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We prevent school dropouts

At “Fundación Tigres”, together with its allied benefactors, they join forces to reduce school dropouts, as we firmly believe that no young person should be deprived of their right to study and improve due to lack of economic resources. This is why we have awarded more than 3 thousand support scholarships to students of Nuevo Leon’s Autonomous University (UANL), this benefit consists of a monthly payment to cover their transportation, food and school supplies, as well as the Rector’s scholarship.

Urban transportation scholarships, online English scholarships, as well as the donation of tablets so that they can continue with their studies at a distance, have positively impacted more than 800 university students.
We have alliances such as Bécalos, Fundación H-E-B, Grupo AlEn and Heineken that make it possible for us to endorse the commitment with more than 250 students per year.

Allied Benefactors

Home Improvement

Thanks to the sum of the wills of CEMEX, Berel and other allied companies, one of the most important scholarships awarded by Fundación Tigres has been born. Each year, the Housing Improvement program chooses 10 students with economic difficulties from the UANL who are outstanding in their studies and are an example in their community.

Restoring roofs, expanding homes, decorating their rooms and bathrooms, building rooms and study rooms for the student, remodeling bathrooms, and painting the entire house are some of the benefits that the more than 100 students have received throughout this program.

Alianza Fundación de Tigres, Cemex, Berel y Fundación UANL.

Estadio Universitario Puerta #13, Ciudad Universitaria. San Nicolás de los Garza, N.L. 66455
 /  Tel +52 818158-6456

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