined the Club to work with children and young people in the Tigres Academies, travelling all over Mexico, the United States and part of Central America, as the bearer of the team’s spirit.

He was the image of the reality showFábrica de Garraduring its two seasons, host of the TV program Zona Tigres, representative and leader of the Tigres for Children initiative, which introduced physical activation into the schools of Nuevo León, and icon of the institution at many events in which he was recognized as one of the team’s top idols.

When Women’s football started, Tigres entrusted him with managing the team and he accepted gladly. In his first tournament, the squad reached the Semifinal, but, in the second, he was crowned champion together with a team of great players who saw him more as a father figure than a manger.

Just before the Final against Rayadas, Bato revealed that he had cancer and it would be his last match, so he could focus on his treatment. The players gave their all on the pitch and dedicated the victory to him.

Even in this last Women’s championship, on the morning of Monday May 13thfrom his hospital bed, just hours before the Final, he asked the entire institution to give him a second Liga title… and his wishes were their command.

At Tigres, we will remember him not only for his legacy on the pitch, but in particular for his strength, because, despite frequently undergoing chemotherapy, he never failed to come to work with a smile on his face, greeting each and every one of the institution’s employees, telling jokes, offering words of encouragement to those who needed them, sharing anecdotes and being a friend.

Rest in peace, one of the most emblematic men in the history of our team, a true gentleman on and off the pitch, a footballer, a great colleague and the best of friends.

Looking to come back at home: 0-1

GUADALUPE, May 15th.- Disappointed, we made our way back to the Universitario Stadium, though fully intending to come back after falling 1-0 this evening in the first leg of the Clausura 2019 Semifinal against Rayados.

               Our team needs to win on Saturday to turn around this Monterrey Derby that is more alive than ever.


                FIRST HALF

                The first minutes of this half of the match were taxing for our players, since the opponent was achieving overlap runs and generating opportunities.

                Just two minutes into the match, Carlos Salcedo cleared poorly, allowing Rogelio Funes to control and penetrate the box, but in the one-on-one with Nahuel Guzmán, Patón was triumphant, saving his goal from what could have been the first.

                A minute later, it was Luis Rodríguez who tried to create a chance with a shot from outside the penalty area, but was blocked by the defense.

                Then, at minute seven, Avilés Hurtado came in from the right, drew Nahuel Guzmán off his line and, finding himself without an angle, got off a cross that Chaka Rodríguez, at the far post, cleared out for a corner.

                Tigres had their best play so far at 12’, when Luis Quiñones broke through into the center of the box, but his shot went high over Marcelo Barovero’s crossbar.

                However, the hosts continued with their plan of attacking and, at 13’, Dorlán Pabón received a cutback from Miguel Layún, fired off a cross that Funes feinted and Nahuel doesn’t react, putting us 1-0 down and getting us into trouble.

                Afterwards, the home team lessened their pace, while our side did their best to get back into the game. At 19’, Jesús Dueñas’ shot went straight into Barovero’s hands and then, at 21’, Enner Valencia’s header missed to the left.  

                At 32’, it was Luis Quiñones who found his way once more into the box, but his shot off a half-turn was blocked by Rayados’ goalkeeper.

Tigres seemed to be reacting, since at 36’ Luis Quiñones broke away again and sent a through ball to Valencia, who was unable to control, allowing the defense to intervene.



In the second half, our side sought possession and to play as far as possible with long passes, given the condition of the pitch, but within just a few minutes we already had a total of three players booked, with Guido Pizarro and Luis Quiñones added onto Dueñas’ yellow card.

At 52’, Gignac passed to the right where Luis Quiñones looked as though he could create an opportunity, but the defense intervened. Seconds later, the Frenchman headed to Valencia in the box, but the defense denied him his chance as well.

Monterrey’s strategy at that point was to achieve recovery and rapid overlaps, clearly seeking to force our side to make a mistake. 

At the 60thminute, Chaka Rodríguez received in the box, cut back looking for support, but the defense intercepted the shot.

At that point in the match, manager Ricardo Ferretti made his first substitution, replacing Valencia, who wasn’t having a good evening, with Chilean Eduardo Vargas, seeking to reinforce the team’s attack.

Later on, Lucas Zelarayán, also known as Chino, took over from Luis Quiñones, who despite all his efforts hadn’t made much headway.

Gignac had a chance at 69’, but the shot was far too high. Nevertheless, Tigres was beginning to improve their recovery and, as a result, their attack.

A few minutes went by and at 72’, Javier Aquino’s mid-distance shot went wide of the left post.

At 79’, Dueñas controlled and attempted a mid-range shot that missed to the left.  Barely a second later, Chaka Rodríguez was replaced by Israel Jiménez.

Rayados responded at 84’ with a shot by Maxi Meza, who had just come on as a substitute for Avilés Hurtado, but Nahuel stood firm at the back.

Aquino came close at 87’, when Vargas crossed from the right and the defense decided to let their goalkeeper take care of it, so the Oaxacan thought on his feet and nearly defeated the keeper.



                MONTERREY: 1 Marcelo Barovero; 4 Nicolás Sánchez, 7 Rogelio Funes, 8 Dorlan Pabón (19 Ángel Saldívar 80’), 16 Celso Ortíz, 17 Jesús Gallardo, 18 Avilés Hurtado (32 Maximiliano Meza 67’), 20 Rodolfo Pizarro (3 César Montes 78’), 21 Miguel Layún, 29 Carlos Rodríguez and 33 Stefan Medina.

                MGR.: DIEGO ALONSO

TIGRES: 1 Nahuel Guzmán; 3 Carlos Salcedo, 4 Hugo Ayala, 5 Rafael de Souza, 10 André-Pierre Gignac, 13 Enner Valencia (9 Eduardo Vargas 62’), 19 Guido Pizarro, 20 Javier Aquino, 26 Luis Quiñones (8 Lucas Zelarayán 67’), 28 Luis Rodríguez (2 Israel Jiménez 80’) and 29 Jesús Dueñas.

                MGR.: RICARDO FERRETTI



1-0   (13’) Funes cuts back to Dorlán Pabón who scores with a mid-range shot.



MONTERREY: Jesús Gallardo (15’), Carlos Rodríguez (18’), Rodolfo Pizarro (55’)

TIGRES: Jesús Dueñas (5’), Guido Pizarro (46’), Luis Quiñones (48’), Nahuel Guzmán (64’), André-Pierre Gignac (93’)


                RED CARDS



                REFEREE: Jorge Isaac Rojas

                ASSISTANT REFEREE No. 1: Michel Morales

                ASSISTANT REFEREE No. 2: César Cerritos

                FOURTH OFFICIAL: Diego Montaño

Most championships in Mexico!

GUADALUPE, May 13th.- Tigres Women accomplished the most championships in Mexican football after defeating the Monterrey Rayadas 2-1 (3-2 on aggregate) and winning their second title in the BBVA.

Jaqueline Ovalle was the woman of the match, first through an assist that allowed Blanca Solís to score with a header and then chalking up the second with a shot from inside the box.



The Final for the Clausura 2019 title was something we wanted to win, as reflected from the 31stsecond, when Blanca Solís made her way into the box to generate the first opportunity with a cross that missed to the left.

But we were facing a strong side eager to win their first trophy, and just three minutes into the match Dinora Garza broke into the box alone, coming face to face with the net, but practically on the line Selene Cortes cleared her shot out for a corner.

Our side then began to enjoy their best moments of the first half, since, at minute nine, Jaqueline Ovalle penetrated the box from the left, defeated a defender and crossed to Blanca Solís who headed the ball into the net, making it a much-celebrated 1-0.

At 24’, goalkeeper Claudia Lozoya blocked Liliana Mercado’s direct free kick on the goal line, denying us the second.

However, just a minute afterwards, Jaqueline Ovalle found a ball in the box, controlled and fired off a shot that was impossible for Lozoya to block. With the score at 2-0, we dared to think about a second title in our history.

Soon, at 29’, Liliana Mercado received on the left, broke away and crossed, but the ball went over the end line. A minute afterwards, it was Nancy Antonio who received in the center, but she took too long to control the ball.

The Rayadas tried to react a few seconds later, when Mónica Monsiváis broke away with her mark, but our goalkeeper, Ofelia Solís, anticipated and intercepted her shot.

Tigres Women came close again and almost scored the third, when Ovalle broke away along the left and the keeper deflected her shot, which found Katty Martínez who was unable to get into a position to score.

At that point, Rayadas began to improve in recovery and their overlap runs were posing a threat to our side.

At 36’, Gabriela Álvarez’s mid-range shot was blocked by Ofelia Solís. Afterwards, at 42’, Mónica Monsiváis advanced down the middle, but her cross went wide of the left post, and just two minutes later the Rayada forward sent a shot over the cross bar.

In stoppage time, the home side attempted to come back with a cross by Dinora Garza that missed to the left.



In the second half, the Rayadas knew that they had to attack and came out with two changes to this end.

Tigres Women were no longer enjoying possession, but, nevertheless, at 50’, Katty Martínez capitalized on a mistake by the goalkeeper who had left her goal alone, but the shot, which would have been the third, went wide of the left post.

In the 57thminute, from inside the box, Nancy Antonio’s header, following a corner, missed to the left. Tigres was back in the match with possession and overlapping.

At 66’, Belén Cruz came close to scoring a class goal with a long-range shot when she saw the goalkeeper had come off her line. However, the keeper barely managed to block the shot, conceding a corner.

However, just two minutes later, Alicia Cervantes sped down the middle unchallenged and fired off a shot into the net, giving the hosts the chance to come back, with the hard-fought 2-1.

At that point, Tigres Women made their first change, replacing Blanca Solís with Carolina Jaramillo, seeking to consolidate their overlap runs.

Rayadas began to feel more inspired and took control of recovery in the midfield, disconcerting our lines.

At 74’, Liliana Mercado nearly made it three with a direct free kick that, to the Rayadas’ relief, hit the bar.

Several minutes later, at 84’, Ovalle tried again, but the shot missed to the left, while Rayadas constantly looked for any slip-ups by our defense.

At 86’, Katty Martínez recovered the ball, passing left to Ovalle, whose cross-shot found keeper Lozoya’s hands.

At 90’, Ovalle received a through pass from Liliana Mercado, but the ball grazed the outside of left post. Then, at 91’, Ovalle powered through alone, but her cross was too long.

Then, at the 94thminute, Mónica Monsiváis came close, trying to receive a reverse pass, but it went too far and the defense cleared the ball away, cheered on by the Incomparable fans.



RAYADAS: 1 Claudia Lozoya; 2 Alexia Frias, 4 Rebecca Bernal, 9 Mónica Monsiváis, 10 Dinora Garza (20 Daniela Solís 46’), 16 Selena Castillo (25 Noralí Armenta 80’), 17 Alicia Cervantes, 18 Aylín Aviléz (8 Diana Evangelista 46’), 19 Mariana Cadena, 26 Valeria Valdez and 29 Gabriela Álvarez.


TIGRES WOMEN: 20 Ofelia Solís; 4 Greta Espinoza, 6 Nancy Antonio, 7 Liliana Mercado, 10 Katty Martínez, 13 Karen Luna, 14 Jaqueline Ovalle (9 Evelyn González 95’), 15 Cristina Ferral, 18 Belén Cruz, 19 Blanca Solís (8 Carolina Jaramillo 69’) and 22 Selene Cortes (17 Natalia Villarreal 82’).




0-1 (9’) Jaqueline Ovalle crosses from the left to Blanca Solís, who scores with a header.

0-2 (25’) Jaqueline Ovalle controls in the box and defeats the goalkeeper with a powerful shot.

1-2 (68’) Alicia Cervantes sped away down the middle, closely marked, and fires off an unstoppable shot.









Referee: Diana Pérez

Assistant referee No. 1: Sandra Ramírez

Assistant referee No. 2: Jessica Morales

Fourth official: Priscila Pérez

We have a commitment to make our people happy

SAN NICOLÁS DE LOS GARZA, May 13th.- Once the opponent had been defined, manager Ricardo Ferretti held his usual Monday press conference, in which he made it quite clear that Tigres and Monterrey know each other so well that he doesn’t expect any surprises.

No surprises…

“It’s a good observation, especially as we’ve faced each other I don’t know how many times, and it’s not just between us, but speaking of Mexican football, observing teams, I agree that it would be difficult to surprise each other. It depends a lot on individual skill and set-piece situations, both of which can make a difference in these matches.”

Facing them again…

“Because of everything the two institutions have achieved, it isn’t surprising that we had enormous possibilities of qualifying. We each in our own way overcame everything, succeeded in the general table… you don’t have to dig very deep to see how things are, it’s because of all the good things we’ve done, in both institutions.”


“And why don’t you say how to prepare a team that won the title at home? It’s the same old story, we see the glass half empty. They did beat us then, but we’ve beaten them too. I prepared the team for Concacaf and we lost, for the championship and we won; I’ll pick the one we won.”

They already know each other…

“It’s not easy. The last matches have been defined with set pieces, and although we improved in the game, we lost, so if there’s anything I need to prepare it’s focusing more on this aspect.”

Not thinking about the last Final…

“That’s normal. The past helps us to reach conclusions, but what matters is the here and now, to imagine in order to live the future. Everyone chooses what they want. It’s a game of the mind, of words that are used in games like that. No one dares to predict a result; they want to succeed and so do we. We saw the present to achieve our objectives for the future.”

Finishing at home…

“Let’s hope we can capitalize on that. I’d say we’re even, and the only thing that isn’t even is their pitch. It’s going to get worse and this is something they have experienced throughout the entire process of their stadium. They haven’t got it right and if it’s not the worst, it’s certainly one of the worst.”

Talk of León as the favorite and criticism for Tigres…

“You’re right. The team that does things best is León, which is why they were in first place. We came second, ah second, to come second you play badly, the proposition isn’t good…, explain to me how you can criticize me after two matches, but nobody said anything in 17. We came second, our game against León was evenly matched and now we were the only side to have earned a point in León.”

Work more…

“There’s no time, there’s only a short time left. We’re aiming to recover. They played with a high level of intensity. They finished with their heart in their mouth, just as we did. We are both in the recovery phase, so I hope that we’ll be fully recovered for the match.”

There won’t be any radical changes…

“Nothing will be radically different. Well, one thing, it could be a red card, I don’t know, a player might take the ball and display his skill, but for the rest, 80 percent it shouldn’t be different, but what it will be I can’t say for sure.”

In 10 years, there have been 21 finals in the city…

“The commitment taken on by the sponsoring companies, CEMEX, to benefit the state’s community, the support of the companies in bringing the most highly skilled players has increased the competition here and achieved the goals set by both companies, multinational companies. Of course, it’s been good for the state. It fills us with great pride and we’re fully committed to continuing to make our people happy.”

We’re in the Semifinal!

SAN NICOLÁS DE LOS GARZA, May 11th.- Struggling, if you like, but the UANL Tigres, having drawn 1-1 (2-2 on aggregate) against the Pachuca Tuzos, are in the Clausura 2019 Semifinal as a result of being the higher seeded side on the general table.

André-Pierre Gignac, who is now just one goal away from Tomás Boy’s record, equalized 1-1 with a header inside the box, after the Tuzos had unexpectedly taken the lead at minute 80 with a goal by Sagal.



The first half lacked intensity, although our team dominated in possession and overlapping initiative, against an opponent that oddly enough didn’t seem to be in a hurry to reach Nahuel Guzmán’s goal.

At minute 11, Enner Valencia created our team’s first opportunity, with a header inside the box following a corner, but the ball went high.

Soon after, at minute 14, André-Pierre Gignac received on his left and immediately aimed to put the ball into the upper-left corner, but it went over the crossbar instead.

Tigres was putting the pressure on and it looked as though it would only be a matter of time and patience, but the rival began to close off spaces, frustrating Ricardo Ferretti’s men.

At 17’, Chaka Rodríguez’s mid-distance shot went high over the goal. Pachuca responded at 23’, with a shot by Erick Aguirre that forced Nahuel to concede a corner.

Afterwards, the competition became fierce, especially in the midfield, where neither side was able to gain control.



It looked as though the tone of the match would be pretty much the same after the break, but our side began to put the pressure on up front and succeed in recovery.

At minute 51, Enner Valencia pressed forward, broke into the box and managed to cross, but the defense cleared the ball out for a corner. Minutes afterwards, it was Luis Quiñones who came in from the right, shaking off his two marks, but his shot missed to the right.

A few minutes later, at 56, Quiñones broke away and looked as though he would cross, but sent the shot into the keeper’s hands.

Gignac came close at the 59th minute, when he broke away with the ball and cut back to come face to face with the goalkeeper, but his shot went straight into Alfonso Blanco’s hands. Tigres was beginning to look better on the field.

The French player had another chance with a direct free kick at 65’, but his shot was too high.

And, at 69’, he had yet another opportunity with a pass from Valencia into the box, but the keeper managed to block his header.

At that point, Tuca decided to make his first change, taking Luis Quiñones off and sending on Lucas Zelarayán, at minute 70, seeking to increase mobility in the midfield.

At minute 79, Nahuel in two moves controlled a shot by Angel Sagal, who had only just come onto the pitch.

A minute later, the unthinkable happened. Angelo Sagal, from inside the box, scored the goal that eliminated us at that moment from the Playoffs.

But Gignac appeared, at 83’, inside the six-yard box, to defeat goalkeeper Blanco with a header and put us back in the Playoffs. The score was now 1-1 and 2-2 on aggregate.

At minute 88, Tuca decided to make his second substitution, replacing Javier Aquino with Jorge Torres Nilo, seeking to block any possible attack by the opponent.

Then, at 89’, Lucas Zelarayán shook off his mark and crossed, forcing goalkeeper Blanco to make a save and stifle the celebrations in the stands.



TIGRES: 1 Nahuel Guzmán; 3 Carlos Salcedo, 4 Hugo Ayala, 5 Rafael de Souza, 10 André-Pierre Gignac, 13 Enner Valencia, 19 Guido Pizarro, 20 Javier Aquino (6 Jorge Torres Nilo 88’), 26 Luis Quiñones (8 Lucas Zelarayán 70’), 28 Luis Rodríguez and 29 Jesús Dueñas.


PACHUCA: 13 Alfonso Blanco; 2 Stiven Barreiro, 5 Víctor Guzmán, 6 Raúl López, 10 Edwin Cardona, 11 José Ulloa (7 Angelo Segal 75’), 12 Emmanuel García (32 Nahuel Bustos 68’), 14 Erick Aguirre, 16 Jorge Hernández, 23 Oscar Murillo and 33 Ismael Sosa.




0-1   (80’) Angelo Sagal scores from inside the box, following a corner.

1-1 (83’) André-Pierre Gignac appears inside the six-yard box and heads the ball into the net.



TIGRES: Carlos Salcedo (29’), Jesús Dueñas (36’) and Javier Aquino (66’)

PACHUCA: Emmanuel García (26’), Raúl López (77’) and Edwin Cardona (88’)





REFEREE: Jorge Antonio Pérez

ASSISTANT REFEREE No. 1: Andrés Hernández

ASSISTANT REFEREE No. 2: Telly Salvador Saldívar

FOURTH OFFICIAL: Fernando Hernández


Tigres Women to Define the Title in the Second Leg: 1-1

SAN NICOLÁS DE LOS GARZA, May 10th.- Tigres Women were unable to hold onto their advantage in the Women’s Liga MX Final, drawing 1-1 with Rayadas, meaning that the title will be defined in the BBVA Stadium, just as it was a little over a year ago.

An own goal by Alexia Frías, following a corner kick taken by Liliana Mercado, put our side ahead, but minutes later Selena Castillo equalized with a mid-distance shot into the upper-right corner.



Our players clearly had the idea of attacking, seeking an opportunity from the very first minute and, in fact, in the second minute Jacqueline Ovalle broke away along her left and crossed to Katty Martínez, whose shot was blocked by the goalkeeper.

Rayadas, driven by the desire for a rematch, had a chance at minute four, but Mónica Monsiváis’ shot went over the goal.

From that moment on, the ball went in only one direction and that was towards Rayadas’ goal, reflected at 9’ when Liliana Mercado’s direct free kick went into goalkeeper Claudia Lozoya’s hands.

Tigres Women were enjoying possession and overlapping, but lacked definition in finishing, which was capitalized on by Rayadas in an attempt at 23’, but goalkeeper Ofelia Solís came off her line to block this threat to her goal.

Minutes later, at 34’, Ovalle broke into the box again from her left and crossed to Belén Cruz who couldn’t connect and the ball found Katty Martínez instead, but her shot missed to the right.

At 39’, Ovalle came very close to scoring, receiving from the left and penetrating the box, only for her shot and this opportunity to be blocked by the visiting goalie.

And, at 43’, the first goal was annulled by referee Karen Hernández, supporting her lineswoman’s call for a supposed offside.



In the second half, Tigres Women hoped to continue with the same strategy as in the first, but Rayadas wanted a little bit more, so, at minute 47, Dinora Garza created an opportunity that went over the bar.

At 53’, Aylín Aviléz couldn’t reach the middle to finish a pass from the left, to our side’s relief, and, at 54’, the referee denied us a penalty for what was clearly a hand ball by a Rayadas defender.

In the next play, Katty Martínez headed to the far post, but into the keeper’s hands.

Afterwards, at 61’, Katty Martínez’s shot in the box was only just sent out for a corner by the goalkeeper. In the next play, Liliana Mercado passed to the near post, where Alexia Frías put the ball into her own goal. The score was finally the much sought-after 1-0.

A minute later, Mónica Monsiváis broke away and seemed to be offside, but keeper Ofelia Solís came out on top in the one-on-one.

During these minutes of the match, the opponent moved up front and prevented our side from playing the ball out from defense, making it difficult for them to get past the midfield.

However, at minute 69, Katty Martínez, inside the box, headed a pass from the left by Ovalle, but the defense intervened.

The visitors’ insistence was finally rewarded through Selena Castillo whose mid-distance shot found the upper-right corner, equalizing 1-1 at the 70thminute.

At 76’, Liliana Mercado had a chance with a direct free kick, but the shot went over the visitors’ crossbar.

In the end, time ran out, as did the opportunities for a victory, so our team needs to win in the BBVA stadium, just as they did a little over a year ago.



TIGRES WOMEN: 20 Ofelia Solís; 4 Greta Espinoza, 6 Nancy Antonio, 7 Liliana Mercado, 10 Katty Martínez, 13 Karen Luna, 14 Jaqueline Ovalle, 15 Cristina Ferral, 18 Belén Cruz (9 Evelyn González 90’), 19 Blanca Solís (8 Carolina Jaramillo 76’) and 22 Selene Cortes.


RAYADAS: 1 Claudia Lozoya; 2 Alexia Frias, 4 Rebecca Bernal, 9 Mónica Monsiváis (7 Hilary García 82’), 10 Dinora Garza (20 Daniela Solís 66’), 16 Selena Castillo, 17 Alicia Cervantes (25 Norali Armenta 90’), 18 Aylín Aviléz, 19 Mariana Cadena, 26 Valeria Valdez and 29 Gabriela Álvarez.




1-0 (61’) In a corner kick, Liliana Mercado crosses to Alexia Frías who heads the ball into her own net.

1-1 (70’) Selena Castillo scores with a mid-range shot into the upper right corner.




RAYADAS: Mónica Monsiváis (30’), Dinora Garza (51’)





Referee: Karen Hernández

Assistant referee No. 1: Mayra Mora

Assistant referee No. 2: Damaris Jiménez

Fourth official: Lizzet García



1-1 Draw Gives Tigres an Advantage

PACHUCA, May 8th.- In an evening in which Nahuel Guzmán excelled, the UANL Tigres tied in the Hidalgo Stadium, equalizing 1-1 with Pachuca and going back to San Nicolás de los Garza with the advantage that a goalless draw would be sufficient to send them into the Semifinal.

A purely accidental own goal by Luis Rodríguez, one of those that can happen in football, put the Tuzos ahead, though just minutes later Javier Aquino fired off a powerful mid-distance shot to equalize, helped by defender Erick Aguirre.



The first half wasn’t particularly positive for our side, although they created the first opportunity at the third minute when Chaka Rodríguez broke away along the right and crossed to André-Pierre Gignac, whose shot went too high.

Edwin Cardona reacted for the home side with a shot that missed to the left, at the 18th minute, and seconds later a high ball into the box hit Chaka on the leg and found the back of the net, leaving Nahuel unable to do anything about it.

It looked as though it could be a complicated evening for Ricardo Ferretti’s men, but, at 21’, Jesús Dueñas’ shot was deflected by keeper Alfonso Blanco to find Rafael de Souza, who passed to Aquino, and the Oaxaca native scored the equalizer, to make it 1-1.

At 29’, Nahuel made his first appearance conceding a corner off a direct free kick by Cardona that looked as though it would go in. Afterwards, at 30’, Jorge Hernández’s shot went over the crossbar.

Aquino, assisted by Dueñas with a short pass, tried again at 36’, but the shot missed to the right.

Two minutes later, Nahuel made a fine save, when Ulloa received in the box from the left, fired off a shot, but the Argentine denied him by deflecting the ball with his leg.

One minute fifteen seconds later, Franco Jara attempted to score, but came up against an inspired Nahuel who denied him his goal with a superb dive.



Tigres came out in the second half with improved recovery and overlapping, as well as possession, while creating opportunities, as did the hosts who had to face their greatest obstacle, Nahuel.

Luis Quiñones was busy on the right flank and, at 51’, broke away and into the box, preparing to cross, but the defense intervened to concede a corner.

At 54’, Guido Pizarro brought himself to attack individually down the middle, but his shot was too high.

At 56’, Nahuel Guzmán once more played the leading role in saving his net from defeat, this time blocking the shot with his arms out wide.

Tigres endeavored to play with their distinctive style, passing and circulating the ball, so that, at 60’, Enner Valencia crossed to Gignac from the end line, but the defense intercepted and cleared the shot.

Two minutes afterwards, Valencia came in from the right to shoot, but the ball went wide of the left post. Tigres was coming close again.

Ricardo Ferretti’s men had another chance when Valencia ran down the left, penetrated the box and cut back to Gignac, whose weak shot went into the keeper’s hands.

At that point, Tigres was constantly putting the pressure on, as was reflected at 77’ when Valencia once more broke away along the left, but his cross was cleared for a corner by the defense.

At 83’, Chaka Rodríguez switched field with a long pass to Gignac, who brought the ball down inside the box, but was too closely marked to finish.

Nahuel shone again in the dying moments of the match. At 88’, he anticipated and put an end to a threat; then, at 89’, in two moves, the Argentine blocked a shot in his goal area. Just before the final whistle blow, Hugo Ayala denied the hosts a goal with a sliding tackle.



PACHUCA: 13 Alfonso Blanco; 2 Stiven Barreiro, 5 Víctor Guzmán, 6 Raúl López, 10 Edwin Cardona, 11 José Ulloa (7 Angelo Sagal 68’), 12 Emmanuel García, 14 Erick Aguirre, 16 Jorge Hernández, 23 Oscar Murillo and 29 Franco Jara (33 Ismael Sosa 42’).


TIGRES: 1 Nahuel Guzmán; 3 Carlos Salcedo, 4 Hugo Ayala, 5 Rafael de Souza 62, 10 André-Pierre Gignac, 13 Enner Valencia, 19 Guido Pizarro, 20 Javier Aquino, 26 Luis Quiñones (8 Lucas Zelarayán 80’), 28 Luis Rodríguez and 29 Jesús Dueñas.




1-0 (18’) Own goal by Luis Rodríguez when the ball hits his leg.

1-1 (21’) Javier Aquino’s shot hits a defender and is deflected into the net.



PACHUCA: Emmanuel García (450).






REFEREE: Eduardo Galván

ASSISTANT REFEREE No. 1: José Alfredo López

ASSISTANT REFEREE No. 2: Juan Carlos Salinas

FOURTH OFFICIAL: César Arturo Ramos


It Won’t Be Easy.- Ferretti

SAN NICOLÁS DE LOS GARZA, May 6th.- Ricardo Ferretti, the UANL Tigres manager, said that facing Pachuca in the Clausura 2019 Quarter Finals won’t be easy, but he has complete confidence in his players.

Moreover, he made it quite clear that the eight teams that have qualified to the Fiesta Grande of Mexican football all have the same possibilities of being champions.

“In our case, we can’t think that things will be easy. We know what kind of opponent Pachuca is, with talented players, and it’s a difficult stadium, but I have confidence in my players,” he reiterated.

“I think that regardless of the opinion given to someone with a percentage, all the series are evenly matched, the teams worked hard and deserve to be here, so I think we all have the same possibilities,” he commented in the press conference.

There was improvement…

“We improved on what I commented, that I had asked my players to be more consistent. We’ve improved a lot in that aspect and I hope that in these two coming matches the team will achieve this, since it’s very important for us to play well for as long as possible in each game.”

Playing on Wednesday and Saturday…

“No, in the first stage it’s a good day. I think that we both play on Saturday, so playing on Saturday or Sunday wouldn’t have made any difference. The time is fine and, in fact, we’ll be playing the second leg at the same time as we usually do.”

Constancy in the Playoffs…

“Perhaps, I can’t say that it’s not good. We’ve qualified in ten tournaments and this experience in the Playoffs is important. We know what we experienced there, but I don’t think that’s a determining factor in defining the series.”

Pachuca didn’t lose at home…

“It’s a statistic. We’ve achieved quite a few points on the road and finished in second place away. It’s not an easy place, but I don’t think that the fact that we’ve been in all the Playoffs and they’ve done well is a determining factor, I don’t think this is either. There are other factors we need to deal with.”

What do you need to watch out for with Pachuca?

“Everything. There isn’t a specific situation I could mention, I think they have good individualities, they understand each other well collectively, there are players with years of experience, such as “Burrito” Hernández who’s been there for a long time, Víctor (Guzmán), Eric (Aguirre), several players. Recently, Pachuca has been the team that people from outside have noticed, with the football they practice collectively and their individualities.

“Their coach is a very capable person. He likes offensive, very aggressive football and we have to keep an eye on that.”

Pressure is normal…

“Pressure is normal, we need to know how to manage it, we can’t let it paralyze us. There will always be pressure everywhere, as there is in any person’s life. I’m glad we won the last game, since it helped us somewhat to get over our disappointment of the Concacaf tournament and now for the Liga the idea is still the same.

“To do things well so we’ll all be satisfied and to give back to the fans who always support us. The least we can do is to give our all to accomplish our final objective.”

The figure of 26 points falls short …

“I think the reason is that some of the teams that should have achieved it, didn’t, which gives others room to take off. Some teams don’t earn that number of points and others earn more. Saying that 26 was adequate is still true, although, as I said, it’s complicated. That was eight years ago when we were discussing relegation. Now, we finished in first place percentage-wise, which was our primary obligation. Naturally, you think of the top spot and today León reached 41 points, so congratulations to them.”

It’s important for everyone to be in top form…

“It’s important for all the players to be in top form and to be available so I can choose eleven starters and seven who will be waiting for a chance. I think André has recovered from his injury, he’s had two or three matches to get fit and I don’t think there will be any problem at all if I send him on.”

Triumph in Season Finale: Ready for the Playoffs!

SAN NICOLÁS DE LOS GARZA, May 4.- The UANL Tigres declared that they are ready for the Clausura 2019 Playoffs, having defeated Guadalajara Chivas 2-1 this evening and ended the regular phase of the tournament in second place with 37 points.

The man of the evening was Lucas Zelarayán, with one assist and one goal, but the noteworthiest of the evening was André-Pierre Gignac, who scored his 102nd goal with Tigres, just two behind the record set by Tomás Boy, the manager of today’s opponent, Chivas, in the Universitario Stadium.



Half of our starting side was made up of alternates, perhaps to ensure that the team would be rested for the beginning of the Playoffs next week, although this meant that they had some difficulty in their overlapping at first.

Chivas, endeavoring to take advantage of this, sought possession and rapid overlapping runs.

Four minutes in, Isaac Brizuela’s shot was blocked and sent out for a corner by Nahuel Guzmán. A few minutes on, at 12’, Patón once more intercepted the opponent’s attack, which had promised to be more than just a scare.

Our side, supported by the Incomparable fans who remained true despite the loss in the Concacaf Final, reacted at minute 18, when Chilean player Eduardo Vargas fired off a powerful shot that the keeper managed to send out for a corner.

The very next play saw Francisco Meza heading the ball into the hands of goalkeeper Miguel Jiménez.

It looked as though the players directed by Ricardo Ferretti, who had to watch the match from a box owing to a suspension, could create an even greater threat on the visitor’s goal.

At minute 31, Carlos Salcedo blocked Chivas’ attack with a superb slide tackle, putting para Patón Guzmán at ease.

Guadalajara hinted at a good attack, reflected at 36’ when Walter Sandoval seemed to take Guzmán by surprise with a lob, but the Argentine keeper stretched to the limit to prevent his net from falling to the opponent.

A minute afterwards, there was a scramble for the ball inside Tigres’ box, but Gignac came forward to clear away any danger, conceding a corner.

Barely 50 seconds later, Lucas Zelarayán advanced along the left and crossed into the box, where Gignac set the Universitario alight with a header, bringing the score to 1-0 and making the evening look brighter for us.

At 43’, the French player came close again with a long-range shot that nearly defeated the keeper, but Jiménez blocked the shot and conceded a corner.



Tuca gave Guido Pizarro a rest in the second half and replaced him with Jesús Dueñas, seeking to maintain the control already achieved in the midfield.

At 47’, Gignac looked for a long ball inside the box, but the goalkeeper blocked any attempts to control the ball.

Guadalajara tried to respond at 51’, when Alan Pulido’s shot went over the crossbar and, in the next play, Gignac sent the ball too high.

Vargas created a good individual opportunity at 62’, when the ball found him in the goal area, but the defense intervened.

At 64’, Javier López fired off a shot that missed to the left of Nahuel’s net and, seconds later, Luis Quiñones came on to substitute Vargas.

Gignac had yet another good chance at the 66th minute with a mid-range shot that the keeper only just managed to save.

Venegas got off a cross that looked terrible, but, in fact, put Guadalajara in a fix when the ball fell and hit the crossbar.

At that point, Guadalajara began to threaten Nahuel’s goal with greater determination, forcing the Argentine keeper to draw on all his skills a couple of times, at 72’ and 74’.

But Tigres had even more to say through Luis Quiñones, who advanced down the middle and passed to Zelarayán, who turned and crossed to score. Our side was ahead 2-0 at the 76th minute.

With his mind on the Playoffs, Tuca made his third change, replacing Carlos Salcedo with Rafael de Souza, with the idea of refreshing the defense, but, at 79’, Ernesto Vega scored with a mid-range shot to narrow the difference to 2-1.

Two minutes later, Tigres almost scored their third, when Zelarayán, off  pass from Quiñones, shook off his mark and crossed to an unmarked Damm, but the defense intervened.

At 83’, Guadalajara came close to equalizing when Javier López penetrated the box and crossed as Nahuel came off his line, but the ball went wide of the right post.

Seconds later, Gignac responded, broke away down the right and crossed, but the goalkeeper blocked the shot, conceding a corner.

Chivas had another chance at 92’, but Nahuel Guzmán kept his net and his side’s victory safe, miraculously blocking Chofis’ shot.



TIGRES: 1 Nahuel Guzmán; 2 Israel Jiménez, 3 Carlos Salcedo (5 Rafael de Souza 79’), 6 Jorge Torres Nilo, 8 Lucas Zelarayán, 9 Eduardo Vargas (26 Luis Quiñones 65’), 10 André-Pierre Gignac, 15 Francisco Venegas, 19 Guido Pizarro (29 Jesús Dueñas 46’), 21 Francisco Meza and 25 Jürgen Damm.


GUADALAJARA: 34 Miguel Jiménez; 2 José Carlos Van Ranking, 4 Jair Pereira, 9 Alan Pulido, 10 Javier López, 11 Isaac Brizuela, 13 Walter Sandoval (7 Ernesto Vega 71’), 16 Miguel Ponce (27 Carlos Villanueva 57’), 20 Jesús Molina, 21 Hiram Mier and 25 Michael Pérez (6 Dieter Villalpando 65’).




1-0 (38’) Lucas Zelarayán crosses from the left and André-Pierre Gignac scores with a header.

2-0 (76’) Luis Quiñones advances down the middle and passes to Lucas Zelarayán, who turns and crosses to score.

2-1 (79’) Ernesto Vega scores with a mid-range shot inside the right post to defeat Nahuel Guzmán.



TIGRES: Francisco Venegas (62’)

GUADALAJARA: Alan Pulido (42’)





REFEREE: Jorge Antonio Pérez

ASSISTANT REFEREE No. 1: Enrique Bustos

ASSISTANT REFEREE No. 2: José de Jesús Baños

FOURTH OFFICIAL: Guillermo Pacheco

Tigres Women Stun in the Semifinal: 2-0!

SAN NICOLÁS DE LOS GARZA, May 2.- Tigres Women landed a decisive victory in the first leg of the Women’s Liga MX Semifinal, defeating América 2-0. They will be hoping to secure a spot in the Final on Sunday in the Azteca Stadium.

A brace by Katty Martínez, one in each half, gave our side the advantage for the next leg in the Azteca Stadium as they look for a spot in the Final



From the very first moment, it was obvious that our team would be seeking to gain an advantage. In fact, their offensive pressure was so great that by the second minute a visiting player had already been shown a yellow card.

At 5’, Lizbeth Ovalle broke away along the left looking for someone who could finish, but América’s defense put the ball out of harm’s way.

América reacted in the seventh minute with an attempt at goal by Estefanía Fuentes that was blocked by our keeper, Ofelia Solís.

Our players enjoyed ball possession and overlapping, which was reflected at 14’ when Blanca Solís created an opportunity, but her shot was too weak and allowed the keeper to recover the ball.

Tigres Women insisted  a minute later, when Katty Martínez turned to shoot, but the ball went high.

Minutes went by and, at 24’, Liliana Mercado’s chip pass inside the box defeated the goalkeeper, but she was unable to control and the defense intervened.

The first goal couldn’t be too far away, with Tigres putting the pressure on América’s net while continuing to enjoy greater possession.

It wasn’t until the 34th minute that Lizbeth Ovalle appeared again, surging past four opponents and crossing into the center of the box, where an unmarked Katty Martínez finished.

The 1-0 lead gave our side greater confidence to control the game and look for the second to put them more comfortably ahead.

At 40’, Ramón Villa Zeballos’ players came very close to the second, when, capitalizing on a defensive error, Katty Martínez recovered and made her way unmarked into the penalty area, but her shot missed to the right and rolled over the end line.

Two minutes later, Belén Cruz advanced on her own along the right, shaking off two opponents to fire off a left-footed shot that went just outside the right post.



The pace of the match continued much the same after the break, with Tigres putting the pressure on up front and América defending as well as possible.

Our players attacked along the left, where Lizbeth Ovalle put on a fine performance in an individual play, passing to Liliana Mercado, who cut back to Katty Martínez, but the latter’s shot went over the crossbar.

At minute 53, Liliana Mercado attacked on the right and shot into the middle of the goal, where América’s keeper one-handedly cleared the ball away from danger.

Tigres made their power crystal clear at minute 60, when Liliana Mercado escaped down the middle and passed to the right, where Katty Martínez defeated the goalkeeper to bring the score to 2-0.

Blanca Solís came close to the third in the 82nd minute, when she received inside the box, controlled, but her shot went over the crossbar. Two minutes later, Belén Cruz’s header missed to the left.

Our side had a good opportunity at 87’, taking advantage of a scramble for the ball inside the box, but in the end the keeper intervened.

In stoppage time, Blanca Solís broke away down the right, penetrated the box, but her angled shot was blocked by the keeper.





TIGRES WOMEN: 20 Ofelia Solís; 4 Greta Espinoza, 6 Nancy Antonio, 7 Liliana Mercado, 10 Katty Martínez (8 Cristina Jaramillo 72’), 13 Karen Luna, 14 Jaqueline Ovalle, 15 Cristina Ferral, 18 Belén Cruz, 19 Blanca Solís (16 Sonia Vázquez 92’) and 22 Selene Cortes (9 Evelyn González 82’).


AMÉRICA: 1 Aurora Santiago; 3 Marylin Díaz, 5 Ximena Ríos, 7 Dayana Cazares, 8 Esmeralda Verdugo, 9 Lucero Cuevas, 10 Daniela Espinoza (28 Vannya García 58’), 11 Dorian Hernández (4 Ana Lozada 46’), 12 Estefanía Fuentes, 13 Samantha Arellano and 14 Mónica Rodríguez.




1-0 (34’) Lizbeth Ovalle surges past four defenders, crosses to the center of the box where Katty Martínez finishes.

2-0 (60’) Liliana Mercado breaks away down the middle, passes to Katty Martínez who scores with an angled shot.



TIGRES WOMEN: Nancy Antonio (19’)

AMÉRICA WOMEN: Esmeralda Verdugo (2’), Samantha Arellano, Dayana Cazares (73’)





Referee: Karen Hernández

Assistant Referee No. 1: Karen Díaz

Assistant Referee No. 2: Damaris Jiménez

Fourth official: Priscila  Pérez

Everything’s Ready.- Ferretti

SAN NICOLÁS DE LOS GARZA, April 30th.- Everything’s ready, affirmed manager Ricardo Ferretti today, regarding the second leg of the Concacaf Champions League Final this Wednesday.

“We’re feeling fine, calm and prepared for tomorrow’s match, everything’s ready,” said Tigres’ strategist in a press conference with the diverse members of the media who will be covering the Final.

A minimal difference, but he’d like to have it…

“I think I’d like to have it (the advantage), to have won, but we didn’t so we have to win this match. The situation isn’t the same. They have the advantage of a draw; we need to win and that’s what we’ll be looking for.”

Message for the fans…

“We don’t have to give a message; they gave us a message on Sunday of their full support and they hope that tomorrow we’ll give our all to accomplish our goals. Their support motivates us, drives us, gives us the inspiration to redouble our efforts and do everything we have to do tomorrow.”

Gignac is fine…

“Yes, he is (on top form); he played against Puebla, he’s improved physically and he’s ready to be taken into consideration to start.”

Monterrey, the favorite…

“Apparently, they think they’re the favorites, but that doesn’t affect us. We have to aim for a win and we’ve done it before. I don’t think it’s a problem that they’re the favorites. I hope that tomorrow my players will give their all on the pitch.”

Motivation at the highest level…

“The group’s motivation is independent from the result. Tomorrow, we can’t aim for a tie. Our motivation is at the highest level. We’ve already discussed what we want and our goal is quite clear. We need to know how to offset whatever the opponent offers; we know it won’t be easy, but we do have a chance at winning.”

Focus on not conceding any goals…

“I hope that situation won’t happen tomorrow. We’re focusing on not conceding any goals and scoring one to at least go to extra time. Monterrey has had two or three here, they won a Cup; both teams are the ones with the most achievements in the tournaments they’ve competed in.”

Home advantage…

“Support is always important, that’s why we do what we do. Without them, there’d be no point, but ultimately it’s eleven against eleven, so it won’t affect either side at all.”

Status of the pitch…

“It can affect the game, but we hope it will be OK. Everyone has criticized the status of the pitch, so let’s hope that tomorrow it won’t be a factor that will impact both sides, and then we can all play some good football.”

Are both local sides the best in the region?

“Yes, right now they are. They’re the ones competing in the Final. They deserve to be there, they eliminated everyone else and reached the Final. In the future, who knows?”

Tigres Women Qualify to the Semifinals

SAN NICOLÁS DE LOS GARZA, April 29.- Tigres Women qualified to the precursor of the Women’s Liga MX final, defeating Puebla 2-0 in the second leg of the Quarterfinals, with an aggregate of 4-1.

Greta Espinoza and an own goal by Diana Anguiano, both in the second half, put our side in the Semifinal, where they will face América, the team that deprived them of their title in the previous tournament’s final.



Barely a minute into the match, our side attacked in the opponent’s box, although the defense cleared the ball away from any threat.

Then, at the eight-minute mark, Katty Martínez received in the center of the box, toe poking the ball into the hands of keeper Karla Morales, who just stretched to the left.

Even though Tigres was dominating in possession, recovery and overlapping, at minute 20 Mariela Jiménez broke away down the middle, ahead of her mark, penetrated the box, but was intercepted by our goalkeeper, Ofelia Solís.

However, a minute later Tigres Women reacted, following a corner, with a header by Nancy Antonio in the box that crashed into the crossbar.

At 27’, our ladies had a golden chance at goal when Selene Cortés recovered and cut back to Katty Martínez, who sent a short pass to a marked Blanca Solís so she could break in to finish, but the keeper intervened to freeze her attempt.

Tigres dominated in possession and, at 43’, put the keeper to the test again, forcing her to leap to the right to block our side’s goal opportunity.



In the second half, the tone of the match continued much the same as in the first. Tigres Women pressed forward into the opponent’s penalty area, against Puebla who were defending with everything they had while waiting for a mistake by their hosts to attack

Mariela Jiménez put Tigres Women’s defense in a predicament when she rushed forward along the right and crossed to shoot, with Ofelia Solís only barely managing to send the ball out for a corner. Our side was safe.

Tigres reacted at 61’, when Lizbeth Ovalle controlled a long pass inside the penalty area, but the goalkeeper easily blocked the shot.

Mariela Jiménez yet again put our players on the spot, when in a rapid attack she defeated her mark but clashed at 64’ with goalkeeper Ofelia Solís to miss this opportunity.

And 45 seconds later, Liliana Mercado came close, but was intercepted by defender Guillermina Martínez before she could finish. Straight afterwards, Greta Espinoza refused to give up on an impossible-looking ball and, with a right-footed shot, put it in the net inside the right post. The score was now at 1-0 (3-1 aggregate).

Blanca Solís hoped to surprise Puebla’s keeper at the 80th minute with a high shot that just went out for a corner. In the very next play, Diana Anguiano tried to clear, but ended up putting the ball in her own net, making it 2-0 (4-1 aggregate).



TIGRES WOMEN: 20 Ofelia Solís; 4 Greta Espinoza, 6 Nancy Antonio, 7 Liliana Mercado, 10 Katty Martínez, 13 Karen Luna (17 Natalia Villarreal 86’), 14 Jaqueline Ovalle, 15 Cristina Ferral, 18 Belén Cruz (8 Carolina Jaramillo 73’), 19 Blanca Solís (9 Evelyn González 86’) and 22 Selene Cortés.


PUEBLA: 12 Karla Morales; 3 Guillermina Martínez (11 Emily González 78’), 5 María Sainz (9 Karla Saavedra 67’), 6 Jessica Tenorio, 10 Miriam Castro, 15 Diana Anguiano, 17 Mariela Jiménez, 18 María López, 20 Mirelle Arciniega (8 María Flores 86’), 22 Damaris Godinez and 24 Ivonne Najar.




1-0 (66’) Header by Blanca Solís in the box finds Greta Espinoza, who scores from a difficult angle and close to the right post.

2-0 (81’) Corner kick taken by Lizbeth Ovalle into the goal area, where Diana Anguiano pushes it into her own net.








Referee: Luis García

Assistant referee No. 1: Yudilia Briones

Assistant referee No. 2: Gerardo Hernández

Fourth official: Diana Pérez

A Draw in Puebla: 1-1

PUEBLA, April 26.- In a match played end to end, the UANL Tigres earned a point in the Cuauhtémoc Stadium with a 1-1 draw, so they will have to wait and see whether they can secure second place in this matchday.

A very early own goal by Vladimir Loroña gave Tigres an advantage and in the second half Gustavo Alustiza equalized, bringing our team to a total of 34 points in the Clausura 2019 tournament.



Our side came out onto the pitch in the Cuauhtémoc Stadium clearly seeking to attack and looking for victory, so much so that at minute three they opened the scoring, when Jürgen Damm crossed from the right and Vladimir Loroña put the ball into his own goal.

With the score in our favor, our team became even more determined and, at least at first, enjoyed recovery and overlapping on both flanks, where Damm and Javier Aquino were beginning to put the pressure on.

In fact, at 9’, Aquino opened up a space, but his shot bounced off the left post leaving André-Pierre Gignac to counterattack, but amazingly the ball went over the crossbar.

Rain began to fall on Puebla’s land , as shots from Ricardo Ferretti’s players rained on the goal defended by Nicolás Vikonis.

Puebla had a chance through Francisco Acuña at the 18th minute, but the former Tigres academy player’s shot in the box was intercepted by Carlos Salcedo just meters from Nahuel Guzmán’s goal.

Soon after, Guido Pizarro broke through to get off a mid-range shot that went over the net, just centimeters from the bar.

Damm kept up the pace along the right, accompanied by Luis Rodríguez, and ended up crossing into the box in a couple of plays, but Puebla’s keeper blocked any attempts to attack by our side.

Then, at 29’, Nahuel Guzmán spectacularly denied Puebla their goal, when Jesús Dueñas mistakenly passed to Gustavo Alustiza, but Patón sent the ball out for a corner.



Tigres was determined not to hold back in the second half, forcing the opponent to come out from the back.

At minute 48, André-Pierre Gignac broke into the box on his own and looked as though he would score, but the defense intercepted his attempt.

Afterwards, at 56’, Lucas Zelarayán, who had come on in the second half to replace Eduardo Vargas, nearly scored the second when Javier Aquino crossed to the Argentine as he pressed forward on his own, but, astonishingly, his shot was off-target.

Pardoning can have consequences, since at 61’ Alustiza equalized with a left-footed shot in the box, making it 1-1 to the delight of Puebla’s supporters.

Tuca then made his second substitution, taking Jorge Torres Nilo off to give a Rafael de Souza an opportunity and to fortify the left flank through Dueñas.

At 67’, Nahuel yet again came to the rescue of his net, stretching to the limit to block a shot by Lucas Cavallini, in a play that looked as though it would put the local side ahead.

At minute 75, Damm broke away on the right crossed from a distance looking for Gignac, but the French footballer was unable to finish as the pass was too long.

Tuca chose to make his last change, replacing Damm with Enner Valencia, clearly seeking to refresh the team’s attacking overlap runs.

At the 80-minute mark, Nahuel yet again managed to deflect a shot by Alustiza, just when it seemed as though Puebla would score their second.

Valencia had an opportunity at 84’ when it looked as though he would win a long pass, but the Puebla keeper got in the way.

Two minutes later, Tigres nearly made it two, when Dueñas broke away and crossed to Gignac, but the defense cut off this attempt. Just 45 seconds went by when the French player escaped along the right and crossed looking for Valencia, but the goalkeeper intervened.

Gignac created a good opportunity at 87’, shooting off a half-turn, but missing to the right.

At 96’, Carlos Salcedo’s mid-range shot was only just saved by the keeper, conceding a corner. And in the very next play, Salcedo had a good chance, but the Puebla keeper cleared the ball out for a corner.

And, a minute later, Tigres was saved when Alustiza, having defeated Nahuel, hit the left post.

Near the end, Gignac came close to the second, as did Néstor Vidrio, meaning that, ultimately, football was the winner.



PUEBLA: 34 Nicolás Vikonis; 2 Bryan Angulo, 5 Daniel Arreola, 7 Pablo González, 8 Francisco Acuña (11 Christián Tabó 46’), 9 Lucas Cavallini, 22 Omar Fernández (20 Pablo Gómez 78’), 30 Jesús Zavala, 32 Gustavo Alustiza, 33 Néstor Vidrio and 300 Vladimir Loroña.


TIGRES: 1 Nahuel Guzmán; 3 Carlos Salcedo, 6 Jorge Torres Nilo (5 Rafael de Souza 62’), 9 Eduardo Vargas (8 Lucas Zelarayán 46’), 10 André-Pierre Gignac, 19 Guido Pizarro, 20 Javier Aquino, 21 Francisco Meza, 25 Jürgen Damm (13 Enner Valencia 78’), 28 Luis Rodríguez and 29 Jesús Dueñas.



0-1 (3’) Jürgen Damm sends a cross into the box and Vladimir Loroña puts the ball into his own goal.

1-1 (61’) Gustavo Alustiza scores from inside the box.



PUEBLA: Vladimir Loroña (9’), Pablo Gómez (94’)

TIGRES: Carlos Salcedo (73’), Jesús Dueñas (89’), Rafael de Souza (94’)



PUEBLA: MGR. José Sánchez (94’)

TIGRES: MGR. Ricardo Ferretti (94’)


REFEREE: Francisco Chacón

ASSISTANT REFEREE No. 1: Alejandro Ayala

ASSISTANT REFEREE No. 2: Karen Janett Díaz