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Physical Activation + Values

Football clinic in public elementary schools, where we promote sports and lead a healthy lifestyle. We motivate them to live the club’s values such as respect, discipline, teamwork, fair play and non-violence.

150,000 boys and girls
beneficiaries of this program


We are part of Movimiento Congruencia

Movimiento Congruencia is an initiative whose mission is to promote, raise awareness and facilitate the social and labor inclusion of people with disabilities with equal opportunities in the business sector.

12 years being part of Red SumaRSE

Network of companies committed to the Sustainable Development of Nuevo León, being a benchmark for union and coordination of efforts of the business community.


At Club Tigres, through its Foundation, we know that commitment to the community is essential if we want to contribute to transforming our environment, which is why we are always looking for the best way to support citizens, schools, and civil society organizations to Improve your quality of life.
Volunteering actions, donations, social campaigns, money collection at the University Stadium are some of the social supports that are part of our work.

+ 120 Civil Associations benefited per year.
+ 200 tons of food donated to various States and Municipalities in food crisis.
1.2 million reusable face masks delivered to the most vulnerable and busiest areas in the State of Nuevo León
10,000 children benefited from volunteer programs for the rehabilitation of public elementary schools.

Tigres around the planet

A better future is built by taking care of our environment every day.
Therefore, we are continuously looking for programs that contribute to the environmental balance.

Estadio Universitario Puerta #13, Ciudad Universitaria. San Nicolás de los Garza, N.L. 66455
 /  Tel +52 818158-6456

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